Abbeydale Single Family Homes For Sale

Located in the northeastern quadrant of Calgary is where you can find the community of Abbeydale that is known to have a lovely and beautiful vibe, it is situated at the back end of Memorial Drive. It is also situated between the city limits and 68 St NE. At the eastern side of Stoney Trail, you can find the beautiful Chateau Estates Mobile Home Park.

The community of Abbeydale was annexed in 1976 to the City of Calgary, this is when homes are started to be built around the area and was planned to have a lot of green space that will be perfect for new and young families. It is now have around 6,000 residents with the majority them being under the legal age of 18.



2019 Home Sales in Abbeydale 

Abbeydale saw a total of 36 single family homes that were sold in this community in 2019. These homes carried an average days on market (DOM) of 39 days, and saw an average sale price of just over $300,000. For condominiums and townhomes in Abbeydale we saw a total of 3 sales, these homes commanded an average price of just over $200,000 and saw an average days on market (DOM) of 27 days