If you’ve ever considered a move within Canada, you’ve definitely heard of these two cities: Calgary and Vancouver.

Vancouver has a picturesque coastal setting, while Calgary is known for its proximity to the majestic Rockies. This blog explores the practical and lifestyle considerations of moving from British Columbia to Calgary, Alberta.

Vancouver has natural beauty and a vibrant culture. This contrasts with Calgary's dynamic economy and affordable living. Beyond the postcard images, each city has its unique challenges and rewards. Vancouver's high cost of living and competitive housing market often overshadow its beautiful scenery and mild climate. Meanwhile, Calgary's booming job market and lower living expenses offer a different appeal. They…

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Inside Sales Representative

We are looking for an Inside Sales Agent to join our team of driven, self-motivated, and dedicated professionals. You'll be responsible for building and maintaining business relationships with prospective customers in a fast-paced environment! See below for more details - please text 403-478-5587 for more information. 

Real Estate Partners with Real Broker  Calgary, AB Remote Full-time 40Hrs Per Week

Join our growing real estate team as a dedicated Inside Sales Agent and help us connect with the Calgary community from the comfort of your home. We're looking for motivated individuals to handle warm inbound inquiries and…

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Calgary, nestled between the Rocky Mountains and the vast plains of Alberta, is a vibrant city that has seen its population grow rapidly over the years. what is calgarys populationWith the picturesque backdrop of the Rocky Mountains and a historical association with ranching and oil exploration, made Calgary one of Canada's most iconic locations.  

The population is diverse, with people of various ethnicities and origins calling it home. It's one of the largest cities in Canada, extending from the outskirts to the heart by the Elbow River, and offers a mix of urban and suburban living. This balance between rural and city life has created a dynamic city with a promising future.

THE ESTIMATED POPULATION OF CALGARY IN 2024 IS over 1.4 million people.

The Calgary…

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January 2024 Calgary Real Estate Statistics Recap

Discover the dynamic shifts unfolding in Calgary's real estate realm in our latest blog, which unpacks the January 2024 statistics. With sales soaring to 1,650 units, eclipsing last year's figures and long-term patterns, fueled by a surge in new listings peaking at 2,137 units. Notably, there's a notable uptick in listings for homes priced above $300,000, particularly those exceeding $700,000. However, despite this surge, Calgary's housing inventory remains scarce at 2,150 units, nearly 49 percent below the historical average, maintaining a tight market scenario.

As observed by Ann-Marie Lurie, Chief Economist at CREB®, the influx of listings expands options for buyers but does…

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December 2023 Calgary Real Estate Statistics Recap

Explore the dynamic shifts in Calgary's real estate landscape in our latest blog, delving into the December stats for 2023. Despite a slight easing in sales compared to last year's peak, the market remained robust with 27,416 transactions—significantly exceeding long-term trends and pre-pandemic activity. Notably, a pronounced trend emerged towards more affordable apartment-style condominiums.

According to CREB® Chief Economist Ann-Marie Lurie, higher lending rates impacted housing demand, yet the city experienced resilient activity, driven by strong migration levels, particularly in the affordable housing segment. Throughout the year, low supply levels in comparison to demand,…

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A Comprehensive Guide for Buyers and Sellers to Understanding Condo Document Reviews

The journey of buying a home is a significant life investment, and the involvement of real estate professionals adds expertise to this process. However, when it comes to condominiums, even seasoned professionals might miss critical details present in condo documents. This is where condo review specialists come into play, functioning as the equivalent of a home inspector for resale homes. Their role is pivotal in preventing unexpected future expenses, potential increases in condo fees, or, worst-case scenario, hefty special assessment notices for unforeseen costs not initially covered in the condo documents.



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The Ultimate Guide to Post Tension Cables & Why They Are Used

Post-tension cables can be an integral component of construction, offering enhanced strength, flexibility, and sustainability in the design and execution of structural systems. Known for theirpost tension cable guide in calgary capacity to support large spans and heavy loads, these cables are commonly used in structures such as high-rise buildings, bridges, and parking structures. 

Post-tensioning technology revolves around the concept of actively reinforcing concrete, enhancing its inherent compressive strength and compensating for its lack of tensile strength. This reinforcement process involves tensioning steel cables within a concrete element and anchoring them after the concrete has cured, thereby compressing the…

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Are you considering a real estate investment in Calgary? Before you purchase a condo, it’s crucial to explore the liabilities that come with your purchase and why they may not align with your investment goals.


Buying a condo in Calgary may seem like a lucrative investment, but weighing the associated liabilities and recognizing your potential risk is important.Should you purchase a condominium in Calgary Whether you’re contemplating a move into an apartment or considering it as an investment property, assessing how these liabilities could result in increased long-term costs is important. 

Investing in Calgary apartments poses challenges due to poor construction, financial planning, and special assessment that could lead to potential losses and higher maintenance costs in the…

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November 2023 Calgary Real Estate Statistics Recap

November 2023 Calgary Real Estate Statistics Recap: A Market of Growth and Opportunities

As the leaves fell and the temperatures dropped in November 2023, the Calgary real estate market did anything but cool down. This month has been a testament to the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of our local real estate scene, marked by a notable surge in listings, robust sales, and continued price growth. Whether you're a seasoned investor, a first-time buyer, or someone considering selling your home, these statistics offer invaluable insights into the current market trends.

???? A Surge in New Listings: November witnessed an impressive influx of new listings, totaling 2,227 units. This…

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Dive into Calgary's booming coworking culture and explore spaces that blend style, function, and community.

Use our quick navigation guide below to jump to any point of our blog on The Best Coworking Spaces in Calgary:

  • Why coworking spaces in Calgary are flourishing…
  • TradeSpace: More Than Just a Desk
  • Assembly Coworking Space: Where Ideas Come to Life
  • Workhaus Core: Downtown Vibe with a Personal Touch
  • ReSourceYYC: Fostering Business Growth in Every Corner
  • The Collective 1212: Where Creativity and Collaboration Meet
  • Exploring Work Nicer Coworking: Rail Yards, Red Mile, and Roxbury
  • Seventy 70 Cowork: Where Professionalism Meets Comfort
  • Fuse33 Makerspace: Unleashing the Maker in You
  • Boardroom Coworking by Boardwalk:…

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