Check out this beautiful listing by the Real Estate Partners 75 Mahogany Row SE

We sat down with our beloved mortgage partner Renee Huse and picked her professional opinion about this listing and how first time home buyers could benefit from a property like this. Here's what she had to say! 

First time home purchasers, there isn't a better setup for renting rooms than 75 Mahogany Row SE - This home has two master bedrooms both with their own ensuites, with the possibility of both renting for $1,000/month.

Located in the heart of the booming SE Calgary, this home is just seconds away from Mahogany Lake, picking up this home and renting out the other suite allows you to live for $1,000 per month! YES!

Here's the scenarios she laid…

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The Real Estate Partners are very excited to announce the wrap up of filming for our television debut! We'll be airing on multiple episodes of Calgary's very own Pete the Plumbers tv show! We brought him in to look at some clients properties to evaluate what work will be needed in order to get the home ready for sale! Pete also shot a commercial for us, we shot some 'B Roll' footage of that and are happy to share with our REPYYC friends, fans, family, and valued clients!

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As you can see Pete LOVES recommending him, just as much as we love referring Pete, and that's because we share many of the same values as companies, from providing expert level service, to going the extra…

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Watch this video to find out what makes our team structure unique!



What makes our team structure unique is that we're agent driven, we work and operate as a team, from the listing presentations, the leads, everything is unique to one agent. Everyone has their own style, everyone has their own personality, what we do as a team is embrace this, and help them grow as individuals and as agents. 

We have a huge vision for where this team and brand is going, it's not just about being a top real estate team, it's about elevating service in the industry, elevating what clients receive, and elevating the city we love and live in. Our culture is key to achieving this, and the success of our team is driven by the people we surround ourselves…

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Calgary Tower wallpaper 1920x1080 Provided courtesy of the REP YYC Real Estate Partners movement! We're here to showcase the beauty of Calgary through beautiful marketing, Calgary real estate listings, video content, and much more! If you love this wallpaper. drop a comment below! 

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