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WELCOME to our latest Real Estate Blog, today we're going to be talking about us.... But before you stop reading and close out your browser, give us twenty more seconds of reading. We have an active Youtube channel where we promote homes for sale, businesses, vlog, testimonials, etc. If you're looking for a resource that  

One of our biggest objectives from the inception of our Calgary Real Estate Youtube Channel is to put local businesses at the forefront, if you haven't followed us on social media, you might not have noticed our 'REP' branding, our team as you know is called the Real Estate Partners (at Re/Max First) and we routinely shorten this to REP (and also use the…

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With many accolades and awards, Mahogany may be one of the best communities in Calgary. In fact, it was voted as much at the SAM awards in previous years. If you don't know Mahogany, it's located in the vibrant and booming Southeast of Calgary. 

Image Captured from above - The local resident great white shark (Harold) that lives in Mahogany Lake, 100% trained, tame, and friendly. 

You can enjoy serene, lazy lake lifestyle with unmatched community amenities in Mahogany, giving you a style of 'vacation' living all within the city of Calgary! Mahogany has the largest freshwater lake, over 265 acres of green space and parks, wetlands, friendly and beautiful streets along with many open public spaces and playgrounds. 

Four unique areas in…

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Two of the most important factors when buying a home are the location, and the style of the home itself. Which one comes out ahead when it comes to purchasing your next home?

Location of a home

We all know the saying 'location, location, location' being one of the biggest mantras in the real estate industry, and it seems very reasonable for most, you can't change the location or what's around it, but you can modify the home itself.

Your location also seems to have the most direct impact on other portions of your day to day life, from your commute to work, what school your kids will attend and grow up in, sports practice, daily recreation (going to the gym, or yoga practice) and even little things like errands you run, or entertainment you…

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With only a few days left for the Calgary Stampede, we thought it'd be fitting to highlight and share a community that boasts some of the best views of the Calgary Stampede, and that goes to the established and beautiful neighbourhood of Ramsay. First established as a consolidation of four communities (Burnsland, Brewery Flats, Grandview and Mills Estate) Ramsay took on its name in 1956 after the consolidation. 

Ramsay is one of the oldest and most diverse and dynamic communities in Calgary, close proximity to the Elbow river, Stampede grounds, downtown core, and inglewood, Ramsay is home to roughly 2000 residents and a variety of smaller businesses, the community is most usually recognized for its amazing views from Scotsman Hill, a backside view…

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Auburn Bay is one of the most beautiful, and we'll developed lake communities that Calgary has to offer, spanning over 900 acres, Auburn Bay houses 6,000 Calgary homes, with over 40+ acres of fresh water throughout the area, a beautiful beach 13-acre beach and park, seton shopping centre, gymnasium, Auburn bay dog park,  and a wide variety of beautifully designed single family Auburn bay homes, Auburn Bay Townhomes, and Auburn Bay Condominiums, all of the developments in Auburn bay feature a unique country cottage style theme, eyebrow style windows, decorative gables, and a variety of other unique styles that give this community a beautiful and authentic small prairie lake style community feel. Click here to see market stats for Auburn Bay, and all…

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It's time to sell your home, you've done some major renovations and your house has work done that doesn't have a permit. Can this affect your value, what's the purpose of permits, and what should you do now that you're ready to sell, and are there remedies to address this?

Lets start off with addressing the biggest question:

Are permits important? 

The short answer is that YES permits are very important, they protect buyers, sellers, and occupants from living in places with potentially unsafe conditions. Permits are setup and designed to ensure that any construction or renovation work done on your home is done in a safe (to code) manner. When permits aren't present, and work isn't checked, you could run into changes of a home that could have…

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This is a question that many Calgarians will ask themselves at some point in their lives. There are those who choose to rent and often wonder if they're simply wasting money and paying someone else's mortgage, or if they're saving more money in the long run for their future, not having or carrying the responsibilities of home ownership. 

It's clear there are many benefits to both situations for people who find themselves in varying situations, the Real Estate Partners thought it would be helpful to explore some factors that would affect your decision of whether you should buy or rent.

Factors to consider in renting vs owning

Four factors to consider whether you should purchase or rent in Calgary.

1. Job Stability - Your employment…

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