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It is with great pleasure and excitement that the Real Estate Partners with Re/Max First announce the brokerages latest partnership with Kingston Lane!

Re/Max First, which is located conveniently at #115 8820 Blackfoot Trail SE in Calgary is the first Re/Max brokerage to be launched in Canada, in 1975, since then the brokerage has evolved and continued to set the standard for Re/Max across Canada, with the brokerage winning the prestigious brokers of the year award in 2017. Re/max First holds an annual mandatory meeting every year for agents to bring them up to speed with compliance on FINTRAC (financial tracking forms) as well as Co-Broker Owner Cliff Steven gave a glimpse of new offerings and what was to come in the meeting saying:


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In case you didn't know, Cannabis legalization is less than 10 days away. Many Calgary Home owners, renters, and those in condominiums, are wondering how this will impact the Calgary Real Estate laws, insurance, and rights of landlords and tenants. 

Cannabis Legalization and Calgary Real Estate 

First things first, to dive a little into the boring side of it, Bill C-45 'the Cannabis Act' is scheduled to become in effect on October 17th, 2018. This will provide Canadians the ability to legally possess, grow, and consume cannabis for recreational purposes. Bill C-45 will provide the ability for provinces to create additional regulations, this includes real estate, and this is where we'll dive into the ramifications of legalization in…

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As a top performing real estate team in Calgary, we know what it takes for agents, and teams to be successful, as Darren Hardy says in his book the compound effect states, small daily efforts compound into great habits. That's where we begin our blog with #1 - Consistency. In your passion for learning, growing your business, increasing and expanding your customer service, consistency is the driver to these successes. 

Top Calgary REALTORS

1. Consistency 

Whether it's their marketing plan, client follow up, or customer service, consistency is vital! The best Calgary real estate agents are consistent in all their efforts. Starting with marketing, agents who follow a plan, stick to it, and deliver consistent results. This isn't just for client services or marketing,…

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Calgary homeowners biggest fears unveiled!

With Halloween right around the corner, we wanted to get started early with the spooky side of home ownership! Based on the 100+ Calgary home owners we surveyed, we've uncovered the four biggest fears that homeowners have, along with a special Halloween edition where we polled Calgary home owners, and asked what their biggest 'Halloween style' home owner fear would be, continue reading below to find out what our polled home owners voted, and sound off in the comments with what your biggest fear would be! 

Fire Damage 41% 

The single biggest fear for our polled home owners was fire and fire damage. According to, the average cost to repair damages to a home resulting from a fire is…

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