Unlike many of the top real estate training programs and coaches (who typically haven't been in front of a real buyer or seller for years/decades) our approach is real, practical, easy to understand, and current. There's no agenda behind what we're doing, we're not here to sell our services, take a cut of your profits, or get you paying a monthly subscription to maintain access, we're here to elevate real estate in Calgary. 

Check out our new visual intro for the REP EDucation series. 

We're not looking to limit or define this series in the early stages, and we'll definitely be keeping a keen eye on the feedback from viewers, however, our series won't be fitting for those who are looking for advice on how to get into the industry, how to pass…

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Summer is finally here and we're ecstatic that homes can finally be seen in their finest forms! No more snow, clean fresh grass, and blue skies all around! This perfectly compliments the latest release of our sister site Calgary Luxury Real Estate

A sister site to our REPYYC site that you're reading this blog on - CalgaryLuxuryRealEstate.com is the premiere solution to buying and browsing luxury homes in Calgary! luxury homes

Dusko Sremac is a Calgary Luxury Real Estate Agent and is a top rated Luxury Calgary REALTOR® who serves some of the most popular Calgary Luxury neighborhoods including Altadore, Britannia, Elboya, and various other luxury communities in Calgary and the surrounding areas.  A few upgrades to our luxury site include a brand new carousel to…

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