The COVID-19 global pandemic has rocked markets all around the world, and the real estate market is no exception. For both home buyers and home sellers, questions abound. People wonder how the housing market will be affected by the virus, and for good reason. 

Buying Calgary Real Estate during Covid

The last time the world witnessed a significant global recession was just ten years ago, where the median sales price of existing homes dropped by 25% across the board. The downturn lasted for years. 

Today, homeowners wonder if they should sell quickly before things get really bad. Conversely, potential home buyers wonder if the worst is yet to come, and if they should wait a few more months in the hopes that home prices will drop further. 

If you’re interested in homes for sale in…

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We have a lot of clients ask...Real Estate Mobile Application

Do you have a mobile application for browsing homes in Calgary?

The short answer is YES We do!

But first and foremost, we do want to share that our site is mobile responsive and ready, so while we do have an official Calgary mobile real estate web app, our site is always fully usable on your mobile, table, and desktop devices. 

You can find the latest version of our Calgary Homes for Sale Real Estate App by clicking the highlighted text!  

Our mobile application allows you to browse a variety of custom searches, from open houses in Calgary, to luxury home searches, homes for sale near major landmarks, and much more! 

What is the cost of your mobile app? 

Our mobile app is free, and has been…

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