There’s no doubt about it: building a second story addition to your home is a challenge. Many homeowners don’t actually realize the magnitude of such a job, but seasoned professionals know what’s involved. Of course if it’s done right, it can be well worth it. Often times you can nearly double your home’s square footage with a second story addition.

If you ask a professional contractor about adding a second story to your home by yourself, most will caution against it. They have seen what headaches such a process can cause for a homeowner. It can turn into a nightmare very quickly. 

That’s why hiring a contractor with experience and knowledge about second story additions is crucial. This is simply not a good choice for a DIY project. Contractors who…

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As of May 10th, the city of Calgary council voted and approved a new program to incentivize home owners to upgrade from standard roofing products to more impact resistant products to help protect homes from severe (but seemingly common) weather damage that has impacted the city year after year, the big culprit? Hail damage. 

This new change goes into effect June 1st 2021 - Keep reading for all the details about this program. 

Resilient Roofing Rebate Program

Calgary is now offering residents a $3,000 rebate to homeowners that suffered hail damage in 2020 who installed or are planning to install roofing that is impact resistant.  George Chahal the councillor for Ward 5 said “The rebate program is one way we can help Calgarians…

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If you’re looking to establish reliable, long-term wealth, there’s nothing quite like real estate. People have been using real estate assets to accumulate wealth for a very long time. 

However, sometimes in order to build, you must demolish. You can’t renovate every property, so there comes a time when demolition is the smart option. If you’re thinking about demolishing a property, you need to know how much it costs to demolish it, understand the difference between deconstruction and demolition, and think about a few other factors before you begin the project.

What does demolishing a house mean?

Demolition is the act of tearing down an existing house. You can do it by hand, or with specialized equipment like bulldozers, cranes and excavators. A…

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Gifts To Buy First Time Home Buyers 

It can be daunting moving into your house as a first-time homeowner. There is so much to think about and so much to buy that it can become overwhelming. So how can you help make the transition easier for the recent homeowner in your life? We’ve got a handful of suggestions for housewarming gifts people actually want or will need! 

Home Depot or Lowes Gift Card

Chances are, as soon as they move in, they will probably wish they had stocks in Home Depot or Lowes! Between renovations and general maintenance, they’ll find themselves forever walking the aisles of home improvement stores and spending more money than they care to. Gift cards never go out of style and they can truly be the best gifts, as it takes the…

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There are really 2 ways to make construction financing come together for a new home purchase.  A completion mortgage and a draw mortgage.  If you’re purchasing a new home, your builder will likely have requirements for what type of mortgage they expect you to have.

Completion Mortgages

Many production builders, like Streetside Developments, Shane Homes, , Homes by Avi or others, will expect you to have a “Completion Mortgage.”  This means that you FINANCING IN CALGARY provide your 5% down payment funds at the time that you write the offer and then the rest of the funds at closing. 

If you’re purchasing a new build, rental property, the builder may require that you put 20% down payment down at the time of the offer and the rest at “closing.”  In this context, closing…

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