Local business spotlight, and a product that is near and dear to my... Heart. Some men love a good tie, some love a nice pair of socks, I love good boxers, and I love goodbest boxer briefs  local businesses in Calgary, Devon & Lang is that and a whole lot more! 

The first Devon + Lang men's boxer briefs debuted in August 2019 under the OKE Apparel brand. It was an auspicious day marking the inception of a brand dedicated to redefining comfort and style in men's and women's underwear. The team behind Devon + Lang's success is based in Calgary, AB. While the team is small relative to other big fashion brands, they have EXCEEDED the standards in the world of comfortable, and long lasting, sustainable underwear. 

Follow along as I take you on Devon + Lang's…

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February 2024 Calgary Real Estate Statistics Recap

Explore the dynamic shifts in Calgary's real estate landscape with our latest blog dissecting the February 2024 statistics. Sales surged to 2,135 units, a significant 23% increase over last year, fueled by a peak in new listings at February 2024 statistics 2,711 units. Notably, homes under $500,000 faced a 31% drop in inventory, while higher-priced homes saw increased supply, hinting at balanced conditions in the upper end market.

Ann-Marie Lurie, Chief Economist at CREB®, notes that while the influx of listings expands buyer options, it does little to alleviate supply challenges, driving prices upward. With a tight inventory of just over one month's supply, the market continues its upward trajectory,…

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