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calgary wallpapers

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Calgary desktop wallpapers

If you love REPPING your CITY like we do, you're in luck! We've just dropped our first edition of the REPYYC.com Calgary Wallpapers! 

Calgary Desktop Backgrounds

First things first, a classic scene that many are familiar with, especially if you've lived in western Canada for even one week during the summer, taken just outside of Calgary, once done editing, the team voted that we should definitely look at setting this up in a field for next summer, any local farmers in and around Calgary want to take us up on this? Word on the rural streets is that folks are getting pretty tired of the semi-truck side ads, and the masses are asking for change, this is our solution to making your farm land stand out, let your neighbours know how serious you are about repping your city and your favorite Calgary real estate team at the same time. 



Calgary Centre Street Bridge Wallpaper

For actual branding purposes this might be the greatest placement we could get in the city, luckily Mayor Nenshi is pretty cool, and we've already DM'ed him on Instagram, so it's pretty likely that you'll be seeing this before winter is upon us. We'll also go for the staggered look, it feels more authentic. 


calgary real estate pictures


Scotiabank Saddledome Wallpaper

Next up is the former Scotiabank Saddledome, we're not waiting for the new Calgary arena deal to get finalized and out of the ground, sorry Scotiabank, but we're taking over the naming rights, don't worry though, we've got some killer REPYYC merch so we'll throw some hats your guys way, but we're gonna ask that you cover the costs for removing the neon lighting with your name on it and because you're obviously cool with this, we'll leave the naming rights inside the arena alone, and just take this for now. 


scotiabank saddledome


If for some unknown reason, the Flames, and scotia aren't cool with letting us takeover the dome, and no farmers want our Hollywood signs, and Nenshi is in a bad mood and doesn't want to add some flare to the centre street bridge, well, we're leaving the city.... And taking our talents to the mountains, maybe one of the most well known places in the entire world, moraine lake, where our good friends over at Parks Canada will help us out in getting this brand new signage up, we know the area is beautiful, but this would really enhance the view, and change things up. 

moraine lake wallpaper


Obviously we can't afford to put up the REPYYC.COM Hollywood sign everywhere, so sound off in the comments below and let us know where we should put this sign, or send us a picture via Instagram (@REPYYC) and let us know another spot we could drop the sign at. Or if you're still reading this, simply enjoy these fresh new REPYYC style wallpapers and give your desktop wallpaper a fresh new look, while repping your city. 

If you haven't noticed, our site has been POPPING with tons of new content, and our Calgary Real Estate Youtube Channel is blowing up! We've posted over 150 videos in the past year, including new listings, agent training, video tours, tutorials and so much more! Check it out, give us a like, subscribe, and comment! 



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