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Unlike many of the top real estate training programs and coaches (who typically haven't been in front of a real buyer or seller for years/decades) our approach is real, practical, easy to understand, and current. There's no agenda behind what we're doing, we're not here to sell our services, take a cut of your profits, or get you paying a monthly subscription to maintain access, we're here to elevate real estate in Calgary. 

Check out our new visual intro for the REP EDucation series. 


We're not looking to limit or define this series in the early stages, and we'll definitely be keeping a keen eye on the feedback from viewers, however, our series won't be fitting for those who are looking for advice on how to get into the industry, how to…

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May 2019 Calgary Mortgage Update

Courtesy of our wonderful mortgage partner Renee Huse, we're excited to share a spring (almost summer) market update! 

Hello Spring (almost)...

We've seen a massive flurry of activity in April and May in the Calgary Real Estate and Mortgage market.    Homes, positioned properly in the market, are selling quickly and even with multiple offers.  It's been exciting to see this activity and makes me hopeful about some recovery in the Alberta markets over the next 24 months.  

Mortgage Rates continue to be very aggressive.  Lenders, both the big banks and the mortgage companies, have been very competitive with their fixed rate business.  Fixed rates have fallen below variable rates.  This is very different from what we…
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Six Exterior Home Improvements That Can Increase Resale Value


Getting ready to sell your home? Thinking about exterior updates that will help your return on resale? Although most of these fixes won't necessarily make you more money, they will help your home stand out, and get sold faster! 


1. Repainting the exterior - Painting your home hot pink or bright yellow is a sure fire way to get the attention of your neighbors and buyers, but we recommend going the safer route with warm and neutral colors. A lot of home owners typically evaluate and add up the tasks that will be on their plate when they consider homes for purchase, a quick repaint job on your part, can remove that stress from prospective buyers, enhance curb appeal, and have a…

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calgary moving list 


Buying a home in Calgary and surrounding areas is exciting! But it can also be overwhelming to think about the mountain of tasks ahead to making your move happen. We've put together a moving checklist to help you break it down week by week and make the tasks flow easy!

As you think about your move into your new place, we'd recommend that you plan out beforehand (especially if you're hiring movers) to look at your new floor plan and create a moving plan to help have items boxed accordingly, it's also recommended that you obtain a few quotes, create budgets, and track your expenses for the move and put them in a specific 'moving' folder.

 8 - 7 weeks before moving

  • Contact moving companies and van lines to obtain estimates, there are…
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Shameless self promoting Calgary Real Estate Blog incoming in 3.2.1....


WELCOME to our latest Real Estate Blog, today we're going to be talking about us.... But before you stop reading and close out your browser, give us twenty more seconds of reading. We have an active Youtube channel where we promote homes for sale, businesses, vlog, testimonials, etc. If you're looking for a resource that  

One of our biggest objectives from the inception of our Calgary Real Estate Youtube Channel is to put local businesses at the forefront, if you haven't followed us on social media, you might not have noticed our 'REP' branding, our team as you know is called the Real Estate Partners (at Re/Max First) and we routinely shorten this to REP (and also use the…

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It's time to sell your home, you've done some major renovations and your house has work done that doesn't have a permit. Can this affect your value, what's the purpose of permits, and what should you do now that you're ready to sell, are there remedies to address this?

Lets start off with addressing the biggest question, are permits important? 

The short answer is that YES permits are very important, they protect buyers, sellers, and occupants from living in places with potentially unsafe conditions. Permits are setup and designed to ensure that any construction or renovation work done on your home is done in a safe (to code) manner. When permits aren't present, and work isn't checked, you could run into changes of a home that could have serious…

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Watch this video to find out what makes our team structure unique!



What makes our team structure unique is that we're agent driven, we work and operate as a team, from the listing presentations, the leads, everything is unique to one agent. Everyone has their own style, everyone has their own personality, what we do as a team is embrace this, and help them grow as individuals and as agents. 

We have a huge vision for where this team and brand is going, it's not just about being a top real estate team, it's about elevating service in the industry, elevating what clients receive, and elevating the city we love and live in. Our culture is key to achieving this, and the success of our team is driven by the people we surround ourselves…

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