Cambrian Heights Single Family Homes For Sale

The 1950s and the 1960s is the beginning of the community of Cambrian Heights. The boundaries of this community are 14 St NW, Queen’s Park Cemetery, 40 Ave NW, and Confederation Park. This community is well-surrounded by trees and is built on a rolling hill. There are a lot of small mid-century bungalows and the neighborhood is rather serene since it only consisted of more or less 2,000 residents. Cambrian Heights is abundant with wildlife, green spaces, and park and these features make it more appealing to buyers who enjoy the great outdoors and people who want to be one with nature. 



Nearest Schools for the Community of Cambrian Heights

School Board Type Address Distance
Cambrian Heights Elementary Public Elementary 640 Northmount Drive NW 0.29 km
Highwood Elementary Public Elementary 11 Holmwood Avenue NW 0.81 km
Rosemont Elementary Public Elementary 19 Rosevale Drive NW 0.93 km
Collingwood Elementary/ Escuela Collingwood Public Elementary 3826 Collingwood Drive NW 1.18 km
North Haven Elementary Public Elementary 4922 North Haven Drive NW 1.20 km
Colonel Irvine Junior High Public Junior High 412 Northmount Drive NW 0.60 km
Bethel Christian Academy Private Junior High 2220 39 Avenue NE 0.60 km
St. Margaret Separate Junior High 3320 Carol Dr. NW 1.01 km
St. Joseph Separate Junior High 2512 - 5 Street NW 1.73 km
King George Elementary Public Junior High 2108 - 10th Street NW 1.87 km
Calgary Chinese Private School Private High School 599 Northmount Drive NW 0.12 km
James Fowler High School Public High School 4004 - 4th Street NW 1.14 km
St. Francis Separate High School 877 Northmount Dr. NW 1.16 km
William Aberhart High School Public High School 3009 Morley Trail NW 2.09 km
John G. Diefenbaker High School Public High School 6620 - 4th Street NW 2.99 km

Closest Cambrian Heights LRT Stations

Station Distance
LRT - University Station 2.58 km
LRT - Banff Trail Station 2.64 km
LRT - SAIT Station 2.74 km
LRT - Lion's Park Station 2.74 km
LRT - Sunnyside Station 3.50 km


2019 Home Sales in Cambrian Heights 

Cambrian Heights saw a total of 27 single-family homes that were sold in this community in 2019. These homes carried an average day on market (DOM) of 56 days and saw an average sale price of just over $500,000.