Hounsfield Heights/Briar Hill Single Family Homes For Sale

Annexed in 1906 was the large community of Briar Hill. It is bordered by 7 Ave NW, 14 St NW, 16 Ave NW, and Crowchild Trail. The Riley Family owned this land before it was annexed. Hounsfield Heights is a part of this community and was named after Mrs. Riley’s maiden name “Hounsfield”. This community was untouched until after WWII and only started building in the 1950s and redeveloping in the 1990s. 





Nearest Schools for the Community of Briar Hill

School Board Type Address Distance
Briar Hill Elementary Public Elementary 1233 - 21st Street NW 0.34 km
AADAC Public All Grades 1005 - 17 Street NW 0.43 km
Queen Elizabeth Junior and Senior High Public All Grades 512 - 18th Street NW 0.63 km
Emily Follensbee Centre Public All Grades 5139 - 14th Street SW 0.72 km
Queen Elizabeth Elementary Public Elementary 402 - 18th Street NW 0.73 km
Branton Junior High Public Junior High 2103 - 20th Street NW 1.10 km
Madeleine d'Houet Separate Junior High 108 - 22 Street NW 1.12 km
King George Elementary Public Junior High 2108 - 10th Street NW 1.78 km
Rosedale Elementary/Junior High Public Junior High 905 - 13 Avenue NW 1.78 km
St. Margaret Separate Junior High 3320 Carol Dr. NW 2.25 km
Equilibrium International Education Institute Private High School 707 14 Street NW 0.92 km
Louise Dean Centre Public High School 120 - 23 Street NW 1.20 km
William Aberhart High School Public High School 3009 Morley Trail NW 1.89 km
Sir William Van Horne High Public High School 2215 Uxbridge Drive NW 2.19 km
Greek Community School Private High School 1 Tamarac Crescent SW 2.68 km

Closest Briar Hill LRT Stations

Station Distance
LRT - Lion's Park Station 0.38 km
LRT - SAIT Station 1.03 km
LRT - Banff Trail Station 1.14 km
LRT - Sunnyside Station 1.65 km
LRT - University Station 2.35 km

2019 Home Sales in Hounsfield Heights/Briar Hill 

Hounsfield Heights saw a total of 12 single family homes that were sold in this community in 2019. These homes carried an average days on market (DOM) of 49 days, and saw an average sale price of just over $1,140,000. For condominiums and townhomes in Hounsfield Heights we saw a total of 12 sales, these homes commanded an average price of just over $320,000 and saw an average days on market (DOM) of 67 days.