The legacy of Joe Ferrara, a pioneer in the online blogging / real estate industry who helped shape and form how real estate (digitally) is marketed to clients around the world, and who has shaped how many position their approach to reaching clients, whether they know it or not in today's market.

Legends of the Real Estate Industry

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Blogging in real estate plays many important roles, from entire companies like Inman who deliver news and industry updates to professionals, to local real estate agents who deliver new listings, off market properties, informative guides, infographics, and much more to their clients, allowing them to utilize their platforms to make them authorities in their respective fields. 
Many great things can be said about Joe, but one thing you'll find quite commonly said is that Joe was incredibly giving, with his time, his skills, and his willingness to help grow and promote others within the real estate industry.
The famous Sellsius blog may not be well known in some of today's real estate circles who haven't researched, or weren't part of the rich history of the emergence of the Sellsius blog in the real estate world, but it was truly something to behold, thought by many to be visionary, and interesting, full of forward thinking thoughts, and packed with a good sense of humor that entertained the masses who followed and looked forward to a little bit of light in an industry that can often be a lonely island.
If you didn't know, once it's posted online, it's probably there for good in some way or another, sure as sites are abandoned or taken down, content can disappear, but by utilizing the power of the internet archives wayback machine, you can take a journey back over ten years and explore a number of great articles, blogs, and stories that Joe shared, wrote about and gave commentary for. You can find an article from March 2009, just over 10 years ago to the day this article was written, in it the title is "What Has The Best ROI in Real Estate Marketing?" Where Joe discusses another REALTOR from Canada (Vancouver) and addresses their skepticism on WEB 2.0 and whether it works, and what the best ROI is on it, unfortunately we haven't been able to track the full article where he pulled that information, but nonetheless, at that stage to be considering the impacts of web 2.0 solutions is pretty interesting, and that's just the tip of the iceberg in ways that Joe sought to push the industry forward and to look out for others through the power of emerging technologies.

 From an SEO perspective you could see a trail of foresight throughout his blogs and topics that if you paid attention to back in those days, would surely pay off down the line. For example, we came across a post showcasing how to obtain a google my business listing in... 2008! Maybe a bit basic for the saavy and sophisticated tech oriented agent, but for your average agent, these tidbits of information, research, and discussion would truly have proven to have been valuable assets and surely through the number of various tips on newly emerging tech articles would have positioned someone keen to learn and grow into an advantageous position in comparison to their peers.

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While many newcomers to the industry who are big into SEO/SEM and of course blogging may not be familiar with or had never had the opportunity to meet Joe Ferrara in person, his impact, ideas, and foresight resonated all the way to a growing real estate team in Calgary, Alberta Canada and has helped shaped some of the routes and methods we utilize and implement to grow our online offering and presence for our valued clients, and in doing further research into Joe for this article, above all else, one thing stood out more than anything else. Yes, the real estate industry truly lost a visionary and a pioneer who brought a new take into the industry, and helped shape and form the way of the real estate blogosphere. But the true and real loss was the kind and caring person that Joe was, countless examples of individuals writing articles / blogs about Joe can be found documenting more so than anything else, what a magnificent and caring person Joe was, someone who was really there for his people and without a doubt, made a lasting impression that left a lot of friends and family truly missing a big part of their lives. Thanks for everything Joe, we appreciate everything you did for the real estate industry, and hope this page serves as a lasting homage to the legacy and impact you had on an ever changing industry. 
We'd love to hear your thoughts on the shaping of the online real estate world and who you know or knew that transformed it, made a major impact in the way you did or do business. Or if you know Joseph and how he helped form how you do business today, we'd love to hear more details! With major content solutions being at the forefront of our core online business model, we believe it's important to address and acknowledge the pioneers of our sector who have made the efforts to push the envelope, drive innovation, and inspire platforms like Inman to drive the industry as a whole, into new ventures that not only benefit the agents, but most importantly, benefit the consumers.

Realtors who move challenge this industry will continue to move it upwards and create growth and innovation for clients and agents.

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