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North Glenmore is situated in a good location that is in close proximity with amenities  and recreational facilities. It has parks and shopping centers that can cater for your needs and provides leisure. Homes that were built here are modern and contemporary homes that dates back in the 1960s.




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Closest Schools for the Community of North Glenmore Park

School Board Type Address Distance
Altadore Elementary Public Elementary 4506 - 16th Street SW 1.20 km
Jennie Elliott Elementary Public Elementary 3031 Lindsay Drive SW 1.35 km
Rundle College Academy Private All Grades 4330 16 Street SW 1.41 km
Dr. Oakley School Public All Grades 3904 - 20th Street SW 1.56 km
Mountain View Academy Private All Grades 2452 Battleford Avenue SW 1.59 km
St. James Separate Junior High 2227 - 58 Avenue SW 0.44 km
Ernest Morrow Junior High Public Junior High 1212 - 47th Street SE 0.71 km
Lycee Louis Pasteur Private Junior High 4099 Garrison Blvd SW 1.45 km
Bishop Pinkham Junior High Public Junior High 3304 - 63rd Avenue SW 1.54 km
Calgary Jewish Academy Private Junior High 6700 Kootenay Street SW 1.79 km
Central Memorial High School of Performing and Visual Arts Public High School 5111 - 21st Street SW 0.35 km
Alternative High School Public High School 5003 - 20th Street SW 0.48 km
Bishop Carroll Separate High School 4624 Richard Road SW 1.33 km
Access International College (Calgary) Inc. Private High School B1 - 2451 Dieppe Avenue SW 1.77 km
Henry Wise Wood High School Public High School 910 - 75th Avenue SW 2.89 km

Closest North Glenmore Park LRT Stations

Station Distance
LRT - Chinook Station 3.29 km
LRT - 39 Avenue Station 3.77 km
LRT - Heritage Station 3.92 km
LRT - Erlton/Stampede Station 4.77 km
LRT - Southland Station 5.14 km

2019 Home Sales in North Glenmore Park

North Glenmore Park saw a total of 34 single family homes that were sold in this community in 2019. These homes carried an average days on market (DOM) of 59 days, and saw an average sale price of just over $600,000.