Shawnee Slopes Single Family Homes For Sale

Located at the southwestern quadrant of Calgary is the community of Shawnee Slopes. It is also has a close ties with the Evergreen Estates, its neighboring community. This is a relatively small community that is built around the Shawnee Slopes Golf Course. Around 1,400 homes were built in this community and there is also a green space in the neighborhood such as Shawnee Park. 

2019 Home Sales in Shawnee Slopes

Shawnee Slopes saw a total of 15 single family homes that were sold in this community in 2019. These homes carried an average days on market (DOM) of 105 days, and saw an average sale price of just over $520,000. For condominiums and townhomes in Shawnee Slopes we saw a total of 80 sales, these homes commanded an average price of just over $373,000 and saw an average days on market (DOM) of 81 days.