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Purchasing a home in Calgary or surrounding towns including Okotoks, Cochrane, Airdrie, or Chestermere may be a major goal or dream for you and your family, but before you make the jump, it's important that you are fully prepared to ensure that your real estate journey is both satisfying pleasant, and exactly what it's meant to be, a new path for you that's grounded in knowledge of the market, stability with your choices and investment, and the mental preparedness to ensure you know what home ownership is all about!

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Often times we hear from clients 'tales of the unknown' as we like to call them, this is where they share their experiences on their first time purchases and how they carried the notion that being a home owner is similar or the same as renting, or living at home, but with the added benefits and ability to have more control in your situation (pets, paint colors, renovations, etc) While this is definitely true, this also comes at a cost, you're now often locked into a mortgage, carry the burden of maintenance and upkeep, and property taxes and bills appear that you might not have been prepared for. This is why we always ensure our first time home buyers in Calgary and surrounding towns are always prepared for their new obligations and changes as a home owner. 

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Common and Frequent Questions for Prospective Homeowners in Calgary

Are you ready to buy?

Owning a property is a lot more work from renting, you'll definitely have the freedom and flexibility to truly make it your own, but you also must financially prepare for potential big ticket items that need to be fixed, repaired, maintained, or replaced. While there are many different aspects to cover under whether or not you're ready to buy, the first step is ensuring your pre-approved for a mortgage, this means you've either met and sat down with a professional mortgage representative who can ensure your needs are taken care of or you plan to do so in the near future. Knowing how much you can or cannot afford is vital, and often first time buyers can run into pre-mature buying issues including lack of credit, down payment, etc. 

Once you've completed this step, our team begins the process of outlining and detailing the various options and benefits to different communities and home styles for you, ultimately the choice is yours, but were here to help you navigate and understand why certain homes, home styles, or communities may be better fitted for your needs both long and short term. 

How much can you afford?

As mentioned previously, we often come across first time buyers who are shocked by the barrier to entry into the housing market, whether it be price points for average single family detached properties in their desired communities, or that their incomes won't stretch as far for the home they want to own, our goal is to ensure that while sacrificing a potion of your income to pay the mortgage, you view it more as a point of pride and less as a burden. 

What do you want in a home and with your lifestyle?

You don't have to answer that directly, but it's something that we often find first time buyers not necessarily knowing for sure. Do you want a more maintenance free lifestyle, or do you enjoy having your own garden and backyard? Are you seeking a family oriented neighbourhood or something closer to specific amenities? Lake access? Close to an LRT station, or something without an HOA Fee? 

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We are here to help!

First things first You need to work with a great agent and real estate team that  will work tirelessly for you. Our Calgary real estate team is dedicated to matching you with the right home, at a great price. We are committed to ensuring that you find a home that will make you happy and satisfied with your home purchase. 

We'll ensure you're partnered with a fantastic real estate lawyer. Our team has partnered and worked with many of the top real estate lawyers in the city of Calgary. We can recommend several of the top rated and recommended lawyers who should be a perfect fit for you. Our team has impact partners who can be found in our exclusive Calgary Real Estate Partners Guide, this guide provides you options with top industry professionals including home inspectors and mortgage agents, many of which whom offer brokerage exclusive deals saving you even more money in your first real estate transaction. 

From the first time we connect where we discover your opportunities financially, to viewing homes, to writing an offer, to the home inspection, closing conditions, and more, our team is 100% here for you every step of the way, ensuring your real estate journey is one that is full of rewards and learning, leaving you with the perfect first home, smiles on your face, and new keys in your hands. 

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