Weekly Real Estate Statistics in Calgary

Calgary Real Estate Stats

Whether you're purchasing or selling a property in Calgary or the surrounding areas, knowing the real estate statistics and current market condition is vital. As agents, it's something we look and train into weekly, and as part of providing transparency in the real estate industry, and as much information to empower our clients, our team has committed to providing home buyers and sellers with weekly market report data to help serve and guide their real estate needs. 

 Read below to see the breakdown of the weekly Calgary real estate stats that we provide, what the mean, and why some of these stats are important to you whether you're a buyer or selling in this market. 

It's important to note though, a professional and free consultation with one of our agents specific to your needs is always your best opportunity when navigating your real estate journey.


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The first portion of our weekly blog (See our navigation menu on the right for each week) is: 

New Listings (Last 28 days)  - This number reflects new listings to hit the market in the last 28 days. 

Homes Sold (Last 28 Days) - This number reflects total sales in the last 28 days. By comparing the new listings to sold listings, you can start to understand whether it's more of a buyers or sellers market. 

Average Days on Market - This number won't fluctuate too often, but as it increases it shows that homes are sitting on the market longer which usually means you're in a buyers market as there are more sellers with listings sitting for a long time, looking to sell their home. If your average days on market were only 10 days, that would indicate a sellers market as homes would be wrote on and sold within days of being on the market. 

Selling to Listing Price Ratio - This number indicates how much a home is selling for in relation to the price it was listed at. The higher the ratio 99% for example, would tend to indicate more of a sellers market, but also gives you a realistic idea of how much you should expect a home to come down from it's list price, assuming it's priced near market value. Don't be fooled though, homes can be listed initially for a much higher mount to test the waters, only to later sell at well below their initial list price. 

Detached Homes Statistics in Calgary 

Our team also provides a weekly breakdown for individual property types, what we aim to illustrate here is the complexities of each market. There are points where Condominiums will thrive while new home sales suffer, while other times condominiums drop in price while single family detached homes increase. 

Our specific property breakdowns cover total sales, new listings, active listings, total pending sales, median price, average price, as well as the days on market along with a comparison in % change from year to year performance. 

These different categories include Semi detached homes, Apartments (condominiums), Row / Townhouse properties in Calgary.

 Year to Date Calgary Real Estate Statistics 

Annual/YTD20182019% change2019 YTD2020 YTD% change
Total Sales 16,131 16,346 1.33% 12,395 11,160 -9.96%
New Listings 34,570 30,912 -10.58% 24,826 21,979 -11.47%
Median Price 420,000 410,000 -2.38% 412,000 410,000 -0.49%
Average Price 478,064 458,190 -4.16% 460,660 456,578 -0.89%
Benchmark Price 435,216 420,166 -3.46% N/A N/A N/A
Pending 33 46 39.39% 83 201 142.17%
Days on Market 53 59 11.32% 59 55 -6.78%

Finally, we do a weekly snapshot of random communities in the city where we document the current market of specific communities. For example, in late September our blog covered various communities including Lake Bonavista 

Lake Bonavista Real Estate Statistics

AVERAGE PRICE:$650,712 - This reflects the average price homes are LISTED at presently on the market.
AVG. PRICE/SQFT:$404 - This reflects the price of a home divided by the above grade square footage of a home. For example, a home that's listed at $600,000 and is 2,000 sq ft would reflect an average price / sqft of $300 - This small calculation can help you navigate and see the value of homes in comparison to one another. 
HIGHEST PRICE:$3,295,000


2020 Calgary Real Estate Market Breakdown 


.Calgary Real Estate Statistics

2020 Total Calgary Real Estate Statistics

 Dec-20YTD*Y/Y% †
Sales 1,199 16,152 -1.17%
New Listings 1,172 28,185 -8.82%
Sales to New Listings Ratio 102.30% 57.31% 4.43%
Inventory 3,669 5,727 -14.05%
Average Days on Market 59 55 -6.78%
Benchmark Price 422,300 417,892 -0.68%
Average Price 448,450 457,997 -0.04%
Median Price 402,000 407,082 -0.71%


2020 Detached Calgary Real Estate Statistics

 Dec-20YTD*Y/Y% †
Sales 717 9,950 0.53%
New Listings 600 15,376 -11.36%
Sales to New Listings Ratio 119.50% 64.71% 7.65%
Inventory 1,559 2,782 -19.83%
Average Days on Market 53 50 -7.41%
Benchmark Price 490,500 483,567 0.21%
Average Price 532,390 539,244 0.62%
Median Price 458,500 467,500 0.54%

2020 Calgary Row Statistics

 Dec-20YTD*Y/Y% †
Sales 169 2,145 1.61%
New Listings 166 4,064 -4.53%
Sales to New Listings Ratio 101.81% 52.78% 3.19%
Inventory 611 880 -8.71%
Average Days on Market 67 61 -3.17%
Benchmark Price 280,500 278,633 -1.68%
Average Price 311,100 310,652 -0.76%
Median Price 272,350 285,000 -1.04%

2020 Calgary Semi-Detached Statistics

 Dec-20YTD*Y/Y% †
Sales 128 1,663 -0.18%
New Listings 118 2,786 -13.59%
Sales to New Listings Ratio 108.47% 59.69% 8.02%
Inventory 324 569 -20.20%
Average Days on Market 61 61 -3.17%
Benchmark Price 393,300 389,183 -1.42%
Average Price 453,000 458,252 -3.13%
Median Price 369,750 366,850


2020 Calgary Apartment Statistics

 Dec-20YTD*Y/Y% †
Sales 185 2,394 -10.30%
New Listings 288 5,959 -2.02%
Sales to New Listings Ratio 64.24% 40.17% -3.71%
Inventory 1,175 1,494 -1.39%
Average Days on Market 73 66 -7.04%
Benchmark Price 243,600 244,692 -2.12%
Average Price 245,449 252,157 -8.47%
Median Price 212,500 227,000 -6.18%

All data provided by the Calgary Real Estate Board - Deemed accurate but not guaranteed. 

*Year-To-Date as of January 1, 2021
†Year-To-Date, year over year percent change.
‡Calgary Census Metropolitan Area includes Calgary, Airdrie, and Rocky View