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Home seekers will enjoy the many different neighbourhoods to choose from here, as well as the variety of houses, condos and townhomes available. Depending on where you settle, you could be right downtown, next to a popular community park or near top-rated schools.

Whether this is your first time entering into the the Calgary real estate market, or you're a seasoned buyer that's bought or sold a dozen homes in the past, there's one thing that's certain, it's always a big decision! There's also a lot you have to consider when viewing Calgary homes, there are thousands of listings and likely hundreds that match your general criteria, navigate showings whether you're buying or selling, and you have to sharpen your judgment skills as you go through some of the properties you're interested in. We work with hundreds of Calgary home buyers and sellers every year, but we treat all of them with the same exceptional care as if it were us buying a home for ourselves. Every choice, every decision that's made, and every selection throughout the process is as important to us as it to you. We don't believe in impulse shopping, or pressure sales, we're here to consult, educate, and guide you throughout the process. 

Below is a list of communities in Calgary that is consistently growing and being developed, we've invested thousands of man hours into the development and effort of evolving these pages into the authority of Calgary Real Estate Community Page resources, from in depth community coverage and information, to professionally shot and edited community highlight 4K resolution videos. 

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We hope that our website's community information will help you to choose between the many wonderful areas; each has a lot to offer the home buyer.

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Real Estate Listings in the Calgary community of Abbeydale

Abbeydale Houses for Sale

Acadia Houses For Sale

Acadia Homes for Sale

Homes For Sale in Albert Park and Radisson Heights

Albert Park & Radisson Heights Houses for Sale

Altadore Calgary | Premiere Inner city community in Calgary

Homes for Sale in Altadore, Calgary

Applewood Park Homes For Sale

Applewood Park Real Estate Listings and Information

Homes for sale in Arbour Lake

Arbour Lake

Aspend Wood Real Estate

Aspen Woods Houses for Sale

Auburn Bay Calgary | Premiere Lake community in the Southeast of Calgary

Homes for Sale in Auburn Bay, Calgary

Houses for Sale in Banff Trail

Banff Trail Homes For Sale

Homes For Sale in Bankview

Bankview Houses for Sale

Bayview Homes For Sale

Bayview Houses for Sale

Beddington Heights Homes For Sale

Beddington Heights Houses for Sale

Bel Aire Homes For Sale

Bel Aire Houses for Sale

Beltline Homes For Sale

Beltline Houses for Sale

Bonavista Downs Homes For Sale

Bonavista Downs Houses for Sale

Bowness Homes For Sale

Bowness Houses for Sale

Braeside Homes For Sale

Braeside Houses for Sale

Brentwood Homes For Sale

Brentwood Houses for Sale

Bridgeland Homes For Sale

Bridgeland Houses for Sale

Bridelwood Homes For Sale

Bridlewood Houses for Sale

Calgary's Prominent Inner City and Historic Community of Britannia

Britannia Homes For Sale

Cambrian Heights Homes For Sale

Cambrian Heights Houses for Sale

Canyon Meadows Homes For Sale

Canyon Meadows Houses for Sale

Capitol Hill Homes For Sale

Capitol Hill Houses for Sale

Castleridge Homes For Sale

Castleridge Houses for Sale

Cedarbrae Homes For Sale

Cedarbrae Houses for Sale

Chaparral Homes For Sale

Chaparral Houses for Sale

Charleswood Homes For Sale

Charleswood Houses for Sale

Chinatown Homes For Sale

Chinatown Houses for Sale

Chinook Park Homes For Sale

Chinook Park Houses for Sale

Christie Park Real Estate Listings and Information

Citadel Homes For Sale

Citadel Houses for Sale

Cityscape Homes For Sale

Cityscape Houses for Sale

Cliff Bungalow Homes For Sale

Cliff Bungalow Houses for Sale

Coach Hill Real Estate Listings and Information

Collingwood Homes For Sale

Collingwood Houses for Sale

Copperfield Homes For Sale

Copperfield Houses for Sale

Copperfield Real Estate


Coral Springs Homes For Sale

Coral Springs Houses for Sale

Cougar Ridge Real Estate Listings and Information

Country Hills Homes For Sale

Country Hills Houses for Sale

Country Hills Village Homes For Sale

Country Hills Village Real Estate Listings and Information

Coventry Hills Homes For Sale

Coventry Hills Houses for Sale

Cranston Calgary homes for sale

Homes For Sale in Cranston

Crescent Heights Homes For Sale

Crescent Heights Houses for Sale

Crestmont Real Estate Listings and Information

Currie Barracks Real Estate Listings and Information

Dalhousie Homes For Sale

Dalhousie Houses for Sale

Deer Ridge Homes For Sale

Deer Ridge Houses for Sale

Deer Run Homes For Sale

Deer Run Houses for Sale

Diamond Cove Homes For Sale

Diamond Cove Houses for Sale

Discovery Ridge Real Estate Listings and Information

Douglasdale | Douglasglen Homes For Sale

Douglasglen | Douglasdale Real Estate Listings and Information

Dover Homes For Sale

Dover Houses for Sale

Downtown Commercial Core Homes For Sale

Downtown Commercial Core Houses for Sale

Condominiums For Sale In East Village

East Village, Homes For Sale

Downtown West End Homes For Sale

Downtown West End Houses for Sale

Eagle Ridge Homes For Sale

Eagle Ridge Houses for Sale

Eau Claire Homes For Sale

Eau Claire Houses for Sale

Edgemont Homes For Sale

Edgemont Houses for Sale

Elbow Park Homes For Sale

Elbow Park Houses for Sale

Erin Woods Homes For Sale

Erin Woods Real Estate Listings and Information

Erin Woods Real Estate

Erin Woods

Erlton Homes For Sale

Erlton Houses for Sale

new listings

Homes for Sale in Evanston

Evergreen Homes For Sale

Evergreen Houses for Sale

Fairview Homes For Sale

Fairview Real Estate Listings and Information

Falconridge Homes For Sale

Falconridge Houses for Sale

Forest Heights Homes For Sale

Forest Heights Houses for Sale

Forest Lawn Homes For Sale

Forest Lawn Houses for Sale

Glamorgan Real Estate Listings and Information

Glenbrook Real Estate Listings and Information

Glendale Real Estate Listings and Information

Greenview Homes For Sale

Greenview Houses for Sale

Greenwood | Greenbriar Homes For Sale

Greenwood | Greenbriar Real Estate Listings and Information

Hamptons Homes For Sale

Hamptons Houses for Sale

Harvest Hills Homes For Sale

Harvest Hills Houses for Sale

Hawkwood Homes For Sale

Hawkwood Houses for Sale

Haysboro Homes For Sale

Haysboro Houses for Sale

Hidden Valley Homes For Sale

Hidden Valley Houses for Sale

Highland Park Homes For Sale

Highland Park Houses for Sale

Highwood Homes For Sale

Highwood Houses for Sale

Hillhurst Homes For Sale

Hillhurst Houses for Sale

Hounsfield Heights | Briar Hill

Hounsfield Heights and Briar Hill Houses for Sale

Huntington Hills Homes For Sale

Huntington Hills Houses for Sale

Calgary's Hip and Historic Community

Inglewood Homes For Sale

Kelvin Grove Homes For Sale

Kelvin Grove Houses for Sale

Killarney Glengarry Homes For Sale

Killarney Glengarry Houses for Sale

Kingsland Real Estate

Kingsland Homes For Sale

Lake Bonavista Real Estate

Lake Bonavista Homes For Sale

Lakeview Real Estate Listings and Information

Legacy Real Estate


Lincoln Park Real Estate Listings and Information

Lower Mount Royal Homes For Sale

Lower Mount Royal Houses for Sale

Mahogany Real Estate

Homes for Sale in Mahogany, Calgary

Macewan Glen Homes For Sale

Macewan Glen Houses for Sale

Manchester Homes For Sale

Manchester Real Estate Listings and Information

Marlborough Park Homes For Sale

Marlborough Park Houses for Sale

Martindale Homes For Sale

Martindale Houses for Sale

Mayfair Homes For Sale

Mayfair Houses for Sale

Mckenzie Lake Homes For Sale

Mckenzie Lake Real Estate Listings and Information

Real Estate Listings in the Calgary community of Mckenzie Towne

Mckenzie Towne Homes for Sale

Mckenzie Towne Homes For Sale

Mckenzie Towne Real Estate Listings and Information

Midnapore Homes For Sale

Midnapore Houses for Sale

Millrise Homes For Sale

Millrise Houses for Sale

Mission Homes For Sale

Mission Houses for Sale

Monterey Park Homes For Sale

Monterey Park Houses for Sale

Montgomery Homes For Sale

Montgomery Houses for Sale

Mount Pleasant Homes For Sale

Mount Pleasant Houses for Sale

New Brighton Real Estate

New Brighton Homes For Sale

Nolan Hill Homes For Sale

Nolan Hill Houses for Sale

North Glenmore Park Real Estate Listings and Information

North Haven Homes For Sale

North Haven Houses for Sale

North Haven Upper Homes For Sale

North Haven Upper Real Estate Listings and Information

Oakridge Homes For Sale

Oakridge Houses for Sale

Ogden Homes For Sale

Ogden Real Estate Listings and Information

Palliser Homes For Sale

Palliser Houses for Sale

Panorama Homes For Sale

Panorama Hills Houses for Sale

Parkdale Homes For Sale

Parkdale Houses for Sale

Parkland Homes For Sale

Parkland Houses for Sale

Patterson Real Estate Listings and Information

Penbrooke Meadows Homes For Sale

Penbrooke Meadows Houses for Sale

Pineridge Homes For Sale

Pineridge Houses for Sale

Point Mckay Homes For Sale

Point Mckay Houses for Sale

Pump Hill Homes For Sale

Pump Hill Houses for Sale

Queensland Homes For Sale

Queensland Houses for Sale

Ramsay Calgary | Taking In The Beautiful Views

Ramsay Homes for Sale

Red Carpet Homes For Sale

Red Carpet Houses for Sale

Redstone Homes For Sale

Redstone Houses for Sale

Renfrew Homes For Sale

Renfrew Houses for Sale

Richmond Homes For Sale

Richmond Houses for Sale

Rideau Park Homes For Sale

Rideau Park Houses for Sale

Riverbend Homes For Sale

Riverbend Houses for Sale

Rocky Ridge Homes For Sale

Rocky Ridge Homes for Sale

Rosedale Homes For Sale

Rosedale Houses for Sale

Rosemont Homes For Sale

Rosemont Houses for Sale

Rosscarrock Houses for Sale

Roxboro Homes For Sale

Roxboro Houses for Sale

Royal Oak Homes For Sale

Royal Oak Houses for Sale

Rundle Homes For Sale

Rundle Houses for Sale

Rutland Park Real Estate Listings and Information

Saddle Ridge Homes For Sale

Saddle Ridge Houses for Sale

Sage Hill Homes For Sale

Sage Hill Houses for Sale

Sandstone Valley Homes For Sale

Sandstone Valley Houses for Sale

Scarboro Homes For Sale

Scarboro Houses for Sale

Scenic Acres Homes For Sale

Scenic Acres Real Estate Listings and Information

Calgary's Booming South East Community

Seton Homes For Sale

Shaganappi Homes For Sale

Shaganappi Houses for Sale

Shawnee Slopes Homes For Sale

Shawnee Slopes Houses for Sale

Shawnessy Homes For Sale

Shawnessy Houses for Sale

Shepard Industrial Homes For Sale

Shepard Industrial Real Estate Listings and Information

Sherwood Homes For Sale

Sherwood Houses for Sale

Signal Hill Real Estate Listings and Information

Silver Springs Homes For Sale

Silver Springs Houses for Sale

Silverado Homes For Sale

Silverado Houses for Sale

Skyview Ranch Homes For Sale

Skyview Ranch Houses for Sale

Somerset Homes For Sale

Somerset Houses for Sale

South Calgary Homes For Sale

South Calgary Houses for Sale

Southview Homes For Sale

Southview Houses for Sale

Southwood Homes For Sale

Southwood Houses for Sale

Springbank Hill Real Estate Listings and Information

Spruce Cliff Real Estate Listings and Information

St. Andrews Heights Homes For Sale

St. Andrews Heights Houses for Sale

Strathcona Park Real Estate Listings and Information

Sunalta Homes For Sale

Sunalta Houses for Sale

Sundance Homes For Sale

Sundance Houses for Sale

Sunnyside Homes For Sale

Sunnyside Houses for Sale

Taradale Homes For Sale

Taradale Houses for Sale

Temple Homes For Sale

Temple Houses for Sale

Thorncliffe Homes For Sale

Thorncliffe Houses for Sale

Tuscany Homes For Sale

Tuscany Homes for Sale

Tuxedo Park Homes For Sale

Tuxedo Park Houses for Sale

University Heights Homes For Sale

University Heights Houses for Sale

Upper Mount Royal Homes For Sale

Upper Mount Royal Houses for Sale

Valley Ridge Real Estate Listings and Information

Varsity Real Estate Listings and Information

Varsity Homes For Sale

Houses for Sale in Vista Heights

Vista Heights Homes For Sale

Walden Calgary Real Estate

Walden Homes For Sale

West Hillhurst Homes For Sale

West Hillhurst Houses for Sale

West Springs Real Estate Listings and Information

Westgate Real Estate Listings and Information

Whitehorn Homes For Sale

Whitehorn Houses for Sale

Wildwood Real Estate Listings and Information

Willow Park Homes For Sale

Windsor Park Homes For Sale

Windsor Park Houses for Sale

Winston Heights Homes For Sale

Homes for sale in Winston Heights

Woodbine Homes For Sale

Woodbine Houses for Sale

Woodlands Homes For Sale

Woodlands Houses for Sale

Belmont Homes For Sale

Belmont Real Estate Listings and Information

Meadowlark Park Homes For Sale

Meadowlark Park Houses for Sale

Parkhill Homes For Sale

Parkhill Houses for Sale

Maple Ridge Homes For Sale

Maple Ridge Houses for Sale

Garrison Woods Homes For Sale

Garrison Woods Houses for Sale

Livingston Homes For Sale

Livingston Houses for Sale

Carrington Homes For Sale

Carrington Houses for Sale

Kincora Homes For Sale

Kincora Houses for Sale

Ranchlands Homes For Sale

Ranchlands Houses for Sale

Elboya Homes For Sale

Elboya Houses for Sale

Sotheby's Homes For Sale

Sotheby's Real Estate

Mayland Heights Calgary | Inner city of Calgary community

Mayland Heights Houses for Sale

Cornerstone Calgary | New Northeast Calgary Community

Cornerstone Houses for Sale

Airdire Real Estate

Airdrie Homes For Sale

Cochrane Real Estate

Cochrane Homes For Sale

Chestermere Real Estate

Chestermere Homes For Sale

Okotoks Real Estate

Okotoks Homes For Sale

Heritage Pointe Real Estate

Heritage Pointe Homes For Sale

Below is a sample of the community videos you can find inside some of our community pages. While we're making every effort to complete this list, if you don't see a community walk through video on a specific community, please let us know, we'll prepare one and send it your way!

According to Calgary's local trendy Avenue Magazine - Below are the top 50 communities in Calgary. 

These communities are voted on and determined by reviewing data including the pathways and parks within the community, the neighbourhoods walkability score, the amount and quality of nearby bars, restaurants, and cafes as well as the access and proximity to grocery stores and supermarkets. Avenue also created a point system that focuses on the concept that a community where individuals and neighbours run into each other more often as being more engaged, this is done by calculating the percentage of homes in the community with biking and walking commuters, owner occupied homes, and how many households have a dog (according to the 2017 and 2016 civic censuses. Finally Avenue magazine determined the recreational opportunities and transit access to round out their scoring system to determine the best neighbourhoods in Calgary. 

Disclaimer: In our opinion, every community in this city offers something special for the right buyer, we have a lot of diverse communities with diverse options for homes, condominiums, etc. From old to new, character homes to luxury infills, high rise condominiums, to waterfront homes in Lake communities. If you're not sure what community is best for you, book a consultation with one of our Calgary home buyer REALTOR® specialists who can ask the right questions to uncover the best and most ideal communities for you. 

Calgary’s Best Neighbourhoods 2019: The Complete List

1. Brentwood
2. Huntington Hills
3. Bowness
4. Varsity
5. Arbour Lake
6. Acadia
7. Dalhousie
8. Lake Bonavista
9. Signal Hill
10. Edgemont
11. Albert Park/Radisson Heights
12. Shawnessy
13. Haysboro
14. Montgomery
15. Thorncliffe
16. Bridgeland/ Riverside
17. Forest Lawn
18. Canyon Meadows
19. Dover
20. Hillhurst
21. McKenzie Towne
22. McKenzie Lake
23. Scenic Acres
24. Southwood
25. Silver Springs
26. Riverbend
27. Marlborough Park
28. Beddington Heights
29. Pineridge
30. Ogden
31. Woodbine
32. Beltline
33. Willow Park
34. Altadore
35. Crescent Heights
36. Ranchlands
37. Banff Trail
38. Tuscany
39. Temple
40. Manchester
41. Glendale
42. University Heights
43. Cranston
44. Glamorgan
45. Rundle
46. Hidden Valley
47. Panorama Hills
48. Douglasdale/Glen
49. Southview
50. Winston Heights/Mountview