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As you start working your way through the home purchasing process, it’s important that you understand what specific mortgage and lending options are available to you.  The ReaSpire Mortgage Calgaryl Estate Partners Team with REAL BROKER prides themselves on connecting their clients with impact partners that are “walking the talk.”  For this reason, they've partnered with Spire Mortgage Team, powered by MMG Mortgages.

​​Meet Renée Huse, the heart and soul of the Spire Mortgage Team. From her early 20s, she's been buying homes, and STILL paying 15 mortgages! Yes, you read that right—15! But here's the kicker: every member of the Spire Mortgage Team has at least one mortgage of their own. They put their money where their mouth is.

What drives them? It's simple—they're passionate about mortgage rates, mortgage rules, rate trends, early renewal opportunities, and cutting-edge mortgage products. Why? Because they're personally invested in the industry, and any changes directly affect them. 

Whether you're a first-time homebuyer or an institutional real estate investor, the Spire Team is ready to share their extensive insights, ensuring our clients make informed decisions every step of the way.


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At the Real Estate Partners Team, we want our clients to be well informed and positioned to negotiate the best prices and terms on their Real Estate purchases.  With the help of Spire Mortgage Team, we’ve positioned 100’s of clients for success over the years.   

Business owners, commissioned salespeople or salaried employees, our clients have found success working with our preferred partners.  We recognize that not all mortgages or clients fit in one particular box.  Spire Mortgage Team has access to over 200 lenders from AAA to Alternative to Private lenders, so they are truly equipped to offer a solution in almost EVERY circumstance.

Our Partners at Spire Mortgage Team, pride themselves on being able to find a mortgage solution in every situation.  Their Mortgage Pre-Approval process is so robust, that they are willing to offer guaranteed mortgage pre-approvals.  The process involves a full review of documentation, an extensive credit review and client interview.  Spire Mortgage Team is so confident in their ability to provide our clients with firm approvals that they offer a $500 rebate to any client that has been through the process, if financing cannot be obtained as promised. 

We know Real Estate transactions don’t happen 9 to 5, so we need impact partners that are available on our client’s schedules.  Call, email, text, skype, zoom – Spire Mortgage Team can make this stress-free transaction happen from your couch on a Saturday!  Calgary's Top Mortgage Team

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