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If you follow us on social media, you'll know that we love this city! It's beautiful, dynamic, and full of life and throughout every year we capture this city in many different ways, from videos to pictures, homes, and more and we love sharing and supporting creators and local businesses. Below you'll find our second drop of free photos and NEWLY uploaded stock footage of Calgary  We're proud to offer these assets to businesses, groups, non profits, and users who are in need of high quality images of the city for websites, or other various forms of marketing material. 

These videos are released under an attribution 4.0 International Creative Commons license which states that you're free to use, provided you give credit to where the photo is from (our website You cannot resell, or redistribute these photos. If you intend on using these images for websites, blogs, etc, this would mean providing a backlink (Credit) to our website ( while print material would require a small disclaimer on the image "photo provided courtesy of" or a backlink on your website as well. Social media posts require a simple tag "photo courtesy of @Repyyc"  If you have any questions about uses, please feel free to contact us using the form below! 

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Royalty Free Videos of Calgary

Free Aerial Video of Calgary