Sunalta Station

Sunalta Station, situated in Calgary's vibrant Sunalta neighbourhood, offers rapid transit services as part of the city's LRT system. This above-ground station is a hub of activity, connecting residents to downtown Calgary and other key areas, facilitating easy commutes and access to city-wide attractions.

Location: Sunalta Station, Calgary, AB.

Transit Connectivity

Sunalta Station plays a crucial role in Calgary's public transportation network, providing residents and visitors with efficient and reliable LRT services. Its strategic location enhances mobility for daily commuters and contributes to the ease of urban travel.

Neighbourhood Integration

Integrally connected to the Sunalta neighbourhood, the station supports local development and accessibility. It encourages public transit usage, reduces traffic congestion, and promotes sustainable urban living.

 of Sunalta, Connaught, Scarboro and Downtown WestSunalta station is a CTrain light rail station in Calgary. It serves the the Blue Line. It serves the communities.  Inside the station building, escalators, stairs and an elevator provide access to the mezzanine level where the pedestrian overpass connects the station to Bow Trail and the Greyhound Bus Depot. a further two sets of escalators, stairs, and elevators provide access up to the side-loading platform.