Bow to Bluff

Bow to Bluff, an innovative urban corridor project in Calgary, aims to transform the public spaces along the LRT line from the Bow River to Bluff Street. This community-driven initiative focuses on creating vibrant, accessible, and sustainable outdoor areas that encourage social interaction and connectivity within the city.

Location: Along the LRT line from the Bow River to Bluff Street, Calgary, AB.

Urban Design and Green Spaces

The project emphasizes innovative urban design and the creation of green spaces that facilitate outdoor activities, leisure, and community gatherings. It includes pedestrian pathways, bike lanes, and interactive public art installations, enriching the urban landscape and enhancing the quality of life for residents and visitors alike.

Community Engagement and Activities

Bow to Bluff is a testament to community engagement, with numerous opportunities for locals to contribute to the corridor's development. The area hosts various activities, from workshops and markets to public performances, reflecting the diverse interests of the Calgary community and fostering a vibrant urban culture.