Chinook Winds Adventist Academy

Chinook Winds Adventist Academy, located in the vibrant city of Calgary, offers a unique educational experience grounded in Christian values and academic excellence. With a commitment to nurturing the whole child – academically, spiritually, and socially – Chinook Winds Adventist Academy provides a supportive and enriching learning environment where students can thrive and grow.

Address: 12345 Faith Avenue NE, Calgary, AB T1X 0X0

Phone: 403-555-6789

Fax: 403-555-4321


Christian Education

At Chinook Winds Adventist Academy, Christian principles are integrated into every aspect of our curriculum and school life. Through Bible study, worship, and service projects, students are encouraged to develop a personal relationship with God, grow in their faith, and live out the values of love, compassion, and integrity in their daily lives.

Academic Excellence

Chinook Winds Adventist Academy is dedicated to providing a challenging and enriching academic program that prepares students for success in higher education and beyond. With a focus on inquiry-based learning, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills, students are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to excel academically and become lifelong learners.

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Community Engagement

Chinook Winds Adventist Academy is deeply connected to the local community, partnering with families, churches, and organizations to create a supportive and inclusive learning environment. Through community service projects, outreach initiatives, and collaborative partnerships, students are empowered to make a positive impact in their community and live out their faith in action.