Intrigued about what makes Calgary a paradise for pedestrians? Uncover the charm of the most walkable neighbourhoods in Calgary. From Beltline to Sunnyside, we've got you covered!

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Is Calgary Walkable? A Sneak Peek Into Pedestrian-Friendly Calgary

For a city known for its rodeo and cowboy culture, a rich oil history, and its proximity to the Rockies, Calgary may not instantly appear to be a walkable city. 

Yet, winding through this metropolis are extensive pathways and trails, and pockets of communities where you can actually leave the keys at home.

In this guide, we'll take you on a journey through the most walkable neighbourhoods in Calgary, where community spirit, connectivity, and accessibility blend together creating some seriously exceptional living experiences. Whether you're a city slicker, a nature enthusiast, or a lover of quaint and quiet roads, there's a neighbourhood just for you. 

So, lace up your sneakers and let's explore the charm that is Calgary!

What Are the Most Walkable Neighbourhoods in Calgary? 


Beltline History

As one of the most walkable neighbourhoods in Calgary, Beltline’s legacy speaks to Calgary's transformation from a budding town into a bustling metropolis. Home to Calgary's oldest park and the city's first streetcar route, Beltline is where Calgary's past and present blend beautifully.

Is Calgary walkable? Beltline certainly is. Encircling the core of downtown Calgary, Beltline is truly an enviable location. Its central positioning means that work, play, and relaxation are just a short walk away.

The Beltline Difference

Beltline's charm is multifaceted, much like the colourful murals that line its streets. Here, heritage buildings stand tall alongside gleaming skyscrapers, and thriving shopping districts meet lush green spaces, painting a vivid picture of urban life.

If you are someone who thrives in the midst of action, loves the convenience of city life, and appreciates a mix of contemporary and classic aesthetics, Beltline is your ideal neighbourhood. This neighbourhood attracts a diverse mix of residents–from young professionals to artists and entrepreneurs.

What Makes Beltline a Walkable Neighbourhood

Why is Beltline one of the most walkable neighbourhoods in Calgary? It's all about the perfect combination of density, mixed land use, and well-connected streets. The close proximity to a variety of restaurants, retail stores, parks, and cultural institutions means residents often prefer strolling or biking to their destinations.

Top Attractions in Beltline

Amenities are never in short supply in Beltline. From the vibrant 17th Avenue packed with shops, eateries, and pubs to the tranquil Central Memorial Park, Calgary’s oldest park, there’s something for everyone. The Calgary Stampede, a world-renowned rodeo event, is also a stone's throw away. This eclectic mix makes Beltline not just walkable, but also wonderfully livable.


Bridgeland History

If the walls of Bridgeland could talk, they'd tell a story as colourful as its vibrant streets today. This former settlement of Italian and German immigrants has morphed into a sought-after residential district while maintaining its roots. Its rich past lends an air of nostalgia that's hard to ignore.

A day in Bridgeland can easily be spent on foot. Ideally positioned northeast of Calgary's downtown, Bridgeland is a neighbourhood that's truly at the heart of the city. It's a place where suburban and urban lifestyles mix, offering the best of both worlds.

The Bridgeland Difference

Bridgeland is a neighbourhood where heritage buildings sit beside modern condos, where parks intersect with bustling shopping districts. Yet, despite these contrasts, Bridgeland has a harmonious atmosphere that creates a unique sense of belonging.

Bridgeland is home to diverse residents, but it's particularly attractive to those who appreciate the charm of history, the pulse of the city, and the serenity of nature. Young professionals, families, and retirees find equal delight in this community.

What Makes Bridgeland a Walkable Neighbourhood

So what makes Bridgeland one of the most walkable neighbourhoods in Calgary? It's the perfect grid layout of the streets, the accessibility to public transportation, and the short distances to local amenities. This pedestrian-friendly design encourages residents to leave their cars behind and immerse themselves in the Bridgeland life, one step at a time.

Top Attractions in Bridgeland

From the city's best Italian restaurants to local farmers' markets, Bridgeland is replete with amenities that are mere steps away. The neighbourhood boasts the iconic St. Patrick's Island Park, the Calgary Zoo, the TELUS Spark Science Centre, and an array of unique local boutiques, cafés, and eateries.

Cliff Bungalow

Cliff Bungalow History

Historically a hub for Canadian Pacific Railway employees, Cliff Bungalow carries hints of Calgary's industrious past. Today, while the trains may have departed, the neighbourhood remains on the track of unique cultural charm.

Tucked away just west of the city centre, this neighbourhood puts you at an arm's length from downtown, yet offers a peaceful retreat from the city's hustle and bustle.

The Cliff Bungalow Difference

The appeal of Cliff Bungalow lies in its quaint charm. It's a place where old trees line quiet streets, historic houses lend character, and a friendly community spirit fills the air. Yet, despite its tranquil ambiance, Cliff Bungalow is far from sleepy, with the lively 4th Street and 17th Avenue close by.

The perfect blend of calm and culture, Cliff Bungalow attracts a wide array of residents. The neighbourhood is particularly appealing to those seeking a quiet suburban feel without compromising on the convenience of downtown living. This community is a favourite among young professionals, artists, and small families.

What Makes Cliff Bungalow a Walkable Neighbourhood

Cliff Bungalow shines as one of the most walkable neighbourhoods in Calgary, thanks to its compact layout, plentiful amenities within walking distance, and its location right next to the downtown core. Whether it's grocery shopping or enjoying a coffee at a local café, everything is just a leisurely stroll away.

Top Attractions in Cliff Bungalow

Living in Cliff Bungalow means having a host of amenities at your doorstep. The neighbourhood is home to the vibrant 4th Street, known for its shopping, dining, and entertainment options.

Downtown West End

Downtown West End History

Once the western edge of downtown, the Downtown West End has evolved from a quiet residential area to a bustling urban neighbourhood. Its transformation is a testament to Calgary's growth and adaptability, reflecting the city's vibrancy.

Situated west of the city's central business district, this neighbourhood lets you step out of your front door and directly into the heart of Calgary.

The Downtown West End Difference

The Downtown West End effortlessly blends the hustle of downtown with a sense of calm and community. This unique duality, coupled with stunning skyline views, makes the neighbourhood stand out even in the thriving cityscape of Calgary.

The Downtown West End is perfect for those who love city living at its finest. It's particularly appealing to professionals working in the city centre who prefer a short commute and direct access to Calgary's vibrant downtown offerings.

What Makes Downtown West End a Walkable Neighbourhood

The Downtown West End's walkability lies in its strategic location and the variety of amenities at your fingertips. Its grid-like street layout, pedestrian-friendly paths, and accessibility to offices, entertainment venues, and eateries make it one of the most walkable neighbourhoods in Calgary.

Top Attractions in Downtown West End

From the scenic Millennium Park, the largest free outdoor skate park in North America, to Contemporary Gallery, the Downtown West End is replete with attractions. The neighbourhood is also home to the renowned Mewata Armoury and the bustling Sunalta CTrain station, linking residents to the rest of Calgary seamlessly.

East Village

East Village History

East Village is where Calgary's story began. Its history traces back to the late 1800s when it was the bustling heart of the city. Today, after a period of decline and a dramatic revitalization, East Village has reclaimed its place as a vibrant district that honours its past while embracing the future.

Located between downtown Calgary and the Bow River, this neighbourhood provides easy access to the city centre while also offering breathtaking riverfront views.

The East Village Difference

The East Village combines modern sophistication with a rich history. Its blend of new development, preserved historical buildings, and public art installations make this neighbourhood a unique, culturally-rich area.

East Village is perfect for those seeking a dynamic, urban lifestyle. The neighbourhood appeals to a broad range of residents, from young professionals to retirees, who appreciate the area's vibrant culture, walkability, and stunning views.

What Makes East Village a Walkable Neighbourhood

A significant factor that ranks East Village among the most walkable neighbourhoods in Calgary is its innovative urban design. The pedestrian-friendly streets, extensive bike paths, and proximity to various amenities mean residents can enjoy a car-free lifestyle. Plus, the neighbourhood's access to the RiverWalk pathway system offers stunning scenic walks right at your doorstep.

Top Attractions in East Village

East Village is home to the Studio Bell, home of the National Music Centre, Fort Calgary, the historic Simmons Building housing local favourites like Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters, and the New Central Library, an architectural marvel. For nature lovers, the beautiful RiverWalk and St. Patrick's Island offer green spaces for outdoor activities.

Eau Claire

Eau Claire History

Named after a sawmill from the late 19th century, Eau Claire has morphed from an industrial hub into one of Calgary's most affluent neighbourhoods. Eau Claire's history is preserved in its historic buildings, giving the neighbourhood a unique vibe.

Located immediately north of Downtown, and south of the Bow River, Eau Claire offers the benefits of downtown living with a splash of natural beauty.

The Eau Claire Difference

This is an enclave where modern luxury residences meet lush green parks and vibrant plazas. Eau Claire has that downtown energy, but it's infused with an extra layer of tranquillity thanks to the neighbouring river and ample green spaces.

Eau Claire attracts those who desire a luxurious urban lifestyle without sacrificing nature's touch. It's especially popular with professionals and empty nesters who appreciate the area's walkability, upscale condominiums, and proximity to both the city centre and natural landscapes.

What Makes Eau Claire a Walkable Neighbourhood

Eau Claire earns its spot among the most walkable neighbourhoods in Calgary due to its prime location, beautiful landscapes, and pedestrian-friendly design. With the Bow River Pathway nearby, residents can easily switch from navigating skyscrapers to strolling along riverbanks.

Top Attractions in Eau Claire

Eau Claire offers its residents a plethora of amenities. Key attractions include Eau Claire Market, home to shops, restaurants and cinemas, Prince's Island Park, a haven for outdoor activities, and the pathway system that is perfect for biking, running, or leisurely walks.


Hillhurst History

Hillhurst, one of Calgary's oldest neighbourhoods, dates back to the early 1900s. Its history is woven into its leafy streets and vintage homes, providing a charming backdrop to a neighbourhood that's as vibrant today as it was a century ago.

Just northwest of downtown Calgary, Hillhurst combines suburban tranquillity with urban convenience, making everything from grocery stores to cafés easily accessible by foot.

The Hillhurst Difference

Hillhurst manages to maintain a small-town vibe within a bustling city. It's a place where neighbours know each other, independent businesses thrive, and there's a buzzing sense of community. It's this unique blend of charm and community that makes Hillhurst a gem in Calgary.

Hillhurst is an ideal choice for those who appreciate a sense of community, easy access to downtown, and a tranquil yet vibrant lifestyle. It's a favourite among young families, professionals, and anyone who cherishes both the heartbeat of the city and the calm of suburbia.

What Makes Hillhurst a Walkable Neighbourhood

Hillhurst earns its place among the most walkable neighbourhoods in Calgary with its compact, well-planned layout. Key amenities, such as stores, schools, and parks, are close at hand, and the pedestrian-friendly streets make getting around a breeze.

Top Attractions in Hillhurst

Hillhurst is brimming with amenities that cater to a wide array of interests. The bustling Kensington Road offers shops, restaurants, and cafés, while the beautiful Riley Park provides a large green space perfect for picnics and play. The neighbourhood is also home to the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, making it an ideal spot for students.


Kensington History

Kensington is known for its popular commercial heart and continues to be a beloved part of Calgary's urban fabric.

Positioned just north of downtown, across the Bow River, Kensington offers the best of city life with a charming community vibe.

The Kensington Difference

Kensington's appeal lies in its infectious energy and eclectic mix of businesses. Whether it's the boutiques, cafés, or the range of local and international restaurants, Kensington has a magnetic pull that's hard to resist.

Kensington is a hit among those who value a vibrant urban lifestyle and the convenience of having a wealth of amenities within a walkable distance. It's a neighbourhood of choice for young professionals, artists, and city-goers who appreciate its character and energy.

What Makes Kensington a Walkable Neighbourhood

Kensington’s compact and pedestrian-friendly design, coupled with its diverse range of amenities, cements its place as one of the most walkable neighbourhoods in Calgary. Whether it's getting your morning coffee, grocery shopping, or catching a movie, everything is just a short walk away.

Top Attractions in Kensington

Living in Kensington means you have a thriving social hub right on your doorstep. Home to the iconic Plaza Theatre, Sunnyside Farmers' Market, and countless shopping and dining options, there's always something to do in Kensington. Not to mention the scenic Riverwalk nearby, offering a perfect escape into nature.

Lower Mount Royal

Lower Mount Royal History

Once the elite neighbourhood in early 20th-century Calgary, Lower Mount Royal is a historic district that carries a sense of timeless elegance. Today, it gracefully blends its rich history with a modern, cosmopolitan feel.

Situated just south of the city's downtown, this neighbourhood offers easy access to the hustle and bustle of the city centre while maintaining a peaceful residential atmosphere.

The Lower Mount Royal Difference

Lower Mount Royal is where history meets modernity. With its tree-lined streets, beautiful Edwardian homes, and an array of contemporary condos, it presents a unique urban living experience in Calgary.

Lower Mount Royal is a favourite among those seeking an upscale lifestyle in a vibrant, walkable neighbourhood. From professionals to artists, its proximity to downtown and the trendy 17th Avenue makes it an attractive choice for a diverse group of residents.

What Makes Lower Mount Royal a Walkable Neighbourhood

Lower Mount Royal's walkability comes from its strategic location and the wealth of amenities at your doorstep. Whether it's grocery stores, coffee shops, or boutique shopping, everything is just a stroll away, making it one of the most walkable neighbourhoods in Calgary.

Top Attractions in Lower Mount Royal

Lower Mount Royal is teeming with attractions. The neighbourhood is a stone's throw from 17th Avenue, known for its shopping, dining, and nightlife. The historic Devenish Apartments and the nearby Tomkins Park add to the allure of this stylish neighbourhood.


Mission History

Established in the late 19th century by French-speaking Catholic missionaries, Mission is rich in history. Over the years, this neighbourhood has transformed into a trendy, bustling area without losing its historic charm.

This neighbourhood, located immediately south of downtown Calgary, offers a vibrant urban living experience with its myriad amenities and proximity to the city centre.

The Mission Difference

Mission stands out for its charming blend of old and new. Historic buildings, like the Sacred Heart Convent and St. Mary's Cathedral, coexist with modern condos, trendy boutiques, and an eclectic array of eateries.

Mission is a favourite among young professionals, creatives, and foodies who cherish its lively atmosphere, convenience, and walkability. It's a neighbourhood that's always buzzing, offering residents a range of activities to explore.

What Makes Mission a Walkable Neighbourhood

As one of the most walkable neighbourhoods in Calgary, Mission's appeal lies in its compact layout and the abundance of amenities within a short walking distance. Whether you're running errands or heading out for dinner, everything is within a comfortable walk.

Top Attractions in Mission

When you live in Mission, you're spoiled for choice when it comes to amenities. 4th Street is lined with some of the city's best dining options, from charming bistros to gourmet restaurants. Find more entertainment at Elbow River Casino and Yuk Yuk’s Calgary. The nearby Elbow River Pathway offers a scenic walking route, and Lindsay Park and the Repsol Sports Centre provide plenty of options for fitness and recreation.


Sunnyside History

Another one of Calgary's oldest neighbourhoods, Sunnyside has a history that stretches back to the 1900s. It's a neighbourhood that carries its history with pride, from its heritage buildings to its long-standing community traditions.

Located directly north of downtown, separated by the beautiful Bow River, Sunnyside offers its residents the advantages of city living, complemented by the peace and tranquillity of a mature neighbourhood.

The Sunnyside Difference

Sunnyside distinguishes itself with its small-town charm amidst the city. Character homes line the leafy streets, local businesses thrive, and a sense of community can be felt anywhere you go, making Sunnyside a unique enclave within the city.

Sunnyside is a neighbourhood of choice for those who crave a balance of city life and peaceful living. It's popular among young professionals, families, and those who appreciate history, community, and the outdoors.

What Makes Sunnyside a Walkable Neighbourhood

Sunnyside's strategic location, coupled with its pedestrian-friendly streets and abundance of amenities, ranks it among the most walkable neighbourhoods in Calgary. Everything you need, from grocery stores to parks to cafés, is just a leisurely stroll away.

Top Attractions in Sunnyside

Life in Sunnyside means having an array of amenities at your doorstep. The trendy Kensington shopping district is just steps away, offering a variety of dining and shopping options. For outdoor enthusiasts, the Bow River pathways, McHugh Bluff, and the nearby Prince’s Island Park offer excellent recreational opportunities.

Is Calgary Walkable? The Verdict on Walkable Neighbourhoods in Calgary

Calgary, often admired for its stunning landscapes and vibrant culture, is absolutely a city that prizes walkability! 

As we've journeyed through some of the most walkable neighbourhoods in Calgary, it's clear that each one brings its unique charm and distinct lifestyle.

Each neighbourhood offers a unique and fulfilling living experience where amenities, social hubs, and beautiful spaces are just a short stroll away. While the city is already brimming with fantastic walkable neighbourhoods, it continues to evolve, making strides in becoming an even more pedestrian-friendly city.

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