Where you opt to live in Calgary depends on your preferences and specific needs. In this article, you will get an outline of the best neighbourhoods for anyone who is new in this city. Calgary is indeed one of the most dynamic cities in the entire world that offers plenty of options Top Neighbourhoodsfrom first time home buyer single family homes to luxury penthouse condominiums in the downtown core, to gorgeous acreage properties that hug the perimeter of the city. However, the bulk of homes in Calgary are single detached rather than high-rise multi-storey buildings and as a result there is quite a bit of urban sprawl seen throughout meaning the diversity between communities and their amenities and offerings is quite dynamic.

Top 10 Best Calgary Neighbourhoods to Live In 2021

Calgary, often known as a city that depends on the oil and gas industry, is seen to feel the experiences of  boom and bust cycles. However the city throughout these hardships, has continued to persevere and push forth growth and expansion. The economy is continuously becoming more and more diverse, net migration continues to be at the top, and our city is seen as one of the most affordable and attractive options for Canadians.  We're proud to call Calgary home and in this blog we're going toDUSKO SREMAC CALGARY REALTOR  share the top neighborhoods in Calgary. The city truly offers many great neighbourhoods throughout, while we all have our favorites, this blogs purpose is to highlight some of the best communities this city has to offer!

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Is Calgary a good place to live?

According to the best cities (online publication) report, it is ranked among the 50 best places to live in the world in 2021. This report reveals the top cities that allows residents to successfully pursue their business, family, and educational dreams. It's not the first time Calgary has made 'The List' in fact Calgary consistently ranks amongst the best cities to call home, even Forbes named it one of the most livable cities in the world (Top 5!) 

The Forbes city study found the ten most livable cities in the world to be 

Vienna, Austria (99.1)
Melbourne, Australia (98.4)
Sydney, Australia (98.1)
Osaka, Japan (97.7)
Calgary, Canada (97.5)
Vancouver, Canada (97.3)
Toronto, Canada (97.2)
Tokyo, Japan (97.2)
Copenhagen, Denmark (96.8)
Adelaide, Australia (96.6)

Where to live in Calgary?

To break it down quick, typically, neighbourhoods that are in close proximity to downtown tend to be more expensive. On the other hand, those that are further out from the downtown tend to be less costly to purchase. Comparing home to home, this is generally the case, but there is a ton of factors and variables that come into play, The way we see it, where you live truly depends on what your needs are. Public transportation vital for you? Then you might want to avoid the communities with no rapid transit bus routes or LRT lines. Love the great outdoors? Homes in the west of Calgary offer some of the best access to the mountains and great outdoors, you could also live in a neighbourhood that borders the great fish creek provincial park. 

Most suburbs of this great city are newer. The city is ever-sprawling, and there has been a boom in the construction of new build homes. Residential property in the impressive inner-city Calgary neighbourhoods retain their overall value quite well and even appreciates at a higher rate compared to those in the outer suburbs.

Our recommendation is that you build a list of your needs, must haves, wants in a community, and have a free consultation with one of our agents, we can provide advice on resale, and provide valuable insight on what communities are best suited for you and your needs. 

Is Calgary safe at night?

We get this question a lot from out of  town buyers, and we're routinely asked where not to live in Calgary? When it comes to safety in Calgary, the city is generally pretty safe, there are some pockets with higher crime rates but overall for a major city, the crime in Calgary is typically non violent and is more centric around theft and vandalism. 

best neighbourhoods in yyc

What is the best area to live in Calgary?


Beltline is known to be the heart of the city, highly populated and one of the best areas to live if downtown living and proximity to work are vital. This great inner-city community is ever-bustling. It is located on the Southern side of Calgary’s downtown part. This area is loved by many especially young professionals. Home to the famous 17th Ave (or the red mile during hockey season) tons of shopping, amenities, gyms, yoga studios, and night life are packed in this highly popular community. 


The community of mission is another great inner-city choice that you should be at the top of many condominium buyers lists. It is an area that is established and has plenty of variety and styles, with great affordability, with properties routinely priced well below the $200,000 mark. Similar to the Beltline, this area has it all when it comes to amenities, including close access to the Elbow River. 

Signal Hill

The community of Signal Hill is located in the southwest quadrant of Calgary, it has a population of roughly 13,000 residents. This home has made many top / best of Calgary lists, but for us it's one of the best family oriented communities in Calgary. Great proximity to schools, mountain views, plenty of shopping, and nearby to the west LRT station, this community has something for everyone. You'll typically find single family homes here priced between $500,000 to $600,000


Hillhurst is yet another area that is popular in Calgary. It lies within the inner area of Calgary. It is a Northwest neighbourhood that has nice houses and plenty of infill options for families and young professionals. As the sprawl of Calgary continues to expand, areas with big pieces of land in the inner city become more and more sought after. Ranked in the Avenue magazine in the top ten, this community scores very high in the amenities and shopping side, with close river access, proximity to downtown, and good schools, the mature neighborhood of Hillhurst offers prospective buyers with a variety of options to own in inner city Calgary. 

West Springs 

This awesome west community is one of the best suburbs of Calgary to call home. This area historically was once home to foxes which were kept for fur, t farm was 160-acres but since has become a trendy and sought after community with satellite locations of some of Calgary's BEST restaurants and boutique shops. You will find a lot of things to do in this beautiful area and residents often say there's little reason to go elsewhere! 


Once referred to as Germantown. This area is located in the Northwest of downtown Calgary. To its East, you will find the Deer Foot Trail and to the south the Bow River with its magnificent look. This area has many residential properties which mostly include Parkside Condos and single-family houses. Bridgeland has plenty of green spaces, boutique shops, restaurants, and great access to the river pathways, as well as some of the best views of downtown Calgary. 


Inglewood by many is considered to be one of the best communities in Calgary to reside. Check out our community profile page that features Inglewood houses for sale and more information about this highly sought after HIP and HISTORIC community. This area is very popular. Thus property developers are investing heavily to meet the market demand for new houses. It is located in central Calgary, and it is the oldest neighbourhood in the entire city. This community came to be and grew after a fort was constructed here back in 1875! Today Inglewood provides residents with an immersive community that encapsulates some of Calgary's best spots for food, shopping, and festivals. In 2020, we saw 32 single family homes sold in Inglewood they had an average price of just over $523,000 and were on the market an average of 45 days. 

Lake Bonavista

Lake Bonavista the ORIGINAL lake community in CANADA is a great area to live with your family. It is located in Southeast Calgary, right beside Anderson Road and Deerfoot Trail, and it is indeed becoming one of the most sought after suburbs in Calgary. Mature, quiet, and pride of ownership are some of the MANY reasons this community is routinely voted and rated as one of the best in the city. Plenty of options to own, whether you're seeking a luxury lakefront home or an original or renovated bi-level. 


The community of Brentwood is an excellent option if you're looking for established and mature neighborhoods that are quiet, and are looking for a place with various options for transit. It is a popular area and our brentwood community page has many Brentwood homes up for sale. Its friendliness and serenity make it a nice area to move with your family, and there are plenty of great schools around for kids of all ages. 


Altadore is located in the Southern quadrant of the city. It was named one of the best places to live in 2010. Its energetic and outgoing atmosphere and cultural scene make it more attractive than other neighbourhoods. One of the largest outdoor shopping centres – Marda Loop is found in this neighbourhood. Great access to many outdoor paths and walkways, the river, and close proximity to the reservoir, Infill home buyers flock to this trendy and popular community. 

Most Livable Neighbourhoods in Calgary

The most livable neighbourhoods are listed above. All of them share features such as good walkability, simple access to walking paths and bike lanes. Besides, their proximity to dog parks and green space makes them the best areas to live in Calgary.


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