Make you and your pup happy with these dog-friendly neighbourhoods. 

Are you a dog owner looking for the perfect neighbourhood in Calgary to call home? You want a neighbourhood that’s as safe, functional, and welcoming for your dog as it is for you? We’ve lived  all over the city and after polling team members with dogs, and some clients the results are in, you’ve got options!

The city of Calgary is home to over 150 public off-leash areas in multi-use parks. That’s a lot of green space just waiting to be explored by you and your pup.

How many dog owners are in Calgary?

According to recent data, there are over 91,000 licensed dogs in Calgary, so it won’t be hard to connect with other dog owners who share the same passion for their furry friends at plenty of restaurants and hot spots for dog owners in the city. 

The neighbourhoods in Calgary with the highest population of dogs are Tuscany, Cranston, Mckenzie Towne, Mckenzie Lake, and Auburn Bay.

What are the best communities in Calgary for dog owners?

Did you know ? 13% of Calgary park space is occupied by parks for your furry friends! 

If it strictly comes down to off leash dog parks and park space, there's definitely a few standout communities that have up to 5 designated off leash spaces in them. The communities of Beddington Heights, and Huntington Hills have Five areas for off leash dog parks, while Edgemont, Hawkwood, and Lake Bonavista/Bonavista Downs have Four off leash dog parks each in their communities. 

The best neighbourhoods (according to us) in Calgary for dog owners are Tuscany(NW), Cranston(SE), Inglewood(City Centre), Silver Springs(NW), Woodbine(SW), Huntington Hills(SW), Maple Ridge(SE), and Beddington Heights. (NW), Discovery Ridge (W), Lake Bonavista (SW) 


Tuscany might just be one of the best neighbourhoods for dog owners looking to become homeowners. Tuscany is a residential community in northwest Calgary. Located at the north western edge of the city, Tuscany has some of the best access to pathways and higher-than-average access to greenspace. Homeowners can easily access veterinary clinics, grooming facilities, training services, and pet-centric retail spots. Tuscany and Cranston have some of the highest numbers of licensed dogs in all of Calgary, so meeting and connecting with other dog owners won’t be hard! 

View the city of Calgary Tuscany Dog park maps.

Tuscany Off leash Zone 1 

Tuscany Off leash dog park Zone 2 


Cranston is another great community for dog owners in Calgary. Located in southeast Calgary, this master-planned residential community has one of the highest populations of dog owners in the city. Homeowners who choose to live here have access to both Auburn Bay off-leash dog park and Fish Creek provincial park. This community is full of green space, access to pathways, dog daycares, groomers, and pet-centric retail spots. The veterinary clinic is easy to access, located in the Cranston shopping area. 

The Cranston Ridge Loop is a favorite hotspot for many dog owners - this 6KM loop gains just under 150M of elevation and takes 1.5 hrs to complete. 

Silver Springs

Located in northwest Calgary, Silver Springs is a dog-friendly community featuring multiple off-leash green areas for dogs to run around and explore. Homeowners in Silver Springs will have easy access to animal clinics, pet stores, and grooming facilities. Make the Botanical Gardens your new go-to destination for evening walks, or maybe your new spot will be the fenced hassle-free area in Bowmont Park.

Silver Springs Off Leash Dog Park Zone 1 

As you can see, there's a lot of spaces to take your dog through when living in this community! 

Huntington Hills

This large residential neighbourhood nestled between northwest and northeast Calgary is home to five off-leash dog parks. Not only does Hunting Hills provide options for dogs to run free, but it also provides owners with many pet amenity options. Within a short drive, homeowners can access veterinary clinics, grooming facilities, and pet supply stores. Becoming a homeowner in Huntington Hills means you will also have access to Calgary’s largest parks, Nose Hill Park.

Discovery Ridge

It's not all about the off leash experience. Discovery Ridge is one of Calgary's best kept secrets for dog owners. Nestled behind the community is Griffith Woods Park one of Calgary's best outdoor parks and spaces for nature lovers. Large trees in a big forest, line the Elbow River and Tsuu Tina Nation borders, the park is new to the city, formerly owned by Wilbur and Betty Griffith this wonderful couple donated a portion of their estate to the city of Calgary to maintain this natural environmental preserve. 

Shallow water spots, pathways throughout the entire community (including many in Griffith Woods), plenty of access to all the amenities your dog would need in the Westhills Shopping area and there's even a vet (cornerstone square veterinary hospital) located within the community!  

Bragg Creek is just 25 minutes away from Discovery Ridge and the community is only 1 hour and 5 minutes away from Canmore making it a great community for dog owners who love to escape the city and get out to the mountains, although living in this community may help compensate with the urges to get out of town. 

Auburn Bay

Auburn Bay is one of Calgary's newest lake communities and is only one of two communities in the southeast of Calgary with off leash dog parks that are fenced in! Sue Higgins Park being the other, which is located at the end of Southland Drive alongside Deerfoot Trail. The Auburn Bay off leash dog park is located just off of 52nd St SE and Auburn Bay Drive SE and features a water fountain, two small dog enclosures within the park , garbage's, and benches. This makes Auburn Bay one of the best decisions for dog owners as the community is also filled with tons of paths, lots of other dog owners, and access to a local highly reviewed veterinary clinic  within the community

It should be noted though, that pets aren't allowed in the Beach park or in the lake (during both summer and winter), this isn't exclusive to Auburn Bay, for example; Mahogany and Lake Bonavista also do not allow pets in the beach / lake areas as well as many other lake communities throughout the city. 

Maple Ridge

Maple Ridge is a residential neighbourhood in southeast Calgary. Maple Ridge provides homeowners with many options for boarding kennels, pet stores, and grooming salons. A recent dog-friendly initiative aims to connect local businesses, restaurants, and pubs with dog lovers by encouraging pet owners to visit businesses with their furry friends. The neighbourhood is within walking distance of Sue Higgins off-leash dog park, which has massive runs and fenced off leash enclosures as well as swimming areas during the summer months for dogs to cool off and practice their swimming skills. 

Beddington Heights

Located in northwest Calgary, Beddington Heights is a great suburban neighbourhood for dog owners thanks to multiple parks, green spaces, walking paths, and nearby amenities. Beddington Heights provides dog owners with 5 different off-leash dog parks so their pups can run around freely. Amenities within the neighbourhood include a veterinary hospital, a boarding kennel, and a Pet Planet.

Choosing a dog-friendly neighbourhood is important for a pet owner, but it’s also important in the effect it has on a community. Dogs can bring neighbours together, keep people active, and help fight loneliness. The extra smiles they encourage that light up a community? A welcome bonus!


According to Calgary pet registration data, the most common registered breeds with the city of Calgary are: 

Labrador Retrievers

German Shepherds 

Golden Retrievers

Border Collies

Shih Tzu's 

Yorkshire Terrier 


Bichon Frise

Australian Shepherds 

Cocker Spaniels 

Poodles MIN/STD




Siberian Huskys


The city of Calgary has many breeds below the 200 volume (in total licenses issued in the city) some of the more rare and uncommon breeds of dogs in Calgary are: 

Japenese Chin


Italian Greyhound

Bouvier Des Flandres

Chinese Crested


Welsh Corgi


St Bernard


If you’re a dog owner looking to become a homeowner in Calgary, refer to this list when making your decision. If you need some expert advice, we’ve got you covered. Fill out this form or give us a call and we can guide you on the best communities, condominium buildings, and other important pet related things to consider when buying a home in Calgary. 

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