Leaving a great first impression when guests enter your home can be done with a few simple and inexpensive touches. Freshening up the first space that you and any visitors walk into can say so much about your design skills and the type of ambiance your home creates. 

Upgrading your entryway can be a fun and easy do-it-yourself project that will make walking into your home a more pleasing experience. If you are looking for great ideas for entryway designs, we have made a list of easy ways to achieve the perfect makeover that won’t break the bank. Keep reading to discover fresh entryway designs that will delight your guests.

 Top Entry Way Ideas That Will Enhance Your Home

We all want to make a good impression on our guests entering our home, which is why making your entryway a welcoming space is so necessary. Consider trying some of the following tips that can make the difference you want in your home. 

1. Let your décor express your style

The best way to show off your style is by selecting items that speak to you and your personality. Whether you love bright bold colours and designs or have a more minimalistic and natural vibe, there are plenty of front door entryway ideas that will reflect your style. Finding the perfect décor pieces can set the tone for the entire home, so make sure not to neglect the first space people see when opening the door to your home. Allow your personality to shine the moment guests step inside.

Bonus tip: Check out Homesense, they offer a large variety of styles and selections for home decor, many of which are artisan pieces from around the world and are more unique than your standard offerings from places like Ikea.  We've been told by Homesense local shopping experts (AKA our wives) that the Heritage and Macleod location is one of the best and they cycle through inventory pretty fast (meaning new options all the time!) 

2. Not too much, not too little

When thinking about entry way design ideas, it is important to create a balance that pleases the eye. You may have a clear decorating theme but finding the perfect items that don’t go overboard can be a challenge. We suggest that you take the most time considering the lighting of the space, where the eye is immediately drawn within the room, and what items can be used to gently reflect the bigger picture. If you go big in all three areas, it may come across as overwhelming, whereas if you go too small scale, it may feel lackluster. Play around with your layout to find the perfect balance.

3. Find the perfect eye-catching piece

Picking the perfect décor piece that impresses your guests can be anything that takes up a fair amount of space, while not taking away from the rest of the design. A well-chosen painting, print, or sculpture can make the perfect focal point and can give you inspiration for how you decorate the rest of your entry way. This is the ideal time to consider family heirlooms, souvenirs from travel, or simply special treasures that you have collected over your life. Displaying something that has meaning to you will allow you to create the perfect space, while sharing a unique story about the piece to your guests.

4. Pick pieces that make sense

The shape and size of your entry way will dictate what you can do with it. If the size is quite small or narrow, selecting items that can trick the eye like  a well-placed mirror or light fixture make the area seem bigger than it is. Choosing a large chandelier or table might not make the most sense in a small entry way, but they would work in a larger space. Good lighting can make the difference between walking into space that feels like a cave compared to a bright and cheerful home.

Don't force it, not all homes are designed to have grand entryways and sometimes a little project like wainscoting or a simple setup like bench / plant is enough to make the space stand out but not for the wrong reasons. 

5. Make sure it works for you

Having a unique design can look great in entryway pictures, but the space may not work the best for your needs. If you have children or pets, it may not be ideal to have delicate vases or expensive rugs, and instead might consider a bench with storage or a framed family photo. Practicality should be a consideration when designing your front entrance, as you are the one who will be living with it daily. Make it a welcoming and relaxing space for yourself that works best for you and your life first, then add décor details second.

6. Create a visually interesting design

When bringing to life small or big entryway ideas, one design tip is to mix things up a bit. To create a more interesting design, make sure that there is a variety of heights, of textures, of colours, and elements. Try creating a collage of wall artwork instead of next to each other or have a tiered shelf rather than a table. Playing with pieces from different time periods and materials can create a more diverse look than sticking with one particular style. Mixing heavy industrial pieces with delicate plants or adding a stack of fresh new books on a destressed shelf are easy ways of achieving a unique and interesting entrance.

7. Consider the aesthetic of the rest of the home

Doing something fun and unique when thinking of unique front door entryway ideas might appeal to you, but it may not make sense with the rest of your home design. Having a design that flows into the rest of the house easily will pull everything together in a cohesive way. Ideally, you want an entrance that is free of clutter, that has functioning storage, and creates an atmosphere for your entire home. You can still have fun with your entrance makeover but going too far with it can cause it to clash with the rest of your decor, so be sure it is something that you will want to live with.

8. Plan for the realities of life

 You may have the best entryway designs, but if they are not practical for everyday living, they may not be the smartest choice. Think about what you need out of an entry way, from outerwear storage for multiple seasons, to a designated spot for your keys, wallet, and mail. Plan for the needs of your household and not just what looks nice in a magazine. 

9. Don't discount functionality 

As mentioned above, shoe racks, to standing jacket hangers, and much more are commonly seen in homes that lack front closets and many may need to have some functionality, but one important piece for many is a mirror. Mirrors are essential for many in an entryway, Depending on your homes layout, size, and style, there may not be a mirror within a reasonable walking distance, front entryway mirror (or you may not want people walking anywhere in the home with shoes on) and instead of ripping your shoes off to double check your outfit / appearance in the closest bathroom, or having guests do the same, equip your entryway with a mirror so everyone (yourself included) has a convenient place to double check before they depart. 

10. Durable Flooring 

Most entryways in Canada will find a nice floormat regardless of the flooring beneath due to all the elements brought inside (especially during winter months) We love recommending tiled entryways, they're durable and are water resistant which is ideal for Calgary entryways. Easier to clean, and can really make a place POP at an affordable price as the square footage exposure is minimal in most entryways. 

Bonus tip - always consider the transition and what that will look like to your main flooring. They need to work well together and you don't want to floors that battle each other (design wise) right as you walk into your space. 

Final Tips 

Don't be afraid to get online for some inspiration 

One of our favorite videos on Youtube by Lisa Holt Design is one of our favorites to get you started - She shares seven steps to creating magical entryways including one of our favorite suggestions 'bring nature indoors" where she suggests to bring nature into your entryway as you're coming in from the outdoors to the indoors and the inclusion of bringing nature in will subconsciously help someone make the transition from outside to inside. 

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