Embark on a journey through Calgary's top yoga studios. From hot yoga to traditional forms, these studios promise an oasis away from the city hustle.

This one is for all the Calgarian yogis out there! yoga studios calgary

Ever found yourself sprawled on your mat, mid-savasana, wondering where else in Calgary you could dive deeper into your practice? You're not alone! The quest for the perfect yoga space is as timeless as the art itself.

Lucky for us, Calgary isn't just about its mesmerizing skyline and the irresistible aroma of nearby cafes. It's also home to some of the best yoga studios in Calgary that cater to both newbies and seasoned practitioners. 

Whether you're on the hunt for a tranquil ambiance, a rigorous workout, or a studio that weaves in meditation practices, Calgary has got you covered. 

Let's embark on a journey through the city's yoga sanctuaries. And who knows? Maybe your next favourite yoga studio Calgary hideout is just around the corner.

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The Best Yoga Studios in Calgary

Yoga Santosha (Mission and Kensington)

Nestled in two of Calgary's most eclectic neighbourhoods, Mission and Kensington, Yoga Santosha has earned its reputation as a serene refuge in the heart of the city. 

The studio's name, "Santosha", translates to "contentment" in Sanskrit, and it truly embodies this principle, offering a calming ambiance that invites practitioners to find peace within.

Having graced the Calgary yoga scene for over a decade, Yoga Santosha has established itself as a pillar of authenticity and dedication, nurturing countless souls along their yogic journey.


Classes Offered

From the slow-paced Yin Yoga to the more dynamic Ashtanga classes, Yoga Santosha caters to both beginners and advanced yogis. They also offer specialized sessions like prenatal yoga, ensuring every individual finds a class that resonates with them.


Alternative Services & Standout Features

But Yoga Santosha isn't just about the asanas. The studio thrives on fostering a holistic approach to well-being. Beyond traditional yoga, they provide meditation sessions, sound bath healing, and regular workshops aimed at deepening one's practice and understanding of the yogic philosophy.

One of the standout features of Yoga Santosha is its commitment to sustainability. From eco-friendly yoga mats to their policy of using only organic cleaning products, they ensure every aspect of the studio aligns with a conscientious and Earth-loving ethos. And let's not forget their vibrant community events – from potlucks to movie nights, they offer plenty of opportunities for yogis to connect off the mat!

Metta Yoga Calgary

Draped in soothing tones and bathed in natural light, Metta Yoga Calgary is more than just a space; it's an experience. Drawing inspiration from the Pali term "Metta" which signifies loving-kindness and goodwill, this studio fosters an atmosphere where each individual feels seen, heard, and deeply connected.

Opening its doors over seven years ago, Metta Yoga Calgary has swiftly risen as a beacon of authenticity, staying true to the roots of yoga while seamlessly blending modernity into its teachings.


Classes Offered

Metta Yoga offers a diverse range of classes tailored to cater to every yogi's needs. Whether it's the energizing flow of Vinyasa, the precise alignment focus of Hatha, or the restorative bliss of a Yin class, there's a session for everyone. Plus, their signature 'Metta Flow' class is an experience in itself, blending rhythmic movement with mindful meditation.


Alternative Services & Standout Features

Branching beyond the traditional, Metta Yoga prides itself on its therapeutic offerings. Think yoga therapy sessions tailored for specific ailments, mindfulness meditation courses, and even breathwork workshops. Their commitment to wellness is evident in every service they provide.

Perhaps one of the most unique offerings at Metta Yoga is their "Kirtan evenings." These musical meditation sessions are a sublime blend of traditional chanting with live musical accompaniments. A soul-stirring experience, these evenings truly embody the essence of community and connection that Metta stands for.

Breathe Hot Yoga & Massage

Warmth embraces you as you step into Breathe Hot Yoga & Massage, a sanctuary where heat and harmony meld. As the name suggests, this studio specializes in the rejuvenating practices of hot yoga, complemented by the healing touch of therapeutic massage, offering an all-encompassing wellness retreat right in the heart of Calgary.


Classes Offered

From Bikram-inspired sequences to the more fluid Hot Vinyasa classes, the heated sessions at Breathe challenge and detoxify, promising a glistening sweat with every asana. For those looking for a slightly cooler experience, the Warm Hatha and Warm Yin classes are excellent choices, offering a gentler introduction to the world of heated yoga.

With nearly a decade of serving the Calgary community, Breathe Hot Yoga & Massage has firmly established its roots, consistently earning accolades for its exceptional teaching and serene ambiance.


Alternative Services & Standout Features

Venture beyond the hot rooms, and you'll discover the studio's tranquil massage wing. Whether it's a deep tissue massage to soothe sore muscles or a relaxing aromatherapy session, Breathe ensures that relaxation doesn’t end with the yoga mat.

Among the many highlights of Breathe is their monthly "Yoga Nidra" session. Often termed the 'yogic sleep,' this guided meditation offers profound relaxation – a perfect complement to their active hot yoga classes. The studio also has a commitment to eco-friendliness, evident from their sustainably built studio to their choice of organic massage oils, which sets them apart as a true champion of Mother Earth.


Check out their latest Instagram post:

Hot yoga in Calgary

Yoga Beyond

Imagine a space where boundaries are pushed, creativity flows freely, and the spirit of exploration thrives. That’s Yoga Beyond – a studio that transcends the conventional, offering a blend of traditional yoga practices infused with modern twists.

For over 6 years, Yoga Beyond has been defying gravity and traditional norms, introducing Calgarians to a more adventurous side of yoga.


Classes Offered

While Yoga Beyond does offer classic styles like Hatha and Yin, it's their more avant-garde sessions that truly pique interest. Aerial Yoga classes here are a revelation, allowing practitioners to experience weightlessness, deeper stretches, and a playful approach to familiar asanas. Their Acro Yoga classes, which blend yoga and acrobatics, are perfect for those seeking a dose of adventure in their routine.

Alternative Services & Standout Features

Venturing beyond the mat, Yoga Beyond offers a myriad of workshops focusing on different aspects of aerial and acro yoga. From mastering inversions to cultivating trust and partnership in tandem poses, these workshops provide an avenue for in-depth exploration.

Their Energy Exchange Program is a standout offer for the community: commit to a 3-hour shift weekly, assisting with tasks like cleaning and supporting staff, and in return, enjoy unlimited yoga sessions. This deepens the connection with a community that shares your passion.

Yoga Sarana

Step into a realm where tradition meets tranquillity at Yoga Sarana. With a name derived from Sanskrit meaning "refuge," this studio is truly a sanctuary for those seeking solace from the bustle of city life.

A veteran in the Calgary yoga community, Yoga Sarana initially opened its doors in 1996. With the winds of change, they relocated to a fresh, new space in February 2020, continuing their journey of facilitating exceptional yoga experiences.


Classes Offered

At Yoga Sarana, there's an evident dedication to the classics. With classes ranging from Gentle Hatha for those craving a slower pace, to the more dynamic Flow classes, there’s something to suit every practitioner's rhythm. Yoga Sarana hosts daily in-studio and live-stream online classes, catering to those who prefer the traditional studio experience and those who'd like to practice from the comfort of their home.

Alternative Services & Standout Features

Unique workshops and therapeutic classes are offered such as myofascial release, hips and hamstrings, body rolling, and restorative.

Yoga MCC (Yoga & Meditation Centre Calgary)

Nestled in a quaint corner of Calgary, Yoga MCC stands as a testament to the transformative power of yoga and meditation. More than just a physical space, it's a thriving community where hearts connect, minds align, and spirits soar.

For over 20 years, Yoga MCC has been a cornerstone in the Best Yoga Studios in Calgary, offering transformative experiences and nurturing a sense of unity.


Classes Offered

The roster at Yoga MCC is as diverse as it is deep. From foundational classes that introduce newcomers to the world of yoga, to advanced sessions like Kundalini and Restorative Yoga, there's a pathway for every journey. Especially noteworthy are their meditation classes, which range from guided visualizations to silent introspective sessions.


Alternative Services & Standout Features

Yoga MCC shines in its holistic offerings. Apart from traditional classes, they host regular workshops focusing on specialized topics like 'The Chakras', 'Yogic Breathwork', and 'Mindful Eating'. Their retreats, set in other parts of the world like Guatemala, offer a unique experience to reset, rejuvenate and reconnect with yourself.

From vibrational healing to teacher trainings, Yoga MCC created a space for your to strengthen your body, calm your mind, and create a solid foundation for inner peace and self discovery.

Passage Studios Yoga + HIIT + Spin

Passage Studios is not just a yoga sanctuary; it's a holistic fitness hub. Be it the rhythmic connection in their spin classes, the intensity of their HIIT sessions, or the profound depth of their yoga practices, at Passage Studios, it's about more than movement–it’s about awakening the soul.

Making waves in the Best Yoga Studios in Calgary scene for over 7 years now, Passage Studios has redefined what a yoga studio can be, expanding horizons and breaking stereotypes.


Classes Offered

While the heart of Passage Studios is undeniably yoga, with classics like Vinyasa, Buti, and Chakra Awakening on offer, it's the amalgamation of HIIT and Spin that sets it apart. And for those curious souls, each session starts with a 45-minute circuit introduction, outlining the roadmap for the journey ahead.


Alternative Services & Standout Features

Passage Studios is not just a destination for fitness enthusiasts but a hub for learners and those seeking holistic wellness. They offer comprehensive teacher training programs for those inclined to guide others on their fitness journey. 

Their array of workshops delves deeper into the nuances of physical and mental well-being. And if you’re looking to alleviate pain or seek therapeutic relaxation, their treatments are a haven. From the precise pressure of trigger point therapy, the ancient art of cupping and acupuncture, to the holistic approach of osteopathy–every service promises rejuvenation and healing.


Barre West

Barre West is where ballet meets pilates in a harmonious dance of strength, grace, and flexibility. As one of Calgary’s premier barre studios, it offers an intriguing blend of traditional yoga postures with ballet-inspired movements, providing a full-body workout that's as graceful as it is effective.

Having pirouetted its way into the hearts of the yoga studio Calgary community for 5 illustrious years, Barre West has successfully merged artistry with athleticism.


Classes Offered

While the signature Barre classes form the core of Barre West's offerings, blending pilates, ballet, and yoga, there's a lot more to explore. The ‘Barre Flow’ class melds the precision of barre with the fluidity of Vinyasa, while 'Barre Restore' combines strength exercises with deep stretches and relaxation.


Alternative Services & Standout Features

Barre West stands as a sanctuary for mothers-to-be and new moms, offering specialized fitness classes tailored for every stage of pregnancy and post-pregnancy. Their experienced instructors specialize in core rehab, pelvic floor movement, and strength training, ensuring a safe and effective preparation for delivery and subsequent recovery. 

Barre West's Recovery Room offers groundbreaking LightStim and Pro Panel treatments. These FDA-cleared Red Light Therapy sessions are unmatched in their ability to enhance sleep, reduce pain, boost the immune system, and even treat conditions like eczema, all while rejuvenating skin and accelerating recovery.


Calgary Iyengar Yoga

Calgary Iyengar Yoga is more than just a space to practice; it's a realm where ancient traditions come alive in their purest form. Dedicated to honouring and sharing the teachings of the renowned B.K.S. Iyengar, this studio is a beacon of authenticity and precision in the Calgary yoga community.

Active for over 15 years, this is one of the Best Yoga Studios in Calgary for authentic Iyengar teachings.


Classes Offered

The practice of Iyengar yoga is characterized by its focus on alignment, the use of props, and attention to detail. From foundational classes for newcomers to advanced sessions delving deep into postures and breathwork, Calgary Iyengar Yoga covers the full spectrum.

Iyengar Yoga offers classes tailored to various needs. Offerings range from the basics for newcomers, restorative for stress relief, to intricate postures in intermediate classes.


Alternative Services & Standout Features

Iyengar Yoga offers retreats and intensives as a rejuvenating escape from the demands of everyday life. These retreats are designed to immerse participants in the transformative effects of Iyengar practice, fostering both physical and mental well-being. 

Beyond just yoga, these retreats are a chance to prioritize personal wellness, connect deeply with oneself and the environment, and benefit from the collective energy of group practice. It's an invitation to step back, reflect, and immerse oneself in holistic development.

Which Yoga Studio in Calgary Will You Choose?

Calgary, with its vibrant community and thirst for well-being, has undoubtedly cemented its position as a hub for holistic health.

Choosing from the Best Yoga Studios in Calgary isn’t about finding the most popular or the most chic. It’s about discovering a space that resonates with your spirit, aligns with your goals, and challenges you to be the best version of yourself. Remember, yoga isn’t just an exercise, it’s a lifestyle.

So, whether you’re a seasoned yogi or someone just starting to dip their toes into the world of asanas, there’s a mat waiting for you somewhere in Calgary.

FAQ For Yoga in Calgary

Q: What should I wear to a yoga class in Calgary?

A: For most yoga classes in Calgary, it is recommended to wear comfortable, breathable, and stretchable clothing that allows you to move freely during the session. You might also want to bring a yoga mat, a water bottle, and a towel. Some yoga sessions include blocks, belts and other items. Connect with the studio and see what they're offering. 

Q: Are there yoga studios in Calgary that offer classes for beginners?

A: Absolutely! Many yoga studios in Calgary, including Yoga Santosha and Metta Yoga Calgary, offer classes tailored for beginners to help them ease into the practice.

Q: Can I find yoga studios in Calgary that focus on sustainability?

A: Yes, Yoga Santosha is known for its commitment to sustainability, using eco-friendly yoga mats and organic cleaning products to maintain a conscientious and earth-loving ethos.

Q: Are there yoga studios in Calgary that offer prenatal yoga classes?

A: Yes, Yoga Santosha is one of the studios in Calgary that offers specialized prenatal yoga classes. These classes are designed to support pregnant individuals by offering a safe space to strengthen the body and learn breathing techniques that can be beneficial during labor.

Q: What is yoga nidra and where can I experience it in Calgary?

A: Yoga nidra, often referred to as yogic sleep, is a guided meditation practice that promotes deep relaxation and healing. Breathe Hot Yoga & Massage offers monthly yoga nidra sessions, helping individuals to achieve a state of profound relaxation through guided imagery and body scanning techniques.

Q: Are there any yoga studios that offer classes focusing on modern yoga practices?

A: Yes, Metta Yoga Calgary seamlessly blends modernity into its teachings while staying true to the roots of yoga. They offer a diverse range of classes including their signature Metta Flow class, which combines rhythmic movement with mindful meditation, providing a contemporary yoga experience.

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