1. Your bedroom closets should be empty! calgary home seller tips

One of the biggest things we hear from our buyers is that they're looking for more storage in their new home, and it's quite likely that you've probably outgrown your home and the storage inside. One of the best This is some text.

ways to make your home appeal to prospective buyers is by starting the de-cluttering process and one of the best places to start is within your closets. Some buyers with lots of items will go the extra mile by securing a storage unit while their home is active on the market. Leaving your closets clean, and spacious allows buyers to imagine their belongings inside, instead of trying to look past what you own! 

2. Web appeal is.... The newest curb appeal! 

Before a seller ever shows up to view your home, they've likely already experienced a good portion of it, with videos, 3D, and HD pictures being the norm in today's real estate marketing packages, buyers already have a great feel for your home before they ever set foot in it. With that in mind, it's vital that your home looks its absolute best when the photos for your listing are being taken. It's also vital that we include all that home's best highlights in the marketing packages we put together, from your hot tub in the large backyard, or the modern finished basement with an upgraded wet bar, your potential home buyer should have an incredible idea of what to expect before they arrive for an open house or showing! 

Calgary Curb Appeal

3. The first 48...hrs... and 12 days, aka two weeks are some of the most important for you as a seller! 

The timeless strategy of pricing your home really, really, high (in hopes of finding that buyer who is willing to really over pay for your home, because they are extra, extra generous...) is often executed but rarely works out. When you price your home unreasonably high, any potential buyers who would otherwise be interested in your, home won't be shopping in this unrealistic price point. This means they won't be receiving your home on their property alert settings, and instead your home will be hitting those who are in a price point with higher expectations and would see your home as incomparable to other homes in their price range. Homes on the market will receive as much as four times the traffic in the first 2 weeks of listing and a property that isn't getting traction early on, will suffer to attract sellers later on (after you've listed your home at proper market levels) seeing it as a red flag for being listed for so long. 

4. Have an emergency exit strategy! No seriously, be ready to leave at any moment! 

Disclaimer: This isn't for everyone! Today's market can still draw multiple offer situations, and good homes often won't last long. This is known to buyers and the most savvy buyers, may be ready on a whim to book a showing on your home as it hits the market! This means that motivated sellers will have their home in show ready condition, and won't even leave it for the evening without remembering that it could be toured while you're out!

5. There are a few techniques that can put you ahead of the rest. 

Whether we're in a buyers or sellers market, there are probably going to be homes that are worse and nicer than yours, the good news is, you can level the playing field, with homes priced higher than yours, with a few advanced seller techniques, we won't share them all, but they do include programs like pre-sale inspections, closing costs, and other consumer confidence choices that make your home a safer and better choice to buy.

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