Not only is Calgary the most livable city in Canada, it's actually the most livable city in North America!That's according to a recent release by the Economic Intelligence Unit landing Calgary in at #3 in the entire world! 

How did Calgary rank in each category? Enjoy our candid take on this big news for the city while we explore the results and data points. 

most livable city in canada


Calgary scored a total of 95 on the stability ranking, putting us in a tie with Toronto and 5 points ahead of Vancouver. Guess the Canucks Stanley cup riot is still punishing the city, maybe the EIU is waiting for the Canucks to be good again to test whether the city has actually changed? Go Flames Go. 

Prevalence of petty crime 

Prevalence of violent crime

Threat of terror

Threat of military conflict

Threat of civil unrest/conflict

All in all Calgary is a relatively safe city, its important for political leadership to continue to encourage a great relatioship between the police force and the community, we typically hear feedback from home owners that do wish there was more proactive policing and enforcement to stop petty crime as this is what effects most people as a whole. (Car prowling, vandalism, etc) 


Calgary, along with Vancouver, Toronto, Vienna, Zurich, Amsterdam, Geneva, and Osaka scored a perfect 100 in healthcare.

With the key indicators being

Availability of private healthcare

Quality of private healthcare

Availability of public healthcare

Quality of public healthcare

Availability of over-the-counter drugs

General healthcare indicators

Canada as a whole provides some of the best social health care services in the world, it's a part of why our taxes (consumer prices) are high on goods like alcohol and tobacco in comparison to the United States. 


Calgary scored a 90 overall in Culture, in comparison to Toronto (95.4) and Vancouver (100) In the top ten overall list, Calgary was second lowest in the culture category, only beating out Osaka Japan.  

Humidity/temperature -Lets be honest, when culture measures the weather, and "discomfort of climate for travelers" I think we all know Calgary is going to take a bit of a beating. Sure there are travelers from across the glove who flock here to enjoy the city as a hub to the mountains and great outdoors, but those, Few'ish days where it's -40 in January and dark at 4:30 we all understand how someone might not appreciate our city entirely. 

Discomfort of climate for travelers

Level of corruption 

Social or religious restrictions

Level of censorship 

Sporting availability - We definitely could use an NFL, NBA, or MLB team, MLS? New stadium? SOMETHING!

Cultural availability - Ranchman's opening back up must have been what brought us into the 90's 

Food and drink - I guess they had Peter's... 

Consumer goods and services 


In the education field, all three Canadian cities landed with perfect 100 scores, along with 4 other cities while Switzerland's top two cities carried 91.7 scores along with Amsterdam and Frankfurt. 

Availability of private education

Quality of private education

Public education indicators


This is where Calgary absolutely crushed the competition (Canadian especially) scoring a perfect 100 in this category along with cities like Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Vienna, and Melbourne. Coming in at 89.3 Toronto carried the lowest score in the top ten most livable cities for 2022 with an 89.3 and Vancouver scored 92.9 


Quality of public transport

Quality of international links

Availability of good-quality housing - Shoutout to Streetside Developments, one of our favorite home builders bringing that score up!

Quality of energy provision 

Quality of water provision 

Quality of telecommunications - I mean they can't get everything 100% right. :| Maybe they just aren't aware of the (completely not magical) telecom price matching the major companies do... so well... 

Is Calgary the best city to live in Canada? 

What do you think? In our opinion, it's really hard to beat Calgary as a whole. When you factor in affordability, outdoor living, generally good weather, lower commute times, good education and healthcare, it makes the city of Calgary hard to beat, and never shocks us when we see it landing as one of the most desirable, affordable, best places to call home. That's why we always REP YYC

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