Buying a home in Calgary and surrounding areas is exciting! But it can also be overwhelming to think about the mountain of tasks ahead to making your move happen. We've put together a moving checklist to help you break it down week by week and make the tasks flow easy!

As you think about your move into your new place, we'd recommend that you plan out beforehand (especially if you're hiring movers) to look at your new floor plan and create a moving plan to help have items boxed accordingly, it's also recommended that you obtain a few quotes, create budgets, and track your expenses for the move and put them in a specific 'moving' folder.

moving to calgary guides

 8 - 7 weeks before moving

  • Contact moving companies and van lines to obtain estimates, there are many sites online that can provide quotes online as well, if you're not using a moving company, start warming up your friends to the idea of your moving day :)
  • Create a 'donation' pile of items that you cannot sell or discard of, but that would be useful for others
  • For any unwanted items, create ads on Kijiji and begin selling them, you can also consider hosting a garage sale if you have a lot of items 
  • For pet owners who are changing their Veterinarian, we recommend that veterinarian records be transferred early on 
  • School Records / Day Care and other schooling arrangements should be made early on before you move as well 
  • Medical and Dental records should also be transferred, you can ask your practitioners for referrals 
  • Connect with your insurance company and have your current policy changed for the possession date,  discuss coverage while moving for contents, If you are not insured currently, call and obtain quotes from Calgary Insurance companies, we recommend calling a few direct writers (i.e. your bank) as well as Insurance Brokers who write insurance policies for different insurance companies
  • Gym memberships should be transferred or cancelled depending on where you're moving from and tomoving to calgary checklist
  • Obtain all legal and financial records needed, file them safely 

6 Week mark before you move! 

  • If Moving to a new city, you can also obtain referrals for other professionals you work with (lawyers, accountants, etc) 
  • Select the moving company and plan out the dates for your move
  • Coordinate with your Real Estate Partner REALTOR on possession date walk through times and other items that may need to be scheduled 
  • Create a list of valuables and items that are difficult, or impossible to replace, these should not be put in with the movers and should be carried with you, or shipped through another more secured method
  • Create an inventory in each room of what you're keeping, moving, giving away, etc
  • If you subscribe to the local paper, cancel your subscription, and consider signing up for new service at your new home
  • Contact your alarm system provider and make arrangements to coordinate your services 

5 Weeks out before you move!

  • Visit your post office and setup mail forwarding and change of address forms
  • Connect with your utility companies and schedule dates for disconnects
  • Collect items for the move, packing boxes, supplies, etc 
  • Connect with your new utility companies and start arranging for services to be connected for your move in at your new place
  • Look into the parking situation, as well as elevators (if you're new place has them) for moving day arrangements so there's no confusion on moving day
  • If needed, look into arrangements for short or long term storage options

4 Weeks away

  • Create your moving reservation, confirm they're good to go, or plan arrangements with friends for the moving date, don't forget to supply fuel for your friends if they're helping you move! :) 
  • Consider Travel arrangements for your pets 
  • Host your garage sale
  • Take All Items to your preferred charity 
  • If you have any local services like landscapers, inform them of your move
  • New to the City? Look up and arrange (If desired) your Tax Instalment Payment Plan TIPP for your new property 

3 Weeks Before the Big Day

  •  Ensure you have picked up any outstanding items from vendors or friends (tools, dry cleaning, packages, etc)
  • Return any items you may have borrowed or taken out (friends tools, library books, etc) 
  • Properly dispose of items that you cannot move safely (i.e. flammables) 
  • If your moving from out of town, consider having your vehicle inspected to ensure the road trip to your new home is safe and secure
  • Have your automobile registration switched over if moving from out of province, or have your address changed 
  • If you currently live in a building / apartment consider arrangements for your move out day, elevator, parking, key drop off, etc
  • Confirm you have a plan for live items like plants and pets for the move

2 Weeks to go!

  • Double check that all of your services have been cancelled or transferred or setup at your new home! Gas, Electricity, Water, Telephone, Mobile Phone, TV, Internet, Post Office  
  • Meal prep for the move! Your fridge will need to be cleaned out, setting meals out a few weeks before will keep you on point, ready to move, and curtail any full fridge issues on moving out day
  • Confirm your moving day arrangements for pets and children, often a friend or family member watching them makes the move in a lot easier and stress free as it's one less thing you have to worry about and watch during your move
  • Close out or transfer your banking to a local branch near your new home, if you have safety deposit boxes, you should have these emptied out as well, and ensure any creditors know of your move as well (auto loans, credit cards, etc)
  • Ensure you have a place / folder / or box that has all your important and valuable items, create a 'fist night' box as well, for your new home, this will make sure you have access to necessities like toilet paper, paper towel, common tools, flashlights, etc

1 Week Before your big move!

  • Empty out your fridge 24 hours before the day you move out
  • Clean out your Deep Freeze and depending on frost build up, you'll need to consider having it turned off and cleaned out before the move
  • Confirm utilities will be setup at your new place
  • Depending on how you're moving or who you're moving with, consider emptying out any gas powered tools 
  • Ensure you have all your prescriptions and medications on hand and supplied for the next few weeks
  • Empty out any hoses or  items that will carry water before the move
  • Inform your friends, family, and others about your new address and details
  • Check appliances like the dishwasher, or stove and make sure they're empty of your belongings 
  • It's a good idea to make note of your utility meters with pictures, document the home and its condition before you leave as well with pictures, this will cover you in case there's a dispute as to the condition you left it or where your meters were when you left.

Moving To Calgary Day!

  • Check your tires and vehicle for safety
  • Leave anything necessary (keys, garage remotes, etc) at your old place, document, and make note to parties that need to know of their location
  • Pack smart! If you stuck to pre-planning for your move, you will fly breeze through the move and have a great order for loading items making the unload easier
  • Check every nook and cranny for personal items, storage areas, closets, etc 
  • Document any damage caused by movers if applicable
  • Review your home inventory checklist and make sure everything made it safely
  • Replace any locks on doors (optional) 
  • Perform a walkthrough with your agent (most likely before moving day) check appliances and the home to ensure things are as you saw them when purchased and expected

Settling in your new home!

Get to know your neighbours! 

Find out your recycling, compost, and garbage schedule 

See if your community you live in has a website, setup any HOA payments, if you live in a lake community like Auburn Bay you can go to the community centre and setup your lake access!

Host a house warming party for your friends, family, and colleagues!

Confirm previous utilities are cancelled and that there are no outstanding debts owed.

Calgary Moving Checklist 

Click the link above for a free PDF copy and get prepared for your next big move!

Connect with our top moving to Calgary Real Estate Agent Dusko Sremac to get started with your real estate search today. 

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