Have you ever imagined what it would be like to wake up every day in a community that not only meets but exceeds your expectations? 

As Calgary continues to expand and evolve, the growth of new communities in 2024 is painting a promising picture. In this blog, we'll take a deep dive into what makes these new neighbourhoods in Calgary the talk of the town and why they're considered among the best places to call home.



The Allure of New Communities in Calgary

Calgary's new communities in 2024 are more than just residential areas, they're hubs of innovation, lifestyle, and comfort

These communities have been designed with a deep understanding of what modern families need and desire. From breathtaking landscapes to state-of-the-art amenities, each community offers a unique blend of benefits that cater to a variety of lifestyles. 

But what sets them apart from the rest? Is it the architectural brilliance, the environmental consciousness, or the sense of belonging they foster? Let’s keep exploring…


What Makes a Community Stand Out in 2024?

In a world where the concept of 'home' has taken on new dimensions, what makes a community stand out in 2024? It's not just about the houses or the physical infrastructure anymore. It's about creating an environment where you can thrive. 

These new communities in Calgary have been crafted with a focus on sustainability, connectivity, and a holistic lifestyle. They are places to grow, to connect, and to enjoy life to its fullest.

As we walk you through Calgary's best new communities of 2024, you'll discover that each one has a story to tell, a unique character to reveal, and a lifestyle to offer. Whether you're a young professional, a growing family, or looking for a peaceful retirement haven, these communities have something special for everyone. 

So, let's embark on this journey together and uncover the hidden gems of Calgary's real estate landscape.

Vermilion Hill: A Blend of Nature and Urban Living

In the heart of Southwest Calgary lies Vermilion Hill, a community that's fast becoming a preferred choice for families and nature enthusiasts. Offering stunning views of the Rocky Mountains and the serene expanse of Fish Creek Park, Vermilion Hill is a canvas where nature and modern living create a harmonious balance.

Living by the Rockies (A Dream)

Imagine waking up to the majestic Rocky Mountains greeting you every morning. Vermilion Hill makes this dream a reality for its residents. With a variety of home types ranging from cozy townhomes to spacious single-family houses, there's a perfect fit for every family size and preference. The community's design emphasizes outdoor living, encouraging residents to embrace the natural beauty surrounding them.

Connectivity and Convenience in Southwest Calgary

But it's not just about the scenic views. Vermilion Hill boasts excellent connectivity to downtown Calgary and shopping amenities, thanks to its proximity to Stony Trail and the C-Train line. Whether it's commuting to work or a quick trip to the city's best shopping centers, living here means you're always conveniently connected.


Vermilion Hill:

  • Proximity to Fish Creek Park for outdoor activities

  • Stunning views of the Rocky Mountains

  • Easy access to Stony Trail and C-Train line for convenient travel

  • Close to shopping centers and retail amenities

  • Variety of schools and playgrounds for families

Silverton: Affordable Living in a Dynamic Environment 

Moving towards the south, near McLoud Trail and the Southwest ringroad, Silverton emerges as a beacon for those seeking affordable housing without compromising on lifestyle. This community, with its focus on multifamily housing, is attracting a diverse mix of young families and investors.


Embracing Multifamily Housing in Calgary's South

Silverton's commitment to affordable housing is evident in its choice of multifamily housing options. These residences are not just economically viable but are also designed with modern aesthetics and functionality in mind. The community is surrounded by established neighbourhoods, ensuring that residents have immediate access to a range of shops, playgrounds, schools, and parks.


Planned LRT and Amenities

The future looks bright for Silverton, with plans for a future LRT station that will further enhance its connectivity. The vision for this community is not just about creating homes but fostering a connected and vibrant living space for its residents.



  • Near McLoud Trail and Southwest ringroad for easy city access

  • Planned future LRT station for enhanced connectivity

  • Surrounded by established neighbourhoods with shops and parks

  • Close to educational institutions and healthcare facilities

  • Access to nearby recreational centers and community clubs

Rangeview: Cultivating a Garden to Table Lifestyle

Next on our list is Rangeview, a community that stands out as Alberta's first Garden to Table community. This culturally rich and diverse neighbourhood is not just a place to live but a revolutionary concept in urban living.


Alberta's Pioneering Agricultural Urbanism Hub

Rangeview is pioneering the concept of agricultural urbanism, where gardens, parks, and pathways are not just amenities but integral parts of the community's fabric. Planned to house 3,000 families, Ringview is setting a new standard for sustainable living in an urban setting.


Diverse Living in a Culturally Rich Community

The emphasis on gardens and green spaces fosters a unique sense of community among residents. Its strategic location offers easy access to major roads and public transportation, ensuring that living in Ringview means being connected to everything you need.



  • Emphasis on gardens and green community spaces

  • Easy access to major roads and public transportation

  • Nearby shopping centers, restaurants, and cafes

  • Close to lakes and outdoor recreational facilities

  • Proximity to cultural and community centers

Homestead: Where Rural Charm Meets Urban Convenience 

In Northeast Calgary, Homestead offers a unique blend of rural and city life. This community has garnered attention for its focus on affordable living, attracting a diverse group of young families and first-time home buyers.


Affordable Living in Northeast Calgary

Homestead's proximity to essential facilities like the Genesis Center, Calgary Airport, and established shopping centers makes it a prime location for those looking for affordability without sacrificing convenience.


Proximity to Key Amenities

Residents of Homestead enjoy the best of both worlds—the tranquility of a rural setting and the convenience of urban amenities. This balance makes Homestead an attractive option for those seeking a peaceful yet connected lifestyle.



  • Near the Genesis Center for sports and events

  • Close to Calgary Airport, ideal for frequent travelers

  • Access to established shopping centers and retail outlets

  • Surrounded by parks and open spaces for outdoor activities

  • Nearby schools and educational facilities for families

Glacier Ridge: Nature and Modern Living in Harmony

Situated in Northwest Calgary, Glacier Ridge is an 832-acre community that embodies the perfect blend of new community development and natural beauty. This community is a testament to Calgary's vision of integrating outdoor living with modern residential design.


An Outdoor Lover's Paradise in Northwest Calgary

Future plans for Glacier Ridge include extensive trails and pathways, schools, and shopping areas, catering to a range of lifestyles and preferences. The community's focus on outdoor living makes it an ideal choice for those who cherish nature and open spaces.


Trails, Schools, and Shopping Areas

With a variety of home types available, including multifamily, laned, and luxury homes, Glacier Ridge is designed to accommodate diverse housing needs while maintaining a strong connection to the natural environment.


Glacier Ridge:

  • Future plans for trails and pathways for outdoor enthusiasts

  • Close to proposed schools and shopping areas

  • Easy access to major highways and public transit

  • Proximity to natural landscapes and scenic areas

  • Planned multifamily, laned, and luxury homes for diverse living options

Nostalgia: A Glimpse into the Future of Sustainable Living

As we look towards the future, Nostalgia, a unique community under development by Jamon, captures our imagination. Set to launch in 2024 or 2025 in Southeast Calgary, this sustainable and wellness-focused community is poised to set new standards in urban living.


A Sustainable Community in Southeast Calgary

Nostalgia is envisioned to accommodate 15,000 residents in a variety of home styles. The community's focus on sustainability is not just about environmental consciousness but also about creating a living space that promotes overall wellness.


A Central Focus of Nostalgia

With amenities and services designed for all residents, Nostalgia isn’t just a community, it’s a lifestyle choice. Its emphasis on sustainability and wellness makes it a forward-thinking addition to Calgary's real estate landscape.


Nostalgia (Under Development by Jamon):

  • Focus on sustainability and wellness amenities

  • Planned to accommodate a variety of home styles

  • Emphasis on community services and facilities

  • Located in Southeast Calgary, with access to urban amenities

  • Nearby cultural, educational, and recreational activities

Why These Communities Represent Calgary's Best

After taking a look at Calgary's best new communities of 2024, it's clear that each neighbourhood offers a unique appeal. 

Whether it's the breathtaking natural vistas of Vermilion Hill, the affordable dynamic living of Silverton, the agricultural urbanism of Ringview, the balanced lifestyle of Homestead, the natural integration of Glacier Ridge, or the visionary sustainability of Nostalgia, these communities represent the best of what Calgary has to offer.

Choosing the right community in Calgary is about finding a place that resonates with your lifestyle and aspirations. Each of these communities offers something special, and we hope this guide has helped you in discovering your perfect fit.


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