Exterior Home Improvements That Can Increase Resale Value

Getting ready to sell your home? Thinking about exterior updates that will help your return on resale? Although most of these fixes won't necessarily make you more money, they will help your home stand out, and get sold faster! 

Painting the Exterior

1. Repainting the exterior - Painting your home hot pink or bright yellow is a sure fire way to get the attention of your neighbors and buyers, but we recommend going the safer route with warm and neutral colors. A lot of home owners typically evaluate and add up the tasks that will be on their plate when they consider homes for purchase, a quick repaint job on your part, can remove that stress from prospective buyers, enhance curb appeal, and have a great impact on the pool of buyers looking to buy your home.

Front Door Replacement

2. Replacing your front door - Are you sporting a less than pleasant door? Does it allow air to get in? Locks or handles loose? Replacing this will not only help save on the energy bill for yourself and prospective buyers, but will boost your homes curb appeal! Most sellers aren't aware of the impact that a door can have for buyers, it's usually the first interaction buyers will have with your home, and a new door will add a feeling of enhanced security and quality.

Cleaning with Pressure Washer

3. Pressure Washing your home, walkway, and driveway - Have you ever witnessed the magic that a pressure washer produces? The best bang for your buck, pressuring washing is a low cost way to strip dirt from driveways and walkways, clean windows, and depending on the siding a nice way to clean up your entire homes exterior. The best part is that this project is definitely on the DIY list for sellers, a small investment in a good pressure washer results in a small weekend project and you can clean your vehicles as well as the next home you move into.

Fence Repair / Rebuild 

4. Build, replace, or repair your fence - Mr. Wilson might have given great advice back in the day, but a lot of home owners prefer the security and privacy of a nice, well built fence. The cost varies depending on the size of your backyard, but often home owners will see a 100% return on resale if they update their home with a fence.

Window Replacement

5. Some old windows can definitely add character to a home, but those single pane windows aren't great for security, energy savings, are more prone to leaking, and may not be as functional compared to their newer counterparts! According to Energy star you can save anywhere from $125 to $450+ per year on your energy bill with new windows (upgraded from single pane) while this won't recoup the costs of installing new windows, it will definitely help your home get sold fast as many buyers look at windows as a major project / expense to take on, having new windows on your home will have your property stand out from the rest of the pack, and help it get sold faster


6. Landscaping your property -  From simple efforts like keeping your lawn in control, to adding some beautiful flowers, lighting, trees, plants, and mulch, landscaping can leave a great lasting impression and upgrade your curb appeal for relatively inexpensive work. 

You can download the PDF version of these quick tips by clicking this link


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