As a top performing real estate team in Calgary, we know what it takes for agents, and teams to be successful, as Darren Hardy says in his book the compound effect states, small daily efforts compound into great habits. That's where we begin our blog with #1 - Consistency. In your passion for learning, growing your business, increasing and expanding your customer service, consistency is the driver to these successes. 

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1. Consistency 

Whether it's their marketing plan, client follow up, or customer service, consistency is vital! The best Calgary real estate agents are consistent in all their efforts. Starting with marketing, agents who follow a plan, stick to it, and deliver consistent results. This isn't just for client services or marketing, but lead generation as well, agents who dabble here and there in various advertising platforms, or those who try to jump from pillar to pillar without mastering one will have a hard time gaining traction in attracting and landing qualified leads. 

Our team has a process and procedure in place for every aspect of the business, from handling showing requests, to automated internal file sharing, to consistent nurturing of our amazing client database. These consistent and meaningful actions will result in long term success. 

2. Online Presence 

That's right, it's 2018, and you shouldn't, in fact, you can't, afford to not have an online presence. 

From networking on Linkedin, to sharing Calgary Real Estate Infographics on Pinterest, and sharing your day to day and marketing on Instagram  and Facebook, it's no surprise that top Calgary real estate agents utilize social media and online presences to showcase and sell their listings and marketing. A big factor in the future will be the newest digital currency, no we're not talking about Bitcoin, but videos. Video content is engaging, captivating, and allows you to take your marketing above and beyond the rest of the pack. Making it a habit to post online, share your stories, ups, downs, allowing others to really feel and understand your passion for the business goes a tremendously long way. 

Top Calgary Real Estate agents will not only utilize platforms like Youtube to showcase and market their listing, but utilize strategic partners like mortgage agents, and home inspectors, to provide valuable and interesting content for consumers. 

Of course top Calgary real estate agents will utilize drones, in home footage, and professional photography to market their homes as well! 


Calgary real estate agents not utilizing all the tools available online will likely struggle in years to come as the industry becomes more and more technology dominant. According to various online resources, over 98% of buyers WILL utilize the internet to shop for a home! 

3. Balancing Life 

A fulfilled agent is one who both dominates their real estate market, as well as their personal and family life. Finding balance, pace, and a schedule that suits your life and lifestyle is vital. If you are over worked, the effects will be seen by your clients and loved ones. Successful agents in Calgary will have buyers that will see the excitement when they're out showing properties, and sellers that will love the determination and focus on an agent motivated to sell and market your home. This is part of the reason the Real Estate Partners formed a team, we're a collective that allows agents to find a work - life balance, which in turn gives them more time to focus on providing outstanding service, and less time marketing, and doing administrative work, that instead is covered by full time professionals on the team who cover these areas for the agents. Industry burn out is real, it's no hidden secret that REATLORS® work on a commission basis and avoiding burn out is essential to longevity in the industry. 

4. Connecting with Clients

Buyers and sellers do not want a sales people, who will simply help sell their home, or sell them on a home. They want advisers, they want trust, they want experience, they want someone relatable, they want someone who takes a genuine interest and care in what will typically be the biggest purchase/sale of any asset in their, and their families lives. In a world where real estate information, news, (soon to be) sales data, online reviews, experience, history, and essentially your body of work are all available online, client are more educated than ever, this means you need to be an expert in every facet of your business and what you do. Top Calgary real estate agents will always find themselves growing, learning, innovating, and creating environments for their clients that take a true measure of their needs, must haves, desires, and more. This habit, partnered with consistency, can be a true defining factor between agents who are struggling to get by and top Calgary real estate agents that are at the 'Top 10 REALTORS in Calgary' lists. 


Finding success for Calgary Real Estate Agents comes down to many factors, but these four habits will help drive and grow, new, and experienced agents, who are struggling to find traction in their business. Consistency, Growing your online presence, Finding proper balance in your life, and truly connecting with clients / understanding their needs are four successful habits that top Calgary Real Estate Agents find themselves doing day to day. 

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