Gifts To Buy First Time Home Buyers House warming gifts for buyers

It can be daunting moving into your house as a first-time homeowner. There is so much to think about and so much to buy that it can become overwhelming. So how can you help make the transition easier for the recent homeowner in your life? We’ve got a handful of suggestions for housewarming gifts people actually want or will need! 

Home Depot or Lowes Gift Card

Chances are, as soon as they move in, they will probably wish they had stocks in Home Depot or Lowes! Between renovations and general maintenance, they’ll find themselves forever walking the aisles of home improvement stores and spending more money than they care to. Gift cards never go out of style and they can truly be the best gifts, as it takes the pressure off you and gives the receiver total control. Plus, who doesn’t love extra money? 

What this gift will say: “I promise you’ll find this fun one day.”
Edgemont Ravine

Multi-Tool Set

If your family member or friend is moving into what can only be described as a “fixer upper,” perhaps tools are the way to go. There are so many brands out there, so do your research and ask the professionals. And as a last resort, don’t forget a gift receipt in case the tool set you bought wasn’t what they had on their wish list.

What this gift will say: “You’ve got this.”

Folding Step Stool or Mini Ladder

Whether it’s climbing into the attic or simply storing items on the top shelf of the garage, step stools and mini ladders come in very handy. More compact than a typical step stool and lighter than a regular ladder, these will become their go-to for many house projects and chores. 

What this gift will say: “When things seem out of reach, I’m here to lift you up.”

Vacuumvacuum gift

While this might seem like the most boring gift on this list, it’s also the most practical. Everyone cleans their floors, even when they don’t want to. And if they have pets, they clean it even more. Like tools, there are lots of brands out there, so do some research on what will work best for their lifestyle and needs.  Consider a robot vacuum, with mop, and self emptying features, these AI driven vacuums can be programmed to take a few chores off your list while you tackle other tasks! 

What this gift will say: “Don’t let the dirt get you down.”

Yard Clean Up

The last thing someone wants to think about when moving into a new house is dealing with their yard⏤especially if this is their first time owning one. Give them the gift of time by hiring a local company to do a yard clean up and prepare them for the upcoming season.

What this gift will say: “So you don’t have to worry about weeds for a little while longer.”

House Cleaning Service

While there is a gentle thrill with deep cleaning a house when you move out (yay for new adventures!), the last thing many want to do when they move into a new house is to start the cleaning process all over again. If you like the idea of gifting time to your family or friends but they don’t have a yard, hire a local company for a move-in deep cleaning service. Just like that wonderful new car smell, the new homeowners will love the smell of a freshly cleaned house⏤that they didn’t have to do themselves!

What this gift will say: “You deserve to start your new life here on a fresh note.”

Welcome Matgifts for calgary home buyers

Sometimes the simplest of gifts are the most special. Welcome mats are often left forgotten on a new homeowner’s long list of things to buy, but they can make a house feel like a home. You know them best, so find a welcome mat that speaks to their personality or complements the house. It’ll brighten their doorway and remind them that they’re home.

What this gift will say: “Welcome home.”

Food Delivery

While take out pizza is often the go-to food of choice for moving, let’s be honest⏤it’s only good for so long. Expand your family or friend’s culinary horizons and support a local business by delivering food from a nearby restaurant. Who knows what foodie treasures there are just around the corner! 

What this gift will say: “Treat yourself."


When the going gets tough, alcohol can help. Treat the stressed new homeowner to their favourite drink from a local brewery, distillery or winery. And if alcohol isn’t their thing, you can always give them their favourite non-alcoholic beverage (like a local kombucha, bubble tea, coffee, etc.) Sometimes all one needs is a good drink and good company to make moving into a new home an overall better experience.

What this gift will say: “It’s okay if you need to drink some of your stress away.”

Fire Extinguisher Extinguisher

Often forgotten by many new home owners, safety items like a fire extinguisher may seem like an odd and not so fun gift, but it'll give your buyers some further peace of mind and help them out in any emergency situations. 

WHAT THIS GIFT WILL SAY: “You've got a lot on your plate and this is one little item that'll help keep your new home safe that you don't have to worry about getting." 

Food Delivery

And lastly, never underestimate the value of help. Hiring movers can be expensive, as is hiring local handymen or service providers to fix odd things around the house or complete small renovations. If you have the time or expertise, we can guarantee it will be appreciated by your family or friend. Moving is stressful and having someone there to bear some of the weight on their shoulders is a priceless gift.

What this gift will say: “At the end of the day, I’m here.”

Bonus list of a few other quick but handy items you can buy as house warming gifts for first time home buyers: 

  • Heavy duty extension cord
  • A high end knife set
  • Kitchen ware (pots and pan set) just make sure you know their styles and preferences 
  • Safe
  • Stud Finder 
  • Laser Level
  • Shop vac
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Headlamp or high end flash lights

But before we conclude, we're goin to top this list off with the worst gifts you can buy first time home buyers!  

The Worst Gifts For First Time Home Buyers 

A gift is a gift and we should always practice being grateful when others think of us, but when it comes to helping out first time home buyers, there's a few gifts you should really reconsider getting. 

  • A new pet. Don't get us wrong, we love fur babies more than any other real estate team in Calgary, but surprise fur babies for people moving into a new home is at the top of our list for worst gift ideas. Moving is chaotic, hectic, and stressful in many situations, there's a lot to unpack... Literally... And there's a lot of new things to do on their plate, including chores, unpacking, design, the list goes on and on, adding a puppy or kitten to the mix is highly discouraged... At least until the settle in a little bit! 
  • That singing wall fish. Lets be honest, it was funny many, many, years ago, but today it's likely going to collect dust and get donated in no time. 
  • Really cheap alternatives to functional items. Think about something like a toilet plunger, may be a good gift as part of a 'home owners essentials gift box' but if you get the cheapest versions and options of these they'll likely end up in the trash in no time. 
  • Something they don't need! If they're not into board games, gag gifts, water fountains, etc save them the frustration and pick one of our easier options above. 
  • The absolute worst housewarming gift? An air conditioner. 

And remember... When the desire to start hunting for a new house hits you, as it so often does when someone you know recently purchases a new house, we are here for you. Our eager, experienced team is excited to help you with this next adventure in life. Book a call with one of our professional real estate agents in Calgary today to get started!

What was your favourite housewarming gift you have ever received? Or what has been the best gift you have given to a new homeowner? Share with us in the comments below!

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