Realtors® Top 5 Biggest Fears 

It's superhero, alien, ghosts, and vampire season with Halloween just days away!! Everyone has fears and real estate agents are no exception, we've compiled a list of the top five biggest fears that real estate agents have! 

It wouldn't be a real estate partners blog without some sort of visual aid, we've put together a quick Halloween real estate agents biggest fears top 5 video. Make sure you keep reading below for a full explanation of what these top five biggest fears are, and why agents have them.

An empty open house!

Picture this, it's the second week of January, new year, new refreshed you, you're ready to take on the real estate world, and you book an open house, sure the sun basically sets at 5 and you barely remember daylight. It's typical January weather in Calgary, no Chinook in the forecast, and you're hosting an open house, you bake some cookies, set out some refreshments, and bare the cold weather to put out 10 signs so everybody in the area and driving knows you're there, you're ready to give a bunch of good information, and help your sellers get that home sold... There's only one problem, nobody shows up, 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 3 hours goes by and not a single person stops in, you leave the house a few times and quickly drive to the intersection to make sure your signs are up and that they haven't fallen over or been stolen, but they're still there, and this is why an empty open house is coming in at #5 fears for real estate agains. 

Sellers who stay home for showings! 

Whether it's your listing, or a home that you're looking at with your buyers, real estate agents NEVER want the seller to be home, they're doing an incredible disservice to their listing and will often ensure that buyers are left feeling uncomfortable and are far less likely to stay in the home to really get a feel for it and ultimately write an offer for it. Typically during a viewing our buyers love being candid with our agents, this means that they can discuss everything from decorations to renovations, flaws, and benefits, but all this pretty much stops if you have to quietly walk around a home owner who's on their couch watching TV and eating snacks. Don't scare your agent, or qualified buyers away and make sure you leave your home while it is being shown to prospective buyers!

Thinking you've left the lights on at a showing. 

You've booked ten homes to show your newly qualified buyers, they're excited, you're excited, and you have a full day of showings ahead of you, your buyers take in every foot of the homes you've booked and next thing you know its been 4 hours straight of home showings and on the final home you're going through and getting the house ready for your clients, lights on, doors opened, and the final showing is on! Your clients love the place, and they want to make an offer, you quickly leave the house to go write an offer up when it hits you "Did I leave the lights on?" ... Internally you think "Were about to write an offer on this home and I left the lights on at this home I know it" This may not happen often, but when it does, every agent knows the sinking feeling you get wondering whether you're the newly appointed 'King of jerk real estate agents who don't turn off lights' 

Door Knocking

 Well, there's not much to say about this, it's just a simple truth, agents hate it and fear doing it the most. We've seen agents who have become top performers give the ins and outs of their secret sauce when it comes to door knocking, only to be followed by statements of "It's not for me" and "I'd never do it" Door knocking requires charisma, sales training and experience, determination, and a lot of confidence to not only pull off, but also to be successful at it, and from our experience, it's one of the top fears agents have in the industry!

Clients who don't use our site to view homes! 

Seriously though, there's nothing scarier to us than clients not utilizing the best real estate website in Calgary *our opinion ;)* with thousands of dollars invested into content, resources, community development pages and much more it's always a big scare for us when we hear that you're not using this site to shop the latest Calgary real estate listings!

Bonus #1 - The non REPYYC BIASED biggest fear has to be losing or leaving the keys at a showing. 

Sound off, what do you think the biggest fears for a real estate agent has to be?

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