It’s no secret that Calgary weather is a mixed bag. We’re used to extreme weather out here, from sweltering heat in the summer to deep cold in the winter - and everything in between. If you want to keep your home comfortable year-round in Calgary, you’re going to need a good HVAC system. 

HVAC systems are complex pieces of equipment that work hard all year round to keep your home’s climate stable and comfortable. Like all home appliances, they work best when they get proper installation, maintenance and repairs. That means sooner or later, you’re going to need to employ the services of an HVAC service provider in Calgary.

To help you make your decision, we’ve put together a list of the BEST 5 HVAC companies in Calgary  - so read on and find the one that’s best for you!

HVAC Provider




Google Reviews

ClearView Services

4805 32 ST SE

(403) 220-0090

4.4 (2,166)

Air Force Heating

3011 33a Ave SE

(403) 463-7700

4.8 (146)

Stat Climate Control

2221 41 Ave NE

(403) 226-6066

5.0 (21)

Calgary Furnace Pro

11 Springbank Terrace SW

(587) 600-1880

5.0 (1)


903 42 Ave SE

(587) 600-7843

4.8 (1,342)


From water heater replacements to leak repairs, these well-equipped plumbers will be able to address your problems as quickly as possible.  

1. ClearView Services

Formerly ClearView Plumbing, this local provider has expanded into HVAC services. They offer a full range of heating and air conditioning maintenance, repair and installation, in addition to the plumbing services they were initially known for.

ClearView distinguish themselves by focusing heavily on customer service and anticipating concerns that their customers might have. They also offer a “service membership” type plan which is marketed as a “premium” type service which includes discounts, regular check-ups and maintenance.


  •        Customer service oriented
  •        Are one of the highest rated companies in this space. Over 2,000 reviews on Google 
  •        Potential savings through Service Membership
  •        Flexible appointment times
  •        Upfront Pricing 


  •        Some features appear to be exclusive or prioritized to Service Membership - non members may not get same experiences
  •        Appears to have a focus on upselling and warranties
  •        Hard to find information on membership program

    2. Air Force Heating

Air Force Heating focuses heavily on passing on savings to the consumer with regular maintenance and good quality brand name equipment. With decades of experience, they seem to be a well-respected outfit in the Calgary & Airdrie areas.

They focus on residential HVAC services, including heating & air conditioning, as well as water tank installation and maintenance.


  •        Great ratings
  •        Financing plans
  •        All-inclusive installation plan
  •        Good blog with lots of resources and information 


  •        Not much information about the company and their experience
  •        Website could be more user friendly              

    3. Stat Climate Control Solutions

Stat Climate Control focuses on commercial HVAC in the Calgary area, although they do offer residential services. They are a trusted company in the city for HVAC services, offering “consistent, professional, high-quality service and value” to their customers.

They stand out for their emphasis on technical knowledge and adaptability - something that is no doubt a key factor when you’re dealing with commercial HVAC projects. They also bill themselves as the HVAC control experts.


  •        Free estimates and advice
  •        24 Hour Emergency Service
  •        Backflow Testing Services


  •        Appear to be more focused on commercial services over Residential

    4. Calgary Furnace Pro

Calgary Furnace Pro is a local HVAC company offering furnace and HVAC repair and installation services to customers in Calgary and the surrounding areas. They emphasize understanding their customers’ needs and helping them during emergency situations.

Calgary Furnace Pros are just that - Furnace pros. While they do offer other HVAC services, they seem to really be focused on the “heating” part. That’s also consistent with their emphasis on emergency service - when it’s the middle of winter in Calgary and your furnace breaks down, you need help fast.


  •        24 Hour Emergency Service


  •        More focus on furnaces than other HVAC services
  •        Should work to get more reviews on Google
  •        Youtube channel is linked but no videos - We LOVE companies that share their expertise on Youtube

5. JPS Furnace & Air Conditioning

JPS Furnace & Air Conditioning is an HVAC company providing services to Calgary, Chestermere, Cochrane, Okotoks, Airdrie and surrounding areas. They stand out by offering a showroom where you can view the equipment you’re buying before you commit.

JPS really focuses on telling potential customers about their ratings - if you have good ratings, why not flaunt them? - but it remains to be seen if their service really does reflect their long list of awards and badges.


  •        Overwhelmingly good reviews on Google
  •        Focus on quality equipment installation
  •        Equipment showroom


  •        Some reviews show that they're not PERFECT, but they seem to take a lot of pride in rectifying issues, although 1 star reviews do persist, they really appear to care about addressing any issues.  Take this review for example: 
Customer review: "Had a new furnace installed one year ago. Have had four service calls for operating issues and had to wait 24 hours for service when furnace would not operate at all. Disappointing performance."
Their Response
Hi Grant, Thank you for your feed back and patience. Thinking you must of missed this In your owners information package? We offer winter priority service within 24 hours and within 48 hours summertime for Aftercare customers. Sorry it wasn't up to your standards, I assure you we are doing our best to get to everyone as fast as possible. If you should still need service please call 403-510-1204 and we will certainly get someone to you asap. We appreciate your business Grant.

All in all the negatives are hard to find on this company and we've had plenty of our clients who have used their services report back with great results. 

Shout out in the comments below, what companies do you recommend, and who should be avoided (AND WHY!)

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