Whether you love DIY projects, need some advice from other home owners, or are in need of some advice for various subjects like home automation, home audio, or your basics like plumbing and electrical, the community of Reddit has you covered! 

In our latest blog, we're breaking down the top subreddits for home owners in Calgary! But. Before we begin, for those who may not be 'Redditors' we'll give you the quick low down on the lingo. 

What is Reddit? 
Reddit is one of the most popular social media platforms on the internet. It is a site that has an immense amount of content.TOP REDDIT COMMUNITIES

What is a Subreddit?
A subreddit is an internet forum that has specific topics that need to be discussed. They are usually moderated by a team of volunteer users who try to keep it free from spam or other objectionable content. You can find any topic imaginable on these subreddits, from TV shows to Russian learning materials!

What is a Redditor? 

Quick Answer - A user of the platform. 

A Redditor is a user of the site Reddit.com which is a social media platform with content and discussions curated from the internet and its users (Redditors or Reddit Users)  People use Reddit for many reasons such as to share their thoughts and opinions on topics, to post funny photos and memes, or to find community support including home owners. A reddit user is someone who has registered an account on the site which allows them to upvote or downvote posts and comments, submit links, create posts and comments of their own, etc.

What is the sidebar? 

On the Reddit website, there is a sidebar for all Subreddits, this outlines the rules, provides information on the subreddit, and much more.

Best local subreddits for Calgarians

  • Calgary - The most active subreddit option for Calgarian's - This subreddit has it all, local news and events, rants, funny discussions and serious topics about the city fill the subreddit daily. 
  • Calgary Flames - Subreddit home for the best hockey team in Alberta. :) 
  • Calgary Social Club - A place for those new to the city or in need of new friends 
  • Hiking Alberta - An absolute goto for those with questions, wanting to share, or even looking for new hiking buddies to tackle the great outdoors. 
  • Camping Alberta - " Camping in Alberta is the best in the world. " - We agree, explore this subreddit to discover the amazing offerings for camping our beautiful province offers. 
Calgary School Subreddits 


Essential subreddits for home owners and DIY'ers

First and foremost we're going to look at the basic and essential subreddits for everyday homeowners. Here's our top 3 home owner specific subreddits you should join. 

  • Home owners - This subreddit is perfect for anyone with questions about home repairs, projects, maintenance, or even great for those thinking about buying a home and looking to learn about home ownership. 
  • Home Improvement - No, this isn't a flash back to the hit comedy series 'Home Improvement' with Tim Allen, this is for home owners who are ready to tackle a home improvement project or need general home maintenance advice. 
  • DIY - Read, learn, and share with other Redditors about various DIY projects including many for around the house. From creating a beehive to furniture, this subreddit has something for everyone with a DIY spirit. 
  • FIX IT - With community service in mind, this sub serves those in need for repairs and advice on items that need to be fixed. From popcorn ceilings to tools, appliances and furniture, this subreddit is a go to for those in need of some serious help. 
  • Gardening - A home for the best guides, discussions, and pictures of everything related to plants and gardening. 
  • House Plants - noun a plant grown indoors. - This subs dedication is to indoor greens, sharing and discussing everything related to house plants. 


Real Estate Specific Subreddits 

Real Estate is a popular topic on Reddit, there are many subreddits that are dedicated to the various niches and topics related to the real estate industry. These subreddits are an excellent resource for experienced REALTORS®, investors, and home buyers looking to dive deep into the real estate world. These subreddits are pretty self explanatory, you'll find thoughtful discussion from professionals to consumers on every real estate topic you can imagine. 

Best Subreddits for trades related to your home. Electrical, Plumbing, and more.

Speaking of insurance companies and other service providers (like movers), how did you find yours? Or do you even have one yet? There are so many to choose from that it can be easy to just go with the first one you come across or the one your friend used when they moved. However, every insurance company and moving company is different and your experience, policy or price may be different from someone else’s. 

Best Subreddits for finance, real estate investing, and mortgages. 

You’ve found the perfect home and you’re excited to move in. But as you do, you quickly realize the couch you recently bought or the bed frame you moved from your previous home isn’t fitting through the door or is too big for its intended room. Oh no!

  • Mortgages - Everything and anything about mortgages. Caution, some of this information may be specific to residents of other countries and may not always apply to you. 
  • Personal Finance Canada - One of our most recent favorites 'What’s the most financially irresponsible hobby you have?' - Sure this in particular may not have a lot of substance for home owners outside of a few potential cautionary tales, it is still a subreddit that is packed with sound advice and information. As always, don't assume everything you read on here to be true and accurate, any financial decisions you make should still be consulted with a professional, but there is tons of great information and discussion on various topics including interest rates, inflation, to discussions on crypto and much more. Including an AMA (Ask me Anything) from Stats Canada - StatsCan - Labour Markets April 16/19
  • CanTax - A place to discuss and read about Canadian tax topics (typically anonymously) 
  • Real Estate Investing - "Becoming a GOOD real estate investor typically requires a significant change in the way you think about...everything. Relationship skills, Excellent communication skills and critical thinking are a must! Share your success stories, ask for advice on creating a solution that may encourage a buyer to say yes and share knowledge!" - Those looking to level up their real estate investing game MUST frequent this sub and take on a passion for learning. 

Subreddits for home technology and goods

  • Home Automation - Automation for your home, from HVAC to lighting, appliances, and locks, security and much more this subreddit is THE place for those seeking information, advice, and a community centered around home automation. 

  • Smart Home - The whole gamut for home automation and integrating technology with every day items in your house. 

  • Home security - Everything and anything you need to know about home security. 

  • Appliances - This subreddit is for anything having to do with appliances! From reviews to feedback, advice on purchases, and buyer beware stories, this subreddit gives user feedback on appliances from a variety of different perspectives. 
  • Appliance Repair - The partner for those looking to DIY some home appliance issues. 

Popular Subreddits for various home owner hobbies and needs

PAll you procrastinators out there, listen up! The last thing anyone wants to do is begin the slow process of moving, but it needs to be done—regardless if you begin months in advance or the night before. Do yourself a favour and start as soon as possible, so you’re not rushing the night before. That’s a recipe for disaster!

  • Gardening - A home for the best guides, discussions, and pictures of everything related to plants and gardening. 
  • House Plants - Noun a plant grown indoors. - This subs dedication is to indoor greens, sharing and discussing everything related to house plants.
  • Canning - Read the sidebar on this one for sure! But a great resource for those looking to get into canning 
  • Crafts - Tips, tutorials, and Q&A for everything craft related. 
  • Metal Working - A great resource for those looking to do some metal work while home. 
  • Wood Working - For the wood crafting enthusiasts 
  • DIY Gifts - Get your DIY on with a thoughtful gift. 

Tips for using Reddit 

Love what you're seeing? Take the time to learn about the different rules and etiquettes observed  (or Rediquettes Proper etiquette for Reddit users can be found clicking here ) in each subreddit, it will go a long way to having a better experience and making communities stronger. For example, from r/houseplants, we see that they request you 'flair' your posts before you make them. A few example of flairs (Which can be observed on the sidebar) 

Flair glossary

DISCUSSION - For general discussion of houseplant-related topics.

HAUL - Photos of newly purchased plants.

HELP - For any questions or to troubleshoot struggling plants.

HIGHLIGHT - Photos of plants you want to share to highlight new growth, cool foliage, or just because...plant.

This essentially means that you must use one of these 'flairs' by putting the word (DISCUSSION for example) in the title of your post when you make a new topic. [DISCUSSION] Does anyone else's spouse over water your plants? - This would signify your topic is a discussion topic. Failure to flair in most subreddits will result in a post being deleted and needing to be reposted with proper flair. 

Sound off in the comments below, what are some of your favorite subreddits for home owners? 

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