A Real Property Report which can also be referred to as an RPR for short is a survey of a property. These surveys will reflect various elements and featuresof a property including the structures    Real Property Report Guide (house, garage(s), fences, larger sheds, driveways,) as well as other elements including encroachments, easements, right of ways, etc. 

It is the sellers responsibility to provide an up to date report. 

All improvements on the real property report must be compliant with the city's bylaws and set back requirements, non compliant improvements must have a encroachment agreements or relaxations in place from the city. 

Real Property Reports shouldn't be used to establish a fence line on a property. If you need a boundary line for your fence construction, we recommend you obtain a property line survey, and if both are needed, having both done at once may land you savings with your surveyor.

Who needs a real property Report?

Home Sellers! That's right, if you're ready to sell your home, this is an important document you need to have! In most real estate contracts, you are required to have an up to date real property report, it's an important element that buyers will require to ensure that there aren't any major concerns, this could include fences or structures on the neighbors property, or issues with items on your home, for example unpermitted decks or sheds. 

If you're thinking about selling, you need to obtain a Real Property Report if you do not have one presently that's up to date, these reports can often take a couple weeks to obtain. 

How to save money on a Real Property Report?

There are some land surveyors who will provide discounted rates if you have previously received an RPR with them and it just needs to be updated. For example, five years ago you received an RPR and since then have made a few changes, give the original company a call and explain your needs, and changes, this should find you the best savings for updating your real property report.

Our Real Property Report Guide 

Ask your agent for a PDF copy of our RPR guide - (Image form below) a great reference document to have / save for when you're ready to list your home for sale. This could remind you of some items or additions you've done since purchasing the home that may need to be updated for a current property report and is a great reminder for what its purpose is. 

Calgary Real Property Report

How much do Real Property Reports cost?

While the cost can vary by the various Real Property Report providers in the city, expect to budget between $450 to $600 on your typical single family detached home. You'll have higher costs for bigger more complicated properties. 
Your survey should be conducted by a company that belongs and is apart of the Alberta Land Surveyors' Association. Surveyors are professionals who are governed provincial law that sets a mandate to protect the publics interest in regards to boundaries of real property. The Alberta Land Surveyor's Association has expansive programs to ensure surveyors maintain the highest level of professional standards and these professionals ensure and are fully responsible for the accuracy of the information they provide. These land surveying professionals carry liability insurance (professional) as an added extra protection for consumers. 
Per the 2021 planning application fee schedules at the City of Calgary - Certificates of Compliance for residential single, semi detached, duplex properties are $199. Multi residential, commercial fees are $296 14 days or $455 7 days and all of these are per parcel


Benefits of having a Real Property Report

  • You'll know the details and dimensions of your property and maintain peace of mind knowing whether or not your home is within its boundaries and abides by all municipal bylaws.
  • You can avoid delays and potential hold backs that could tie up thousands of dollars in trust. 
  • Building dimensions, improvements, utility right of ways and encroachments are accurately and easily identified. 
  • Problems can be identified and addressed before the sale of a home is finalized.

Questions to ask your land surveyor

  1. First and foremost, ask for an estimate / quote! 
  2. Ask for an estimated completion date. 
  3. Are you apart of the Alberta Land Surveyors' Association
  4. Do you have any references? 

Digital Real Property Reports in Calgary

Digital Certificate of Compliance Stamps

Per the city of Calgary - Beginning September 21, 2020, Real Property Reports will be stamped digitally and then emailed to clients with confirmation of compliance. The city of Calgary will no longer be stamping paper copies of RPR's. 

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