Calgary is amongst one of the most famous cities of Canada, in fact, it is ranked as one of the top cities to live in the entire world. Host to the world famous Stampede, it's one of the biggest events that has transformed and impacted the cities popularity, Calgary was put on the map globally when it hosted the 1988 Winter Olympics.

Economically the city is in a major push to diversify its economy, however it is still one of the top players in the oil and gas sector. The cities population surpasses the one million mark and is only growing. 

Before you move to Calgary, take a few minutes to get informed about the city! This article reveals various aspects of this wonderful living areas for young professionals. Calgary is a beautiful city and has a lot to offer, especially for young professionals. If you are just starting out in your career and have decided to pursue your dreams in Calgary

Is Calgary a boring city?

One of the most common concerns and complaints we hear from out of town buyers is that Calgary isn't known for much outside of a few big events, and that the downtown dies at night. Downtown Calgary is known for its vibrant nightlife, maybe not to the same extent of Montreal or Toronto, where every night seems to be busy and packed. However, when it comes to night life, Calgary hosts plenty of great clubs, country bars, underground alternative clubs, Irish pubs and much more. On the weekends, Calgary is livelier than ever. You'll find multiple casinos throughout Calgary, one of the most popular spots is Cowboys Casino which is packed after a home game when the Calgary Flames play. From Stephen Ave to Kensington, Inglewood and 17th (Aka the Red Mile) Calgary has plenty of nightlife options. 

During the day, we recommend you enjoy strolling through the various high-end boutiques and shops in trendy areas like Kensington or Inglewood, checking out the revitalized east village, or grabbing a book from the newest central library one of Calgary's most picturesque public buildings. 

In terms of sports, outdoor lifestyle, and recreational activities, Calgary is packed with options. 

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Calgary always has something to offer throughout. Here's a quick list of some fun options for activities in the great outdoors!

  • The Calgary Zoo.
  • There are over 7 public skating rinks maintained by the city, these include Bowness Park Lagoon, the Olympic Plaza downtown, and many different communities maintain outdoor rinks within their neighbourhoods. 
  • Explore Fish Creek Park - 100KM Of paved and unpaved trails, Canada's second largest urban national park. 
  • Whitewater paddling and river surfing on the Harvie Passage or floating down the bow river on a kayak or raft. 
  • Explore COP in winter or summer, from skiing and snowboarding or luge / bobsled runs in winter to downhill luge karting, mountain biking, zip line and more in the summer
  • Art tour and explore over 25 major public art features seen throughout the city.
  • Take in some nature at the newly reopened Inglewood Bird Sanctuary. 
  • Hit up a friend with access (or move into) one of the many private lake communities including Auburn BayMahoganyLake BonavistaArbour LakeMckenzie Lake, or Midnapore
  • Spend an evening checking out rooftop patios by Craft or National or any of the popular patio spots on 17th, Stephen Ave or Kensington. 
  • There are plenty of outdoor festivals throughout the year, from Chinook Blast to Beakerhead, to the Lilac Festival or popular community events like Mardi Gras in Marda Loop. 

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How much money do you need to live in new neighbourhoods in Calgary?

Buyers moving from Vancouver or Toronto (GTA) often are in disbelief when it comes to the cost of living and affordability of the Calgary real estate market. 

Calgary is a great spot to chase your career dreams and to start a family. The average cost of living in this city varies by each community, a few examples: 

Sherwood (North Calgary) 55 single family homes sold in 2020 at an average price of $573,000+. 

Lakeview (West Calgary)  Saw an average sale price of $840,829 in 2020, presently there are 17 listings on the market in this community. 

Bankview (City Centre)  in 2020 this community saw an average sale price of $647,000+ for single family detached homes, this community saw a total average price increase of 3.3% from 2019 to 2020. 

Wildwood - (West Calgary) Presently (Date this blog is posted) the average price is $1,100,000 with 12 total homes for sale and this community saw a single family detached sales price average of $720k. 

Harvest Hills (North Calgary) 70 single family homes sold in 2020 with an average price of $429,000+ 

Southview (East Calgary) Saw single family homes average just under $380,000 in 2020. 

Acadia (South Calgary) Presently has 23 total listings, the highest priced listing is $639,000 and the average price is $365,000 (for all property types) but had an average sale price of $480,000+ in 2020 for single family detached homes. 

Bowness (Northwest Calgary) With an average of 55 days on market, homes in this popular community saw a total of 79 single family home sales in 2020, with an average price point of $454,000 

Calgary truly offers a diverse selection of options for young professionals, whether you're looking to live in a high rise in the downtown core, or in a family home in an established mature community, there are a wide selection of price points and options for buyers coming from anywhere in Canada.  

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Calgary is famous for not just its largest rodeo in the world, but also its richness in western history, winter sports art and culture not to forget the various festivals. It also serves as the real backdrop to the Rockies of Canada. Calgary, has been named Canada's capital of culture. Generally, its cost of living is less expensive than 45 percent of other cities in Canada. Its modern economy was built on the oil industry, and it is a major player in the Canadian oil and gas sector.

What is the richest area in Calgary?

The following communities are known as the wealthiest areas in Calgary. 


Roxboro is a small inner-city area. In this area, you can visit the Roxboro & Erlton off leash dog park and the elbow river. If you want to get downtown, it is just a 10 minute drive away.

Roxboro house prices tend to be higher. The average price of a home here is near the $1,900,000 mark. Some of the properties here may date back to the early 1900's from when the city was in its initial phases of the establishment. However, like many of the older established inner city communities you can still find some infills that are newly built. 

Upper Mount Royal 

Upper Mouth Royal is a unique area that hosts luxurious homes and amenities. The streets in this area are lined with trees. The area has nice green spaces such as the Earl Grey Park and Cartier Park.

Residents of Upper Mount Royal can visit 17th Avenue for all their shopping and amenity needs. The Elbow River is located in the Southeast of this neighbourhood.

If you want to buy in this community, the average home typically sells well over the $1,000,000 mark, often priced over $2,000,000

It was renamed from American Hill to Upper Mount Royal. Most of its developments happened between 1904 and 1914. Though many homes were established before 1980, buyers can find some that were built from 1981 to 2021.

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What are the best places to live in Calgary for young professionals?

Young professionals often desire a great mix of inner city living, good investments, and plenty of amenities. Our recommendations for the top neighbourhoods for young professionals in Calgary that focus on safety, sports, culture, recreational activities. 


Hillhurst owes its magnificent charm to its establishment in 1914. It has nice leafy trees. You can easily access the river, is just a few minutes from the highly popular business revitalization zone of Kensington. With great access to public transit, and a diverse selection of housing, this community is one of the best for young professionals looking to call Calgary home. 

Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant is another great option for many young professionals. It is a great spot located in the north west quadrant of the city that has swimming pools, tennis courts, a sports complex and much more. Mount Pleasant Arts Centre, community hall, and the Confederation Park are just nearby, and it also provides easy access to more outdoor recreational options. 


One of the most sought after communities for young professionals, this trendy neighbourhood offers an exceptional opportunity for work life balance. With plenty of amazing outdoor spaces, night life, breweries, the ever popular Marda Loop area and so much more. This area offers a wide variety of options for homes tailored to young professionals, from luxury townhouses and semi detached homes to trendy condominiums and unique infills. 


Located in centre of Calgary, this area offers plenty of nightlife options and is a densely populated area. Close proximity to many amenities including schools, shopping, restaurants, and has plenty of condominium options for young professionals. 

Take a flight through Calgary with our drone footage and see some of the fantastic views and scenery this city has to offer. 

Bottom Line

We love working with young professionals looking to live and call Calgary home, but don't let anyone narrate your decisions! We recommend exploring the city and getting in tune with what's most important to you, whether it's lifestyle, the style of home, night life, or recreational options, there's plenty of great choices throughout Calgary.

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