Local business spotlight, and a product that is near and dear to my... Heart. Some men love a good tie, some love a nice pair of socks, I love good boxers, and I love goodbest boxer briefs  local businesses in Calgary, Devon & Lang is that and a whole lot more! 

The first Devon + Lang men's boxer briefs debuted in August 2019 under the OKE Apparel brand. It was an auspicious day marking the inception of a brand dedicated to redefining comfort and style in men's and women's underwear. The team behind Devon + Lang's success is based in Calgary, AB. While the team is small relative to other big fashion brands, they have EXCEEDED the standards in the world of comfortable, and long lasting, sustainable underwear. 

Follow along as I take you on Devon + Lang's remarkable journey from a simple idea to becoming the gold standard for the best boxer briefs in Canada (North America? The World?) and why I think this brand deserves a giant spotlight and especially support from locals! 

Why are they the best?

In my quest for the perfect pair of boxer briefs, I've ventured far and wide, testing over 50+ brands and styles. This journey included well-known names like Saxx and MyPakage (Now B3N3TH), brands that initially shocked me with their innovative new styles / blends (pocket spaces) quality and comfort. However, as time went on, I noticed a slow decline in the quality that first drew me to them. Whether it was the fit that wasn't quite right anymore, or the material that didn't hold up as well, the search for consistency in comfort and quality continued. This exploration, filled with highs and lows, eventually led me to discover Devon + Lang, a Calgary-based brand that not only matched but exceeded my expectations in what I desire in a pair of boxer briefs. 

Discovering Devon + Lang at Adesso

My quest for the perfect pair of boxer briefs was conquered in a place I would have never guessed. A random weekend trip to the newly opened (at the time) Calgary Farmers' Market West a vibrant showcase of local artisans and producers. It was here, within this bustling marketplace, that I encountered Adesso, a vendor known for its commitment to high-quality and locally crafted goods for men. I was chatting up the salesman there with my son in hand when I told him I was 'just browsing' and he prompted me and asked if I had ever heard of the brand. I found it odd that he would mention boxers of all items, but then said he himself had gotten a few pairs and loved them, I then shared how passionate I was for finding a good brand / pair I could invest into that wasn't going to let me down. He let me know it was local, that they truly cared about what they were doing and they made a product better than all the other major players out there. Devon + Lang, a brand that significantly elevated my expectations for underwear in terms of comfort and quality.

A Meaningful Purchase

Purchasing Devon + Lang boxer briefs from Adesso underscored the value of supporting local commerce. This experience went beyond a simple transaction; things were just opening up again, and it really highlighted the role of local markets in fostering community ties and contributing to the local economy. It was a reminder of the impact our shopping choices can have on local artisans and the broader community. I want to see this brand everywhere. They're better than every other product I've tried, they're local, and you can tell they care about what they're doing. That RESONATES with me as a business owner. I'm writing this at 1 AM with two children under 3, I know what it takes to make a business work, and I hope we can help do our part to spread the word and help support a local business like this. 

The Making of the World's Best Boxer Briefs

A vision to create high-quality, supportive, and sustainable men's boxer briefs has since evolved into a thriving enterprise that has expanded to include a substantial line of women's underwear, including the LOVED. and Be Seen Collection.  best boxers in canada

The company continues to make waves in the apparel and fashion industry, with unwavering support for sustainability without sacrificing quality and comfort. Something you just don't see in brands I used to support. The quality that once was there for some has diminished which lead me to what felt like an everlasting journey of finding the perfect pair of boxer briefs. 

At the heart of Devon + Lang’s success lies their commitment to crafting exceptional boxer briefs that redefine comfort and style. The company’s dedication to innovation and quality is evident in the unique features of its products, which have set a new standard in the world of men’s and women's underwear.

The Folded Crossover Pouch

Devon + Lang’s folded crossover pouch is a patented feature that provides unparalleled freedom and support in their boxer briefs.

The pouch is designed with folded panels, which allow it to conform to any body type, ensuring a comfortable and personalized fit for the wearer. The pouch is described as “hammock-like,” cradling and separating the wearer’s most valuable assets to provide necessary support and comfort throughout the day.

This innovative design reflects Devon + Lang’s dedication to innovation and quality in their product development. The pouch is the culmination of more than a year of collaboration and experimentation, with discoveries learned from the many failures leading to a superior design that doesn't disappoint.

By integrating this advanced feature, Devon + Lang has redefined the expectations for men’s boxer briefs, offering comfort, support, and durability beyond traditional underwear.

Near-Frictionless Inner-Thigh Fabric

All Devon + Lang boxer briefs come with a near-frictionless inner-thigh panel to address the common issue of tearing holes in boxers. This innovative fabric wicks sweat away and prevents tearing, ensuring durability, comfort, and freshness throughout the day. Men, you know what this means, less blowouts, especially if you're active. 

 Flatlock Stitching

The revolutionary underwear creator's commitment to seamlessness and comfort is further exemplified by the use of flatlock stitching in their boxer briefs. This stitching method ensures wearers never feel a seam when wearing Devon + Lang boxers, providing a smooth and comfortable experience while remaining extremely strong.

Comfort Without Sacrificing Sustainability or Quality

The relatively new company is dedicated to crafting exceptional men’s and women’s underwear but also refuses to compromise on a commitment to sustainability. This company-wide ethos revolves around the belief that change and innovation can be connected and generational, and this philosophy is deeply embedded in its approach to environmental responsibility.

Sourcing Sustainable Materials boxer briefs saxx vs b3n3th vs devon and lang

Sustainability starts at the source, with Devon + Lang carefully selecting environmentally sustainable fabrics, such as modal, for their underwear production. 

Modal is a type of rayon fabric, but unlike rayon, it is not associated with deforestation and pollution and is more environmentally friendly to manufacture. The material is also superior in softness, durability, and absorbability, making it perfect for placing against your nether regions. 

Longevity and Quality

In line with its commitment to sustainability, Devon + Lang focuses on creating products made to last. The company aims to reduce the environmental impact of fast fashion and disposable consumer goods by emphasizing quality and longevity. 

Not only are the materials sourced from environmentally responsible sources, but their long service life ensures that fewer garments are discarded, providing some relief to landfills. 

Community Impact and Engagement

While a commitment to comfortable undergarments is a fine starting point, Devon + Lang doesn't stop there because they are also all about community. The fashionwear company regularly contributes to worthy causes.

Fundraising for Calgary Covid Relief

During the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, Devon + Lang took proactive steps to support the Calgary community. By leveraging their resources and expertise, the company initiated a fundraising effort by selling face masks.

The response was overwhelming, with the limited run of 200 masks selling out within the first week. Devon + Lang dedicated 100% of the profits from these sales to the Calgary COVID-19 relief fund, demonstrating their commitment to supporting the community during times of crisis.

Ongoing Fundraising and Community Support

In response to the high demand and the need for ongoing support, Devon + Lang increased production and pledged 20% of all profits to the United Way. This sustained effort resulted in a total contribution of $15,000 to the relief fund, showcasing the company’s dedication to improving educational, health, and economic opportunities in communities around the globe. 

The Founding of an Underwear Empire

The founding story of Devon + Lang is a tale of passion, dedication, and a commitment to redefining comfort and style in men’s underwear. In 2019, in the vibrant city of Calgary, AB, Canada, Tyler and Dayna McCombs embarked on a mission to create life-changing underwear.

The pair were tired of broken promises, with underwear described as "premium" but featuring underwhelming performance in comfort and support. Finally, they decided enough was enough. The pair decided that the days of pinching and chafing undergarments in constant need of readjustment were over. 

The challenge of creating the type of underwear that delivered on its promises was accepted, and Tyler and Dayna took their first steps on a journey that would change their lives and that of their future customers forever. They knew their mission wouldn't be easy, but they had the confidence that it could be done.

Driven by a vision to craft underwear that could support individuals throughout the day without chafing or riding up, the founders were determined to utilize the newest technologies and environmentally sustainable fabrics in their creations.

After collaborating with world-class apparel designers and garment manufacturers, the first Devon + Lang men’s boxers, initially under the brand name OKE Apparel, were introduced in August 2019.

Originally planned to coincide with a release alongside a women’s underwear line, the launch was delayed to ensure that every product could meet the founders’ high standards. 

Recognition and Gratitude

The fundraising initiative and the masks produced by Devon + Lang garnered national attention, drawing praise and gratitude from the community and charitable organizations.

Rhonda Roth, Chief Development Officer at United Way of Calgary and Area, expressed gratitude for Devon + Lang’s support, highlighting the company’s compassion and generosity towards the community's most vulnerable members.

Unmatched Customer Engagement and Support

The quality of Devon + Lang's products is matched only by their dedication to their customers. Here's how the powerhouse fashion company does things differently.

Personalized Thank You Videos

With every purchase, Devon + Lang extends their warmth by donating a pair of underwear to someone in need. Additionally, every new Devon + Lang community member receives a personalized thank you video from the CEO, Tyler McCombs. This thoughtful gesture expresses gratitude and creates a personal connection with each customer.

Exclusive Discounts and Incentives

Every new customer receives a 15% discount, incentivizing new purchases and fostering a sense of exclusivity and VIP access to new product drops. This generosity makes trying a new product more affordable, but once you try their undergarments, most will find it impossible to return to their old brands. 

Fostering a Sense of Community

The company’s engagement with its community extends beyond product sales. Devon + Lang actively interacts with their customers on social media platforms, sharing updates, responding to feedback, and celebrating milestones such as achieving over 200 5-star reviews on Google.

This level of engagement fosters a sense of community and demonstrates the company’s genuine appreciation for its customers and their support. 

Recent Reviews What Customers Are Saying

Heather Varty - 5 Stars

"EXCEPTIONAL PRODUCT. Blown away as to how much I actually love these underwear... Customer service is absolutely amazing and shipping is on par???? The 'Thank You for your order' video messages are special touch I adore. I highly recommend Devon + Lang. Truly, Life-Changing Underwear."

Lori Mandy - 5 Stars

"I received my second order from Devon and Lang. Wow, just wow... Thank you for such a great product and for adding fun to what’s usually boring undergarments! Video thank you are fantastic! ????"

Selina Dwernychuk - 5 Stars

"AMAZING product. I was fortunate to find these guys at the Calgary Tattoo and Art Festival... Would definitely recommend buying these, you won’t be disappointed."

saxx vs mypakage

Where to Shop in Person

Where to Find Online

Explore Devon + Lang's innovative underwear solutions online:

Final Words

Devon + Lang’s journey from a vision to create exceptional men’s and women’s underwear to becoming a symbol of sustainability, community support, and innovation is truly inspiring. The company’s impact on the community extends far beyond just being the source of Canada's best underwear, as they have demonstrated a deep commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of others.

As Devon + Lang continues to grow and evolve, their unwavering commitment to sustainability, community support, and innovation serves as a testament to the positive influence that businesses can have on the world around them and, more directly, through the communities they serve.

Through their actions and values, the fashion company has proven that a fashion brand can be more than just a provider of products; it can be a force for positive change and a source of inspiration for others and that's very cool to say about a local business in Calgary. 

I have no affiliation or interest in this business, if this company wasn't local I likely wouldn't have wrote this article, but I would definitely have spread the word to my friends and those who indicate they appreciate the finer things in life (like a great pair of boxers). 

If you think there's a better pair out there, send them my way, I'll put them to the test. DM Me - @Calgaryrealestaeagent on Tiktok/Instagram/LinkedIn 


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