"Hi, I'm Pete the Plumber! Trusted by Calgarians for their plumbing and heating needs, there are tons of real estate agents out there, but I always go with the Real Estate Partners at RE/MAX FIRST.  For the real estate agent that goes the extra mile and really cares, call my buddy Dusko at RE/MAX FIRST"

When we were first approached by Pete and his crew, we knew immediately this was a great fit for our company, Pete is the embodies what it means to be a Calgarian, he's hard working, dedicated to his craft, and loves supporting local just like us, in fact his entire TV series features small business owners who work together with Pete to help educate and inform clients about various topics, from real estate, to plumbing, landscaping, design, and…

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O B J E C T I V E :  E V O L V E   R E A L   E S T A T E   A N D  B R I N G  F O R W A R D   A N   U N M A T C H E D   E X C E L L E N C E   I N   W H A T   REAL   ESTATE   TEAMS   OFFER.

Watch this video to find out what makes our team structure unique! 

Calgary Real Estate Team

What makes our team structure unique is that we're agent driven, we work and operate as a team, from the listing presentations, the leads, everything is unique to one agent. Everyone has their own style, everyone has their own personality, what we do as a team is embrace this, and help them grow as individuals and as agents. 

We have a huge vision for where this team and brand is going, it's not just about being a top real estate team, it's about elevating…

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This free Calgary Tower wallpaper 1920x1080 Is provided courtesy of the Marketing team with the Real Estate Partners! We're here to showcase the beauty of Calgary through beautiful marketing, Calgary real estate listings, video content, and much more! If you love this wallpaper. drop a comment below! 

Free Calgary Videos and Pictures 

Love this picture and want more? Visit our full collection of free pictures and videos of Calgary for businesses, social groups, non profits, etc These images are taken by some of Calgary's best photographers and are being shared for free!  Below is a sample of one of the free videos you can find on our page, check back every few months as we'll be updating these pages with new content and updates!

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