Discover the safest neighbourhoods in Calgary, that boast low crime rates, a collection of vibrant communities, with exceptional amenities!

Ah, Calgary! A bustling urban centre nestled along the picturesque foothills of the Rockies, it's no wonder so many Canadians call this place home. 

But, like any homeowner, safety remains a top concern. Knowing you're in one of the safest neighbourhoods in Calgary makes all the difference when you're looking to plant roots.

A sense of security is essential for peace of mind and for cultivating a strong, community-driven environment. Luckily, in a city as dynamic as Calgary, there are plenty of options to choose from. 

So, which neighbourhoods truly stand out as the safest havens, boasting the lowest crime rates and the warmest community vibes? Buckle up! We're about to embark on a journey through Calgary's safest neighbourhoods, exploring not just statistics, but the very soul of these communities.

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Aspen Woods

Tucked away in Calgary’s southwest quadrant, Aspen Woods is a community that seamlessly marries urban convenience with an essence of tranquillity. But what sets it apart in our quest for the safest neighbourhoods in Calgary?


Overview: With tree-lined streets and upscale homes, Aspen Woods exudes a serene and affluent vibe. The majority of its residences are single-family homes, many with breathtaking views of the downtown skyline and the majestic Rocky Mountains. It’s a retreat for those who want urban luxuries and a touch of nature's embrace. Over the past year, Aspen Woods has boasted one of the lowest crime rates in Calgary. Total crime rates in Aspen Woods are 60% lower than the Calgary average.

Amenities and Attractions: The neighbourhood houses some of the city's most upscale shopping experiences at the Aspen Landing Shopping Centre. Boutiques, gourmet restaurants, and cozy cafes–they have it all. Not to mention the picturesque parks and green spaces that are perfect for family picnics or a serene jog.

Community Vibe: For families, schooling is often a pivotal factor. Aspen Woods doesn’t disappoint. Home to top-tier schools like Dr. Roberta Bondar School and Webber Academy, parents have excellent educational choices for their children. Demographically, Aspen Woods is predominantly composed of families, with a mix of young professionals and retirees. Regular events, from farmer’s markets to fun runs, keep the spirit of the community alive. Its location ensures that while residents enjoy peace and quiet, they're never too far from the bustle of downtown Calgary.

West Springs

West Springs is a name that resonates with Calgarians who cherish a blend of urban sophistication and a touch of rustic charm. But why does it feature prominently in our list of the safest neighbourhoods in Calgary?


Overview: Located on the western edge of the city, West Springs boasts a mix of modern townhouses, condos, and sprawling single-family homes. Think winding pathways, lush parks, and the occasional deer paying a visit from the nearby forests. It's the sort of place where city life meets countryside peace. West Springs consistently reports low crime rates, currently, they sit at 58% lower than the Calgary average.

Amenities and Attractions: The West Springs Village is the heart of local commerce, offering a curated selection of shops, eateries, and essential services. From organic grocery stores to artisanal bakeries, residents don't have to venture far for their needs. Close proximity to Winsport's Canada Olympic Park offers year-round activities.

Community Vibe: The area is home to reputable schools like West Springs School and Calgary French & International School, catering to a diverse learning community. Speaking of diversity, West Springs enjoys a healthy mix of families, young professionals, and seniors. Active community engagement is a hallmark here. Be it the annual community cleanup, local art fairs, or festive celebrations, there's always something brewing in West Springs. Plus, thanks to its well-connected roadways, hopping over to downtown Calgary or the nearby Rocky Mountains is a breeze.

Point McKay

Nestled alongside the Bow River, Point McKay is more than just a riverside neighbourhood–it’s a testament to Calgary's commitment to fostering tight-knit, safe communities. So, what makes Point McKay shine as one of Calgary's safest neighbourhoods?


Overview: Point McKay is characterized by its high-rise condominiums and townhouses, often offering pristine views of the Bow River. The River pathways, right on its doorstep, present a continuous scene of joggers, cyclists, and families out for a leisurely stroll. The atmosphere is one of calm, largely free from the frenzied rush of urban life. Statistically, Point McKay is a neighbourhood that continually demonstrates lower-than-average crime rates in the city. Its secluded positioning plays a part, as does its active community watch, keeping vigil over the safety and security of its residents.

Amenities and Attractions: While it may seem like a quiet corner of Calgary, Point McKay is brimming with amenities. The Riverside Club, a premier fitness and tennis facility, is a major highlight. Then there’s Edworthy Park–a sprawling green space perfect for picnics, play, and a touch of nature therapy. For those craving culinary delights, local cafes and eateries offer a delectable array of choices.

Community Vibe: Community is the beating heart of Point McKay. Regular events, from community BBQs to informative workshops, ensure neighbours know and support one another. Major arteries like Crowchild Trail are nearby, and a plethora of top-notch educational institutions are just a short drive away. The neighbourhood is largely populated by professionals, many of whom work downtown, and retirees attracted by the peace and riverside beauty.

Springbank Hill

Perched gracefully on the western edge of the city, Springbank Hill offers residents panoramic views and a quality of life that is enviable.


Overview: Rolling hills, elegant homes, and the distant allure of the Rocky Mountains define the horizon of Springbank Hill. From opulent estates to modern townhomes, there's a slice of real estate here to suit varying tastes, all cocooned in a setting that whispers of nature and luxury. Springbank Hill displays crime rates that are notably lower than the city average. The neighbourhood's design, with its winding roads and cul-de-sacs, naturally deters unwanted activities, adding an extra layer of security.

Amenities and Attractions: With the Westhills Shopping Centre in close proximity, residents have direct access to a variety of retailers, eateries, and entertainment options. The Griffith Woods Park, a short drive away, offers a lush expanse of trails, ideal for those seeking an outdoor retreat.

Community Vibe: Springbank Hill is home to several esteemed schools, including Griffith Woods School and Ambrose University. This has made the neighbourhood particularly appealing to families. However, a harmonious blend of families, working professionals, and retirees, are all drawn by the promise of a balanced lifestyle. The active community association orchestrates numerous events, from gardening workshops to festive celebrations.

Elbow Park

Elbow Park is a neighbourhood steeped in history, charm, and undeniable elegance. But does it earn its badge among Calgary’s safest neighbourhoods?


Overview: Elbow Park's grandiose early 20th-century homes, manicured lawns, and canopy of mature trees are symbolic of its storied past and upscale sensibilities. The Elbow River meandering through adds an idyllic touch to this centrally located gem. Year after year, Elbow Park boasts crime rates that are 60% lower than the national average. This can be attributed to its vigilant residents and somewhat secluded streets, despite being close to the city centre.

Amenities and Attractions: The neighbourhood has easy access to the trendy shops, bars, and restaurants of 4th Street and 17th Avenue. The Elbow Park Tennis Club and the Glencoe Club are prominent landmarks, offering residents recreational activities in spades. The picturesque Elbow River pathways beckon residents for serene walks and leisurely bike rides.

Community Vibe: Families with children will appreciate the top-tier schools in and around Elbow Park, such as Elbow Park Elementary School and Western Canada High School. The neighbourhood mainly houses established families, professionals, and older citizens. The community association hosts events including the winter festival and summer BBQ, further cultivating a sense of camaraderie among residents.

Cougar Ridge

Cougar Ridge is the epitome of a community that balances urban comfort with a dash of the wild. With its panoramic views and modern amenities, does it check the boxes as one of the safest neighbourhoods in Calgary?


Overview: With a backdrop of the city skyline and the Rockies, Cougar Ridge offers a mix of contemporary townhouses, detached homes, and lavish estates. The wild allure of the nearby forests often translates to delightful wildlife sightings, making the neighbourhood a unique urban sanctuary. The crime rates in Cougar Ridge are consistently lower than the Calgary average, currently sitting 48% lower than the Calgary average.

Amenities and Attractions: Residents have the luxury of proximity to Canada Olympic Park, a hub for year-round activities. The neighbourhood also boasts various parks, green spaces, and proximity to shopping centres, ensuring convenience is never compromised.

Community Vibe: Education-focused families have ample choices with institutions like the Calgary Waldorf School and the French International School close by. The demographic spectrum in Cougar Ridge is varied, with young families, professionals, and retirees finding solace in its serene environs. The community association hosts events that foster a cohesive spirit which undoubtedly contributes to residents’ sense of safety and belonging.


Lakeside living in Calgary? It's more than just a dream in the serene neighbourhood of Chaparral.


Overview: Chaparral's crowning glory is undoubtedly its 32-acre artificial lake, around which the community was masterfully designed. Whether it's sunny summer days on the beach or wintry ice-skating sessions, the lake is the heartbeat of this neighbourhood. Chaparral proudly displays lower crime rates than the Calgary average, solidifying its position as one of the safest in the southeast quadrant of the city. Vigilant community members and local patrols actively contribute to this record of security.

Amenities and Attractions: Beyond the lake, Chaparral is bursting with amenities. The Chaparral Valley Square offers a slew of shops, eateries, and services. For the nature enthusiast, the nearby Fish Creek Provincial Park provides sprawling green spaces and trails ripe for exploration.

Community Vibe: Chaparral is home to institutions like Chaparral School and Saint Sebastian Elementary School, catering to the educational needs of its young residents. The active community association organizes a plethora of events, ensuring there's always something on the calendar to bring neighbours together, from movie nights to seasonal festivals.


Tucked in Calgary's southwest, Evergreen is where city living meets the allure of the wilderness.


Overview: Evergreen showcases a blend of contemporary townhouses, detached homes, and exquisite estates. Bordered by Fish Creek Provincial Park, nature is always at the doorstep of its residents. Evergreen's reputation as one of the safest neighbourhoods in Calgary is supported by its consistently low crime rates.

Amenities and Attractions: From parks and playgrounds to shopping centres like Shawnessy Village, Evergreen ensures its residents never have to wander far for amenities. Fish Creek Park offers boundless outdoor adventures from hiking to picnicking. 

Community Vibe: Families in Evergreen benefit from numerous schools in and around the neighbourhood, such as Evergreen Elementary and Marshall Springs School. The community is a harmonious blend of young families, working professionals, and retirees. With events ranging from community clean-ups to festive get-togethers, the Evergreen Residents Association ensures there's a continuous thread of connectivity promoting a sense of safety.


Set against the backdrop of the stunning Nose Hill Park and the Shaganappi Trail, Hamptons in the northwest beckons with its lush green fairways and upscale living. As we hunt for the safest neighbourhoods in Calgary, does the Hamptons make the cut?


Overview: The Hamptons is synonymous with luxury. A planned community with a distinctly upscale charm, it boasts sprawling estates, a pristine golf course, and meticulously landscaped green spaces. Every street and cul-de-sac speaks of elegance. Holding its rank among the safest northwest neighbourhoods, the Hamptons showcases crime rates that are consistently below the city average.

Amenities and Attractions: The Hamptons Golf Club is the crowning jewel, offering residents a premium golfing experience. For everyday amenities, the Hamptons Co-op shopping centre caters to shopping, dining, and other essential services. Plus, the proximity to Nose Hill Park provides endless opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts.

Community Vibe: Educational institutions such as the Hamptons School and St. Dominic Fine Arts School serve the community. The neighbourhood attracts established professionals, families, and retirees, all drawn by its reputation for luxury and safety. The Hamptons Homeowners Association organizes events, upkeep of communal spaces, and active engagement with residents to ensure the neighbourhood remains vibrant, safe, and connected.

Mayland Heights

Boasting panoramic views of the downtown skyline and the mountains, Mayland Heights is a hidden gem in the northeast. But does this elevated enclave claim its place among the safest neighbourhoods in Calgary?


Overview: Characterized by its rolling landscapes and quiet streets, Mayland Heights presents a blend of older bungalows and newer infill homes. It's a neighbourhood where modernity seamlessly merges with a nostalgic charm. As one of the safest northeast neighbourhoods, Mayland Heights is proud of its low crime statistics.

Amenities and Attractions: Proximity to the Crossroads Market provides residents with fresh local produce and artisan goods. Numerous parks pepper the neighbourhood, and close proximity to the Bow River pathways means recreational activities are never far away.

Community Vibe: Institutions such as Mayland Heights School and Belfast School serve the young minds of the community. The neighbourhood sees a mix of young families, working professionals, and long-time residents who cherish its tranquillity and accessibility. The Mayland Heights Community Association organizes local events, advocating for infrastructure improvements and fostering neighbourly bonds.


Nestled along the banks of the Elbow River, Roxboro offers a serene escape right in the heart of Calgary. But, does Roxboro also stand tall in the league of safest neighbourhoods in Calgary?


Overview: A quiet, upscale community, Roxboro exudes an air of sophistication and charm. From its canopy of mature trees to its stately homes, the neighbourhood beckons those who seek the best of both worlds–urban accessibility with a touch of secluded luxury. The stats don't lie. Roxboro claims one of the city's lowest annual crime rates. It's not just about the numbers, though; it's about a community that's proactive, engaged, and looks out for each other.

Amenities and Attractions: Roxboro’s proximity to the Elbow River means residents can easily indulge in riverside picnics, walks, and nature observation. 4th Street and 17th Avenue are close by, ensuring a world of shopping, dining, and entertainment is just minutes away.

Community Vibe: While the neighbourhood doesn't host a multitude of schools within its boundaries, nearby institutions like Rideau Park School and Western Canada High School are easily accessible. The demographic in Roxboro is diverse, with an inclination toward established professionals, families, and seniors. The Roxboro Park Foundation plays a pivotal role in ensuring the community's green spaces are maintained and celebrated, adding to the locality's allure and safety.

Bonavista Downs

Bonavista Downs commands attention when it comes to its distinction of having the fewest annual crimes per capita. But what more does this neighbourhood offer in the context of Calgary's safest neighbourhoods?


Overview: With its winding streets, cul-de-sacs, and patches of green, Bonavista Downs offers a taste of suburban tranquillity while still being a stone's throw away from urban amenities. It’s a cozy enclave where neighbours know each other by name and children play freely on the streets. Its reputation for safety is unparalleled, with crime rates that are enviably low on a per capita basis.

Amenities and Attractions: Bonavista Downs may be residential at heart, but it’s surrounded by recreational hubs. Fish Creek Provincial Park and Lake Bonavista are nearby, offering a plethora of outdoor activities. For shopping and dining, the community is served by nearby malls and shopping centers.

Community Vibe: While the neighbourhood itself is predominantly residential, several schools lie in close proximity, serving the young residents. The demographic mix includes a balance of young families, professionals, and long-standing residents. Frequent neighbourhood events, community gardens, and active volunteerism ensure that bonds among residents remain strong and vibrant.

Safe Neighbourhoods in Calgary

Finding a home in one of Calgary's safest neighbourhoods is about more than just statistics. It's about finding a space where you can watch your children play without constant worry, where evening strolls are a pleasure, not a risk, and where you can lay your head down each night with a sense of security and belonging.

While we've journeyed through some of the safest corners of Calgary, remember, every neighbourhood has its own charm, its own story, and its own sense of safety.

The true essence of safety often lies in the bonds formed between neighbours, the shared morning greetings, and the communal efforts to build a better, safer community for all.

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