Taradale Condominiums

The community of Taradale is a large residential community located in the northeast quadrant of Calgary. Taradale neighbors the communities of Saddle Ridge and Falconridge.

When the community was first developed, built in the 1980s, it proved to be a wildly popular community due to its smaller, more affordable homes on small lots, innovatively designed to maximize living space. Today, Taradale is a vibrant, multicultural community with a high owner occupancy rate and very active community association which strives to make the community safe and welcoming for all.

Taradale Quick Facts

Population of Taradale: 19,330

Median Household Income: $88,074+

Condominiums make up 9% of all dwellings in this community

Quadrant Northeast

Ward 3

Established 1984


  • Taradale School – K – Gr 4 – 170 Taravista Drive NE Calgary AB T3J 5B1
  • Ted Harrison School – Gr 5 – 9 – 215 Taravista Way NE Calgary AB T3J 4L1
  • Nelson Mandela High School – 45 Saddletowne Circle NE Calgary AB T3J 4W3
  • Our Lady of Fatima School – K – Gr 6 – 6320 Taralea Park NE Calgary AB T3J 5C4
  • Father Scollen School – K – Gr 9 – 6839 Temple Drive NE Calgary AB T1Y 5N4
  • Bishop McNally High School – 5700 Falconridge Blvd NE Calgary AB T3J 3N4

Taradale Community Association

Address: 143 Taracove Landing NE Calgary AB T3J 4S7